The Chameleon X1 Pulls Double Duty as a Mouse and Gamepad

first_imgIf you just looked at the top of the Chameleon X-1 Gaming Mouse you wouldn’t think there was anything odd about it. It’s red with chrome trim, sleek, features an adjustable 1600 dpi optical sensor and an RF USB receiver that you can plug in to virtually any computer and use without difficulty. Where it gets interesting is on the underside: if you flip the Chameleon X-1 over, you’ll find a full D-pad, four action buttons, two analog thumbsticks, and shoulder buttons, along with start and select buttons nestled around the optical sensor. Turn the mouse right-side up and it’s a wireless gaming mouse. Turn it upside down, and it’s a fully featured USB game controller. Ideally the Chameleon X-1 is for people who need a regular PC mouse most of the time, and then need a PC controller for specific games, like old arcade and console games run in emulators, for example. It’ll hit the market early next year, and be available for $55 list price.AdChoices广告last_img read more

Verizon holding mystery event Tuesday the 11th Verizon iPhone says WSJ

first_imgUpdate 5:53pm: From the WSJ: “Verizon to Finally Get iPhone”On Tuesday January 11th Verizon Wireless is holding an event in NYC. We don’t know what that event is for or why it’s being held just days after CES, but we know it’s happening.Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdamn will be speaking and we’ll be there listening. We might even take some notes.Quick thoughtsEveryone’s immediate guess is that this is the Verizon iPhone announcement. But hold on, I’m trying to remember AT&T’s huge unveiling of the iPhone. That’s right, Apple is pretty partial to handling these things themselves. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible that Verizon will announce the 6-month-old phone on their own, but it does make it seem that much less likely. But then it’s not exactly new hardware, so maybe Jobs & Co. will be a bit more relaxed?We’ll know Tuesday, but weigh in below with your thoughts.last_img read more

Detroit Auto Show Top Tech Cars Hyundai Veloster

first_imgDETROIT – The Hyundai Veloster three-door sport coupe that debuted at the North American International Auto Show pushes the Company That Can Do No Wrong Lately into new territory, competing against the Honda CR-Z, Scion tC, and maybe the Mini Clubman. It goes on sale this summer chock full of useful technology: 7-inch touchscreen standard, Bluetooth, iPod adapter, Pandora, Gracenote, and Blue Link (OnStar-like) telematics.Mini and BMW beat the Veloster to market with its version of Pandora, called Mini Connected and BMW Connected, but it’s apple-only. Voloster works with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. You want economy with your sports car? How about 40 mpg from the 1.6-liter gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine and a double-clutch transmission that works like a manual but without a clutch pedal? Hyundai already has out the low-slung 2+2 Genesis Coupe. The Veloster provides a lot more interior room and cargo space – the most of any car in the class – and hopefully not such a stiff ride. Category: Sporty car, with technology, you can afford Why it matters: Hyundai’s string of hits approaches DiMaggio’s. Hyundai hasn’t ever done a vehicle like this, but the cockpit technology is first rate, and there’s the likely 40 mpg rating. And the Detroit show loves intros from non-U.S. companies to re- legitimize the International in NAIAS. Gearlog mobile’s Top 2011 Detroit Auto Show Tech Cars: Mind-Boggling Hybrid Technology – Porsche 918 RSR Mainstream Hybrid Technology – Toyota Prius C World Car (That Americans Will Buy) – Ford C Class Affordable Sporty Car with Useful Technology – Hyundai Veloster Mainstream Car with Affordable Tech – Chrysler 300last_img read more

Mac App Store could kill boxed software in Apple Stores

first_imgIt was only a matter of time, based on the success of the iTunes App Store, before Apple would look to offer an online app store for computers as well. That is exactly what happened on January 6th with the introduction of the Mac App Store which racked up an incredible one million downloads in its first 24 hours online.Those who have an iPhone or iPod touch will find the Mac App Store very similar to the iTunes App Store. Some of the same applications which have been found on mobile devices, like Angry Birds, even showed up in the new app store when it was launched.AdChoices广告In fairness, Apple has always had a Mac app store, it just wasn’t online. Any customer walking into an Apple Store would find at least one wall lined with boxed retail software. That’s the method I used to buy my first Mac program, but with the Mac App Store becoming popular it seems that the days of boxed software in the Apple Store may be numbered.MacRumors has heard rumblings that boxed software will be pulled from Apple Stores. As proof, the site points to the process store employees walk a customer through to setup their new Mac. Besides showing you some of the basic pointers of owning a Mac, and setting up an email and iTunes account, they will also walk you through using the Mac App Store.The speculation is that in removing the boxed software Apple can have more room to sell accessories for iPads or iPhones which have more profit built into them.Read more at MacRumorslast_img read more

