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2016, since 1999 the chart shows a consistent pattern of higher lows. The season seven premiere of Game of Thrones not only saw Arya Stark don the face of Walder Frey to take out the remaining members of the family who betrayed the Starks at the Red Wedding, which the Chinese government labeled a "violent terrorist attack, Ismaila Ibrahim Ribeji, They say young Kennedy deserves a lot of credit for licking him, much of it was directed at China which consistently blocked negotiations throughout the summit and almost managed to torpedo the protocol No wonder the American negotiators looked so exhaustedthey’d just spent a fortnight grappling with a country that seemed firmly opposed to doing anything about global warming But China it seems has changed The climate deal worked out between Washington and Beijing on Wednesdayyou can see the details in this post by Emily Rauhala won’t come close to saving the planet on its own No the deal isn’t binding but few international agreements really are While together China and the US account for 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions this marks the first time that the world’s two biggest carbon emitters sat down and agreed together to limits on future greenhouse gas emissions however voluntary And more importantly it marks what seems to be a very different approach by Beijing on international climate diplomacyand perhaps on diplomacy more generally As Michael Levi at the Council on Foreign Relations notes the fact that Beijing chose to work together with the USusually an antagonist on climate and other issuesmay be more meaningful than the emission targets themselves: China has typically gone out of its way to assert its independence in anything climate-related That approach would usually have led it to announce major goals like these in a clearly unilateral context even if they were developed in tandem with the United States Rolling them out together with the United States says that China is increasingly comfortable being seen to act as part of an international effort Environmentalists hope that the announcement from Beijing will inject a little momentum into flagging global climate negotiations which begin shortly in Lima and are meant to culminate with a real global deal in Paris at the end of 2015 Perhaps But while it might seem as if a problem like global warming can only be solved with a global deal that covers every country the reality is that just a handful of countries account for nearly all greenhouse gas emissionsChina and the US first among them What they doalone or in concertis what will ultimately matter There is no shortage of skeptics picking apart the US-China dealDavid Stout has a good roundup of them here Any time governments make promises about action they won’t carry out for more than 15 yearslong after today’s leaders are out of officethere’s reason to be skeptical Climate diplomacy is like dieting: tomorrow is always a lot easier than today However the very fact that China is publicly willing in concert with the US, ? as they needed to help break in the trail horses and he had come to Medora out of season. The impact of Conways decision on gay couples in Kentucky isnt immediately clear.

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GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS 45 1157 (2018); US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY Elsewhere other monitoring efforts—including a 66-site national network run by EPA that reports readings every 2 weeks—have painted a bigger continent-wide picture including how ammonia emissions can vary by weather and season Advances in mobile monitoring have made it possible to more quickly collect measurements like Collett’s And since 2008 NASA satellites have provided a global look at ammonia’s signature in the atmosphere Such tools are helping scientists assemble a more complete picture of ammonia sources including wildfires which are estimated to produce 10% of global ammonia emissions by releasing the compound from plants "A decade ago we had maybe a dozen long-term measurements around the country and only one or two aircraft measurements ever" says atmospheric chemist Daven Henze of the University of Colorado in Boulder "Now we’re able to regularly get information about timing magnitude variability and sources" Few efforts to inventory ammonia however have been as thorough as the one undertaken in the Salt Lake City region in the winter of 2017 The two inversion events documented by the ground and air campaign each lasted more than a week and the researchers were able to gather observations in each of the area’s three major valleys: Salt Lake Cache and Utah Existing tallies of Utah’s ammonia sources suggested ammonia levels would be similar in each of the three valleys In fact the researchers found that levels varied by geography—and that the readings were higher than they expected Now Murphy and allied researchers are working to understand that variation and figure out where the ammonia is coming from The team is using a network of ground monitors combined with aerial measurements to map ammonia concentrations within the city They are examining wind patterns to see how ammonia might drift in from nearby agricultural areas And they are looking for sources that may have been overlooked Cars in urban areas for example may be contributing more ammonia than previously understood In one recent study Zondlo deployed mobile instruments that use lasers to measure ammonia plumes released by vehicles in cities in the United States and China He found that vehicles—which produce ammonia as a byproduct of their emissions-cleaning catalytic converters—were emitting about twice as much ammonia as assumed "In the grand scheme of things vehicles were a fairly small source" he notes Still the emissions could play an important role in particulate pollution in cities he says because the ammonia is being produced in close proximity to other combustion compounds that fuel the creation of PM25 In Utah state regulators hope a better understanding of Salt Lake City’s ammonia sources will help them build improved computer simulations of air pollution events which can be key to identifying solutions For example if it turns out that ammonia is drifting into the city from farms in neighboring valleys the state could try to curb those sources—perhaps by asking farmers to limit fertilizer use—when the weather is ripe for inversions But that strategy might not make sense if urban ammonia sources like cars turn out to be playing a bigger role in driving the chemistry that produces smog "With so many factors we need to understand the full picture" Murphy says 25-micrometer(μm) particle Particles can lodge in the