Sri Lanka gathers information on refugees

She also said that according to information received, most of them are refugees and in the possession of UNHCR identification documents. (Colombo Gazette) “There are 46 males, 4 females and three children stranded in Rote island,” she said.Colonne said that all the Sri Lankans are in good health and have been housed in a hotel under the care of immigration authorities. Colonne said that based on the information received it has been made clear that the boat on which the Sri Lankans were found did not originate from Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Government has gathered information related to a group of refugees who have been detained in Indonesia.Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mahishini Colonne said that information related to the 54 Sri Lankans has been gathered from the Sri Lankan Missions in Australia, New Zealand, Jakarta, UNHCR and the Sri Lanka navy. Australian media reported last week that the Sri Lankans were part of 65 asylum seekers on a boat which was stopped by Australian authorities at mid-sea and turned back to Indonesia.