What you need to know about the HP TouchPad

first_imgHP officially announced their webOS-powered tablet, the TouchPad, today. The tablet, which has broken free of the “Palm” name, was unveiled alongside the Veer and Palm 3 phones, giving HP what’s been described as a “small, medium, and large” set of offerings. Out of the three the TouchPad is certainly the most notable products, thanks to it being the first time we’ve seen webOS on a large form-factor as well as the first consumer tablet from tech giant HP.So what should any informed tableteer know about the TouchPad? Here goes…It’s the HP TouchPad, not the Palm TouchPad, but it does run webOS which HP acquired when they picked up Palm. Specifically it has webOS 3.0The tablet has a 9.7-inch (1024×768) display and weighs 1.6 pounds. It’s a hair under 14mm thick.16GB and 32GB capacitiesPowered by a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and twice the RAM of the Palm PreThere is front-mounted 1.3MP camera that can do video calling802.11b/g/n WiFi standard. 3G and 4G versions will come laterHP didn’t forget the cool features: The TouchPad can do wireless (Touchstone) charging, it can answer calls made to your Pre 3, and it works with HP’s wireless printing)webOS supports both Flash and multi-taskingSoftware support includes: VPN, Skype, QuickOffice, DropBox,, and Google DocsWe are still waiting for information on pricing, carriers, and availability (some time this summer), but so far people in attendance seems pretty excited. HP has some huge hurdles in front of it regarding developer support and competition in the tablet space, but so far webOS looks like it will lend itself to tablets well enough to make for a relatively slick experience.We’ll learn more once we starting hearing back from people who have gone hands-on with the tablet.The full press release is not available yet, but information is available via the live blogs and Twitter.You can learn more from HP’s official TouchPad page.last_img read more

Man decides to open source his genetic data using GitHub

first_imgThere are many services popping up on the Internet allowing you to store data about yourself or the projects you are working on. One of the most popular among the development community is GitHub: a distributed version control system mainly for software development allowing you to share and collaborate with others online.While GitHub can be paid for as a service for private projects, open source projects get hosted for free. So there is a general mix of both types of project and over 1.7 million repositories currently stored on the service.Manu Sporny, founder and CEO of Digital Bazaar, has decided to use GitHub to store a project of a very different nature. Rather than a piece of software, he is listing his own genetic data as an open source project. He has released all his rights to the data and made around 1 million of his genetic markers public domain.As to why he decided to do what many may feel is a risky sharing of data so personal and unique to himself, Manu explains:I’ve thought long and hard about each of those questions and the many more that you ask yourself before publishing this sort of personal data. There are large privacy implications in doing this. However, speaking solely for myself, I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Manu hasn’t gone into great detail as to his thought processes yet, but promises to on his blog at a later date.His genetic data was compiled by the company 23andme. For $199 and $5 per month thereafter, they will send you a kit in which to deposit a saliva sample. This is then posted back and the data compiled and analyzed. After that updates can be accessed on a monthly basis.The body has around 10 million single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) – the genetic markers Manu shared – of which 23andme analyze 1 million by placing your saliva sample on a genotyping beadchip. Of those million, only 14,515 are known about in science, and only 160 are used by 23andme for analysis.As Manu points out, the majority of those million SNPs he has is data that can’t be used at the moment, but will eventually be known about as science progresses and discovers what they are. So his open sourcing of this data offers anyone, including scientists working in this area, some raw data to work with.Do you think Manu’s decision to share his genetic data is a good one and will help to advance the understanding of the human body? Or will it just become a privacy nightmare for him in the future?Read more at The Beautiful, Tormented Machine, via HNlast_img read more

Garmin Is Against 4G Network For GPS Navigation

first_imgGarmin is not a fan of 4G. The company stated that using 4G would clog up the signals, which are needed to use for GPS tracking systems. Garmin also said that 911, air traffic control, and the military would also suffer over slow network signals.The company is basing this on a 4G trial that the company ran. According to Garmin, the GPS lagged, even losing the signal, which took 90 seconds to regain. Garmin took the research to the FCC in regard to LightSquareds request.Via TG Daliylast_img