lungs and bloodstream contributing to disease and premature death 8-μm red blood cell Agricultural sources including ammonia (NH3)-based fertilizers and animal manure are responsible for an estimated 80% to 95% of the emissions of ammonia in developed nations Wildfires cars and industrial processes also contribute Once a loft ammonia combines with other compounds tocreate tiny particles less than 25 microns in diameter that can threaten human health A recipe for a smoggy sky Ammonia Othercompounds Ammonia reacts with other compounds including oxides of nitrogen and sulfur formingparticles that create smog Weather canaffect how muchammonia isemitted andwhere it travels NH 3 N DESAI AND A CUADRA/SCIENCE Regulators also want to be sure that potentially costly controls on farms or other ammonia sources will produce a benefit which means cracking the chemical makeup of the smog In the United States for example existing air pollution regulations have sharply reduced atmospheric concentrations of nitrogen oxides meaning fewer molecules of those compounds are available to combine with ammonia and form particulates So reducing ammonia emissions might not make much of a difference in areas where other smog ingredients are already in short supply In other areas however choking off ammonia plumes could be key to reducing particulates "We’re still not in a place" says Murphy "where we can even say that difficult measures are going to [have] an impact" The situation is very different in Europe where environmental regulators have long put a spotlight on ammonia in part because of concerns about its impact on ecosystems (Ammonia can leach into streams and rivers for instance where it can be toxic to aquatic organisms) The Economic Commission for Europe a United Nations offshoot set ammonia limits in 2012 and European countries have used a variety of strategies to reduce overall agriculture emissions by 24% since 1990 Germany for example placed per-hectare limits on the use of certain kinds of fertilizers and the Netherlands created financial incentives for more efficient fertilizer use Earlier this year the United Kingdom unveiled a sweeping air quality plan that includes plans to cut the nation’s ammonia emissions from agriculture by 16% by 2030 The move came in the wake of a UK Environment Agency finding that ammonia was the nation’s only major air pollutant to increase since 2013 and that emissions from farms would continue to rise without "urgent action" That trend threatened the government’s bid to halve by 2025 the number of people breathing air with PM25 levels deemed unsafe by the World Health Organization (WHO) (The WHO particulate standard is 10 micrograms [g] of PM25 per cubic meter of air averaged over a year; the US annual standard is 12 g/m3) To achieve the ammonia cut the government plans to require farmers to limit fertilizer applications and cover manure piles and it will impose stricter controls on dairy operations The agriculture industry which was consulted on the plan has been largely receptive Farmers have already voluntarily taken similar steps industry officials noted and they welcomed government plans to help fund the deployment of ammonia-control technologies Managing ammonia sources on farms such as this heap of chicken manure in Maryland could be key to limiting emissions EDWIN REMSBERG/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO Other nations with hefty ammonia emissions aren’t yet ready to follow the United Kingdom’s lead China which is known to be a global ammonia emissions hot spot but doesn’t have a reliable inventory of sources does not regulate the compound Neither does the United States although EPA does consider ammonia to be a precursor to PM25 One big issue facing US regulators is a lack of comprehensive data on ammonia sources "It’s hard to regulate something if you’re not measuring it" Collett says US farm groups have to date rebuffed efforts to require farmers to report ammonia emissions arguing the effort would be needlessly burdensome In 2013 EPA did launch a 2-year ammonia monitoring study in concert with the pork dairy and poultry industries involving 24 sites in nine states But the project was halted after agency science advisers criticized the quality of data that were being collected If EPA did pursue ammonia regulations politics would likely pose a stumbling block Farm groups have argued that because the gas has many sources and can drift long distances any controls would have to be carefully designed; a fix would not be as straightforward as for instance installing a chemical scrubber on a power plant They also note farmers have already taken voluntary steps to limit emissions such as reducing the amount of ammonia precursors used in animal feed and changing manure management practices Still US regulators could face pressure to act if studies from Salt Lake City and elsewhere provide evidence that ammonia has become an important driver of particulate pollution And at least one scientist believes answers could come sooner than later—in "years not decades" predicts Henze who sits on the EPA advisory panel considering the issue "EPA has not been willing to push the ball forward because of the uncertainty" surrounding ammonia he says "Now we’re pushing past the uncertainty"The central subject of the popular podcast ‘Serial’ received a break in favor of his case on Monday after an appeals court in Maryland ruled that his request for relief following his conviction can be reopened in a circuit court Adnan Syed who was jailed after being convicted in 2000 of murdering his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee will receive a new hearing that could bring testimony from someone who was never called to testify at his original trial the Huffington Post reports The case of Syed who has always maintained his innocence gained notoriety after millions tuned into the ‘Serial’ podcast On Monday the Maryland Court Of Special Appeals granted Syed’s request to have his case remanded to a circuit court which could open the door for more review and possibly the testimony of Asia McClain a high school friend who claimed to have seen Syed during the time authorities said he committed the murder which could give him an alibi The Baltimore Sun reports that Syed’s attorneys have 45 days to file a motion in Baltimore Circuit Court requesting the hearing so McClain can testify Contact us at editors@timecom which has been a matter of a major political debate in various countries. "The applicant with the story that makes us laugh or cry the most will be given the chance to join us at the tasting session. we have rather brought food and I ask them what offence has President Buhari committed.

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