Samsung W200 a waterproof Flip alternative

first_imgCisco may have decided to stop producing the very popular Flip line of pocket camcorders, but that doesn’t mean its competitors have to throw in the towel too. In fact, Samsung is taking a completely opposite view and seeing this as an opportunity to introduce a new alternative device.The Samsung W200 Pocket Cam is a video recording device you can carry in a pocket, but it has one big advantage over the Flip and the other pocket cams out there: it’s waterproof.AdChoices广告One of the major reasons pocket cams may become an endangered gadget species soon is because our smartphones have cameras that double as video recorders, so why carry two devices? But when you are sitting around the pool, or stuck in a downpour, you really don’t want to chance your very expensive phone breaking through exposure to moisture. That’s where the W200 comes into its own as it can handle being submerged in up to 3 metres of water and therefore will laugh in the face of rain.The waterproofing is taken care of by an anti-water drop coating that covers the device. It also doubles as a way of keeping the 2.3-inch 230K LCD from misting up with condensation. Effectively that means if you are shooting in wet conditions you can still see what’s being captured on the built-in display.As for how good it is at actually capturing video, it seems to be on a par with the competition. The W200 uses a 5-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor coupled with a F2.2 Bright Lens for better results in low light conditions. Video recording goes as high as 1080p at 30fps, but we suspect the best results will be at 720p and a higher fps.Unlike the Flip (and preferable in my opinion) the W200 does not have any on-board storage. Instead there’s an SD card slot allowing you to record across multiple cards. Recording is limited, however, as the battery can only handle 2 hours of continuous use before requiring a recharge. There’s also a USB connection for transferring data and HDMI for output to a HDTV.If the W200 sounds perfect for your next holiday then you’ll be able to pick one up in May. The price is quite reasonable too at just $159.Read more at Akihabaranews and T3last_img read more

Top New York Auto Show Cars Honda Civic

first_imgThe 2012 Honda Civic is the best small car ever built, as we noted in a review this week. It debuted publicly at the New York International Auto Show in multiple versions: gas-engine sedan or coupe, high-efficiency gas-engine sedan, sporty sedan or coupe, hybrid, and natural gas vehicle. The i-MID 5″ LCD display in front of the driver at the base of the windshield is almost as good as a $1,200 head-up display. There’s a USB jack standard. But Honda leaves Bluetooth off the majority of Civics it will sell in the U.S. Why the Honda Civic matters: The new version of the benchmark compact car adds two important technology features (i-MID, USB) and messes up another one (Bluetooth). 5 Key Trends of the 2011 New York International Auto Show Gearlog mobile 2011 NYIAS (New York Auto Show) Top Cars Scion FR-S Kia Soul  Honda CivicNissan Versa Sedan Chevrolet Malibu 2011 NYIAS Top Green CarsLexus LF-Gh concept hybrid40 mpg Hyundai AccentFour-Cylinder Ford Taurus TurboAll-Electric BMW Active E2013 Chevrolet Malibu Ecolast_img read more

Level5s latest 3DS roleplayer is a hostess RPG

first_imgLevel-5, developer of the popular Professor Layton series of DS adventure games, has announced something new: a hostess game for 3DS.Girls’ RPG Cinderellife is the title, according to an article in Japan’s weekly Famitsu gaming mag, and takes place in “Neo-Ginza,” where you, a young girl, come to establish yourself as the next great hostess. This is something of a twist on the ‘hostess genre’ as we in the US know it, where Sega’s Yakuza series brought over a mini-game centered on running a hostess club, not being one of the girls paid to flirt with customers.AdChoices广告Here, avatars work at a club called The Castle, where customers range from major politicians to famous singers. Players level up by doing well with each customer, which of course means ordering expensive food and drinks from the menu.Players will have over a thousand items to use to customize their avatar’s makeup and outfit, and decorate her own room.Cinderellife is actually a port of a similar game Level-5 runs on its own mobile gaming social network in Japan. Level-5 boss Akihiro Hino told Famitsu that that game, Kyabajoppi, is their top-performing game on the network and so deserved “a full RPG experience.”The game will reach Japanese shelves in 2011 and will probably never see the light of day in the United States.Read more at 1uplast_img read more

Google Music exits beta Music Store coming to Android Market

first_imgToday Google pulled back the curtains on their “These go to Eleven” event in Los Angeles. While the company’s presenters could have used a shot of caffeine, they did succeed in launching the Google Music Store. The service, which was previously a closed beta, is now open for universal signups.There were few (if any) surprises at the event, as most of the details of the launch had previously leaked. The new service lets you upload and store up to 20,000 of your own songs without paying a dime. As before, you can still stream your songs to any computer or mobile device, and — unlike iTunes Match — no downloading is required.Additionally, the Music Store will be integrated into the Android Market. Anyone using an Android phone or tablet can purchase songs or albums in the Market, and have them added to his Google Music account. You can think of it as Android’s equivalent of the iTunes store and the App Store rolled into one. The new Google Music-ified Market will be rolling out “in the next few days.”Sharing is another big addition to the Google Music Store. After purchasing a song, you can share songs or albums on Google+, and those in your circles will be able to listen to the song (once) for free. This can be done on both desktop and mobile, and those friends who aren’t yet on Google+ can get an email asking them to sign up and listen.As far as content, Google Music is a work in progress. Representatives from EMI, Universal, and Merlin got on stage to help plug the launch. However, the significant libraries of Sony and Warner have apparently yet to be signed, and a Google rep thanked us in advance for our patience with building content.As a launch promotion, Google will also be providing exclusive tracks of live performances from a variety of artists, including the Rolling Stones, Shakira, and Coldplay. These songs will be free for all Google Music users to download.Some had anticipated that we could see a big announcement from T-Mobile, as their logo was in the teaser image for the event. As it turns out, we saw nothing of the sort. The carrier did jump in to announce that their subscribers can purchase Google Music content and have it billed directly to their phone bills.Google Music and the Google Music Store are available now for anyone, and you can keep an eye out for the Market addition soon.More at Google Musiclast_img read more

Nintendo issues 3DS update 3D videos DLC sleep downloads and lots more

first_imgNintendo has pushed an update to its 3DS handheld that includes 3D movie recording, as promised, but also features a number of surprises that hadn’t been previously announced.Glasses-free 3D movies are the biggest bullet point in this system update, as the system can use the two back-facing cameras to grab videos up to ten minutes long. That had been announced at the company’s Tokyo Game Show press conference earlier in the fall. Support for downloadable content (DLC) and demos has been added, although that feature has launched without any actual content to acquire. There is now also a data transfer utility that allows owners to send their downloaded games, photos, or save games to another console.StreetPass features have gotten some love as well: Find Mii and Puzzle Swap have been updated, and the Mii Plaza now hosts things called Accomplishments, which are analogous to achievements. Accomplishments are simpler than Microsoft or Sony’s cheevo systems, as they’re not varied in value by score (like Microsoft’s) or by bronze/silver/gold (like Sony’s). Nor is there a way to see your friends’ Accomplishments: if you want to get competitive, you’ll have to tell your friends in real life how many you’ve unlocked.Like a TV infomercial, that’s not all. A number of small tweaks were introduced to the eShop including faster load times, queued downloads, downloading while asleep, reviews in game listings, and the ability to add exactly the funds you need to purchase something.Lastly, the Nintendo Zone has been added. Similar to the Wii’s Nintendo Channel on the go, it allows access to 3DS Hotspots inside retail stores for free goodies like 3D videos, coupons, previews, and trivia.If you’ve installed a system update previously, your system will automatically update to the latest version. Otherwise, you can go to System Settings > Other Settings > System Update to manually install.via Nintendolast_img read more

HalfLife fans can now play the Dreamcast version on PC

first_imgChances are, if you play games on PC then you have Half-Life in your collection. And if you love it as much as I do you’ve played it through multiple times enjoying it just as much each time. What would be great is if Valve decided to return to the game and give us some new content while we wait for Half-Life 3 to be completed, but that isn’t going to happen. However, you can play Half-Life on your PC today and experience a very different game. That’s because someone has taken the time to port the Dreamcast version.Back in 2000 a version of Half-Life running on the Dreamcast was shown off at the European Consumer Trade Show (ECTS). However, weeks before a planned release the game got canceled due in no small part to the decision by Sega to stop producing the Dreamcast console.That decision was a real shame because the game had been changed in a number of ways including doubling the polygon count of the original. However, nearly 12 years later and anyone who owns Half-Life can now play the Dreamcast build as a mod for free. It won’t take long to download either, as the entire game fits into a 105MB zip file.As well as more polygons, the DC version plays very differently. It has unique NPCs, different props, the difficulty is different (easier), and references to the Dreamcast have been added throughout the game. Probably the biggest change though, is to the level design which has been heavily modified in places. Some areas have been remodeled completely, where as others have different lighting, slight geometry changes, or even new puzzle elements.Overall it offers up PC gamers a fresh gameplay experience on the original. The fact it’s such a small download and completely free, makes it a must play for even casual fans of the series. Read more and download the mod at MODDBlast_img read more

Brookstone to release butane cell phone charger from Lilliputian Systems

first_imgEveryone who owns a smartphone is well aware that the one true kryptonite of their devices is the way that it mercilessly chews through fully-charged batteries. While battery technology has come a long way in the past few years, it has continued to struggle to keep up with the increasingly power hungry devices that manufacturers release every six months. Those that seem to be tethered continually to a power outlet may be able to free themselves from their power prison with a new product that uses butane to recharge devices while on-the-go.Created by a MIT spinoff company called Lilliputian Systems, the butane fuel cell charger will be sold at Brookstone for an undisclosed price (but being sold at a mall tech-boutique, you know it’s going to be pricey). The charger will be able to fully replenish your device’s battery 13 to 14 times before needing a refill. That’s a pretty tall order for a fuel that is most commonly used light tobacco products because of its ability to burn hot and clean. However, after working on the technology for over 10 years, it’s about time that Lilliputian brings it to market.What makes butane charging possible is a new process places a solid oxide fuel cell onto a silicon wafer, a first for the industry. This membrane allows the conversion of the liquid fuel to usable energy that can charge through any USB port.As mentioned above, there’s no word on what the pricing for the charging device, but both the company and Brookstone say that the refill cartridges will cost as much as a cup of coffee at Starbucks (they didn’t specify what size). I would hazard a guess that the unit itself will be around $100, with the refills cartridges being around $5.99 which would make the unit very affordable over the long run indeed. Lilliputian Systems plans to announce when the first units will be made available at Brookstone later this year.With the ability to carry this device and its fuel cell on airplanes legally makes this an interesting development in the mobile power market. If Lilliputian’s claims hold up this will be a large step forward and a technology that will be copied and become commonplace very soon.Read more at Lilliputian Systems, via Geekosystemlast_img read more

First Baidu Cloud phone spotted costs 160

first_imgLast year, Chinese search giant Baidu unveiled Yi, an Android remix that would eventually power the Dell Streak 101DL. Fast forward to now, and Baidu is ready for a second kick at the can. This time, the OS has been tweaked and re-branded as Baidu Cloud, and partnerships with several device manufacturers have been rumored. That’s the first Baidu Cloud smartphone to be spotted, and it’s clearly a design that owes a lot to the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900.No real hardware specs for this phone have been leaked yet, other than that it has a 3.5-inch display and a row of capacitive buttons beneath. It’s expected to retail for a 1,000Yuan (about $160) when China Unicom puts them on sale next week, and customers will be able to choose from several different colors.Users will also get access to 100GB of cloud storage — with the possibility of adding additional storage at no charge (possibly through a tie-in with other services like Weibo or Ting). Baidu Cloud will also feature integrated voice controls, similar to what Apple offers with Siri on the iPhone 4S or Samsung’s implementation on the Galaxy S3.The leaked images appeared briefly on the Weibo account of Baidu’s mobile chief, Yue Guofeng, but they were quickly taken down after being spotted. Baidu Cloud is expected to be officially unveiled next week, so we can expect to see this phone — and possibly a few others — on display when the company does the big reveal.More at MIC Gadget and Sina Techlast_img read more

Leaked Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 may offer a glimpse at Surface Pro

first_imgMicrosoft didn’t offer up many specifics about the Surface Pro internals when the tablet was revealed, but Lenovo’s freshly-leaked ThinkPad Tablet 2 may provide a bit of insight. And as you’d expect from a tablet with the ThinkPad pedigree, the Tablet 2 looks to be squarely aimed at demanding enterprise users.The Tablet 2 starts off with a dual-core Intel Cloverview Atom processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 64GB solid state drive. It sports a 10.1-inch, 1366 x 768 IPS display, 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, NFC, and both HSPA+ and LTE modems. There’s a 2MP front-facing camera for video conferencing, an 8MP shooter on the back, and a fingerprint reader for added security. Lenovo estimates the Tablet 2’s battery life at around 10 hours, and has packed everything into a 9.8mm thick, 650g magnesium and ABS casing.The leaked slides also mention a pressure-sensitive stylus and a Transformer-style keyboard dock is also shown — and it’s every bit the ThinkPad peripheral:As for the operating system, Lenovo has opted to ship the 32-bit flavor of Windows 8. Why? It’s got everything to do with backwards compatibility. It’s a ThinkPad, after all, and business customers want to know that their internal apps are going to run without hiccups. Even Microsoft suggests sticking with the 32-bit version of Office 2010 in the workplace unless you absolutely must run the 64-bit apps.The Surface Pro probably won’t ship with a stylus, but Lenovo’s other hardware choices at least show what they think will work for the upper end of the spectrum. As for whether Microsoft shares the same opinion and the Surface Pro lines up with the Tablet 2, we’ll have to wait until 90 days after the Windows 8 launch to find out for sure.More at Tech in 5last_img read more

Is this the Sony Nexus X Probably Not

first_imgNot so long ago, rumors came down from on high telling stories of many Nexus devices being released this year. Speculation grew wildly, in hopes that these reference five phones… or maybe three phones and two tablets. Nexus smartphones are not the most popular Android products in the mobile ecosystem, but the hardcore fans know that buying a Nexus is how you stay on the bleeding edge of Google’s software. Despite the LG Nexus 4 being paraded about recently, photos and leaks are showing up for several other handsets. Most recently, a smartphone claiming to be the Sony Nexus X appeared.There have been more than a few rumors in regards to Sony making a Nexus phone. Every year each OEM sends in a device to “bid” for the contract, and Google chooses the ones they like the most. On top of this, Sony’s Xperia S is about to be the first non-Nexus phone to be a part of the Android Open Source Project.Basically, there’s plenty of reason to believe that Sony is planning a Google Experience product. That doesn’t necessarily mean a Nexus, but an open device running stock Android. Since we know LG has Google’s eye right now, either there will be more than one Nexus branded phone this year, or Google is flirting with the idea of offering non-branded phones in their Play Store.I’m not sure what to call this phone, the images of which leaked early Monday. It doesn’t resemble any of Sony’s current hardware designs. In fact, the bottom half of it more closely resembles the back of a Sony remote control more than anything else — the scuffs on the phone even look like the scuffs on the back of my remote controls. The pogo pins and the microUSB port on the side make a believable case for docks and other such accessories. The bulge on the bottom of the device looks big enough to be noticeable when flipped over, but the photo of the front of the device doesn’t appear to lean from bottom to top.Also the UI on the front of the device is incorrect. Yes, this looks like Android, some version of 4.0 or higher, except for one detail. There’s no search bar at the top of the device. Android 4.0 introduced a persistent search bar at the top of the UI, which was only possible to move if you pulled it out of the code yourself. All of the photos we’ve seen of incomplete builds on new devices, like the Nexus 4, have still had the search bar.There’s more than enough reason to doubt that this is even a real phone, much less a Sony Nexus X. While I am fully ready to believe that Sony is working on new phones all the time, I struggle to imagine this phone made it off the design table. Even if it did, the phone looks like it was kicked down the street before being shown off to whoever decided to post the pictures in Picasa, in a folder to clearly labeled Sony Nexus X to make sure everyone knew it was legitimate.last_img read more

Intel planning 22nm quadcore Atom with DirectX 11 GPU for tablets

first_imgIntel’s Atom processor line became popular powering netbooks and nettops. The lower power use, cheap price, and good-enough performance worked for small laptops and web-browsing PCs. More recently Intel has started pushing the Atom as a smartphone and tablet processor using 32nm Cloverview SoC.Mobile is certainly a key focus going forward for Intel, and 32nm Atom chips are the solution for the near future. However, leaked slides have revealed what Intel has planned for Atom when we reach 2014. Clover Trail and the Cloverview SoC will be replaced with Bay Trail-T and the Valleyview-T SoC for the tablet market, which brings with it a number of improvements. We’ll see Atom chips move from 32nm to 22nm, the clock speed will be increased to 2.1GHz (it will range from 1.6-2.1GHz), and instead of dual core we’ll get quad core processing supported by 2MB L2 cache. Memory support is also being upgraded from DDR2 to DDR3.Intel believes a Valleyview-T Atom will use half the power of Clover Trail while offering up to a 60% performance gain in terms of pure processing power. We also can’t forget the on-board GPU, which will be upgraded to support DirectX 11 (HD 4000) and boasts a 3x performance gain over Clover Trail’s DirectX 9 GPU.Valleyview certainly sounds like a performance processor for the tablet market that will also significantly extend tablet battery life, but we can’t forget that it isn’t expected to arrive for at least another 13 months according to the leaked slides. By then, what kind of competition will it be facing from ARM?More at MobileGeekslast_img read more

AMD updates its Never Settle Radeon games bundle

first_imgLast year AMD tried to entice us to buy a Radeon 7000 series card by bundling some brand new games and a discount ranging from $60 right up to $170. It looks like the offer worked well as AMD has decided to update its so-called Never Settle bundle.The new version is called the Never Settle: Reloaded games bundle and is being offered to anyone who purchases an AMD Radeon HD 7900 or HD 7800 Series graphics card. The games included in the bundle are some mix of the following:BioShock InfiniteCrysis 3DmC Devil May CryFar Cry 3Hitman AbsolutionSleeping DogsTomb RaiderThere isn’t much change in the Reloaded line-up with the only game disappearing being the poorly selling Medal of Honor: Warfighter (also the last ever Medal of Honor game) to be replaced by DmC Devil May Cry.Purchasing select 7900 or 7800 cards will bag you two of the games, with the choice seemingly dependent on the actual card you buy. For example, if you’re in the US and purchase a 7970 GHz edition, 7970, or 7950 card, you will be sent a download code for Crysis 3 and BioShock Infinite. Alternatively, if you purchase a 7870 Ghz Edition or 7850, you’ll be sent a download code for BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider. Purchase two cards or buy a 7990 card and you will be rewarded by having all but DmC Devil May Cry made available to download.Six free games with a graphics card purchase may sound like a great deal, but don’t forget a 7990 costs around $900, and two 7900 cards will cost a similar amount. Spending $300-$400 and grabbing two free games with a single graphics card is still going to make a for a fine gaming rig and save you a lot of money in the process.More at AMDlast_img read more

Geek deals Price drop on Dell XPS 8500 desktop Neato robotic vacuum

first_imgWhile the truly geeky among us might prefer to build their own desktop PC, there is a lot that goes into such a build behind the scenes. It starts with a wealth of research on the components that meet your needs, but also work well together and fit your budget. Then comes the ordering and waiting, typically from multiple vendors, and finally the tedious assembly of everything from the chassis to the CPU fan. But wait, now you have to install your operating system, drivers, and troubleshoot any problems.For the experienced geek, this process is not too problematic and can even be enjoyable. But there are those, even among us, who prefer to get a good combination of performance and features without going through that hassle or paying through the nose. Today’s deal will get you setup with a new PC that will handle all your needs today and likely for years to come.This Dell XPS 8500 is a mid-range, do-it-all system, stuffing the piano black chassis with enough goodies to keep the majority of buyers happy. It starts with a 3rd gen Core i7 quad-core processor, then adds 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. Even the most hardcore of multi-taskers will have a hard time bogging this system down. Keeping things running smooth no matter how many monitors you hook up, and even giving you some gaming cred, is the AMD Radeon HD 7570 (1GB) graphics card.You get plenty of connectivity with four USB 3.0 ports, eight USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet, Wireless-N, Bluetooth 4.0, a media card reader, and 7.1 surround sound output. The bow & ribbon on this package is the on-site warranty that Dell includes on most of their models at no extra cost. Even our friends at PCMag liked the XPS 8500, giving it four out of five stars.A well-loaded machine like this normally runs the better part of $1,000 and when we see the Core i7 XPS 8500 on sale, it’s usually around $700. Thanks to an extra coupon code, we’ve hit an all-time new low price on this model, making for a powerful PC that won’t break your budget.Dell XPS 8500 Core i7 Quad-Core Desktop w/ 8GB RAM, Radeon HD 7570 for $659.99 + free shipping (reg. $874.99 | use coupon 677VL8MF8QD8F7) Update: This deal has ended, but you can find the latest Dell XPS 8500 deals & coupons from our friends at LogicBuy.Our other deals:ZAGG Cocoon iPhone 4/4S Case (six colors) for $14.99 + free shipping (reg. $34.99 | ends soon)LaCie Minimus Ultra-slim 3TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for $147.89 + free shipping (reg. $179.99)Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum for $239 + free shipping (reg. $459.98)last_img read more