Verizon holding mystery event Tuesday the 11th Verizon iPhone says WSJ

first_imgUpdate 5:53pm: From the WSJ: “Verizon to Finally Get iPhone”On Tuesday January 11th Verizon Wireless is holding an event in NYC. We don’t know what that event is for or why it’s being held just days after CES, but we know it’s happening.Verizon President and COO Lowell McAdamn will be speaking and we’ll be there listening. We might even take some notes.Quick thoughtsEveryone’s immediate guess is that this is the Verizon iPhone announcement. But hold on, I’m trying to remember AT&T’s huge unveiling of the iPhone. That’s right, Apple is pretty partial to handling these things themselves. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible that Verizon will announce the 6-month-old phone on their own, but it does make it seem that much less likely. But then it’s not exactly new hardware, so maybe Jobs & Co. will be a bit more relaxed?We’ll know Tuesday, but weigh in below with your thoughts.last_img read more

NABs profits top 14bn

first_imgNational Australia Bank’s cash earnings in the first quarter rose 8 per cent in the three months to December 31 to $1.4 billion, up from $1.3 billion in the same period the previous year. NAB said it had revenue growth in its wholesale banking operations, and, to a lesser extent, its wealth management businesses MLC and NAB Wealth. Higher funding and deposit costs offset volume growth in its business and personal banking divisions, resulting in flat revenue, the bank said. Source: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Verglas et neige 20 départements en vigilance orange

first_imgVerglas et neige : 20 départements en vigilance orangeMétéo France a placé une vingtaine de départements en vigilance orange et recommande la prudence jusqu’à ce soir.Les risques de neige et de verglas doivent persister aujourd’hui sur toute la moitié nord du pays, selon Météo France. Les départements concernés par l’alerte sont ceux d’Ile-de-France, l’Indre-et-Loire, le Loir-et-Cher, le Loiret, la Marne, l’Aisne, l’Oise, l’Eure, l’Eure-et-Loir, le Maine-et-Loire, la Mayenne, l’Orne et la Sarthe.Une alerte aux risques de crues est également observée dans le Doubs, la Haute-Saône, le Territoire de Belfort, la Meurthe-et-Moselle et les Vosges. La préfecture du Doubs a même décidé hier d’évacuer 200 à 300 habitants de Bart, en raison de la crue de deux cours d’eau qui traversent la localité. Une cellule de crise a été mise en place.À lire aussiCanicule : Comment se protéger efficacement contre la chaleur ?Des chutes de neige gagneront le bassin parisien en milieu de journée, puis la Champagne et le Centre en fin d’après-midi. Météo France prévient qu’elles “seront durables et assez intenses”. De plus, “un refroidissement sensible se produira après les chutes de neige en soirée (…) favorisant la formation de glace au sol”.En Alsace, plusieurs centaines de foyers ont été privés d’électricité suite à d’importantes chutes de neige, lundi, qui ont entraîné la chute de poteaux. Jusqu’à 60 centimètres de neige pouvaient être observés par endroits.Le 8 décembre 2010 à 09:01 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Unreal Engine 4 trop puissant pour la Wii U

first_imgUnreal Engine 4 trop puissant pour la Wii U ?Le jeu vidéo Unreal 4 pourrait ne pas tourner sur la console Wii U de Nintendo. Est-ce en raison des capacités de la console ou bien du moteur graphique demandé par ce moteur graphique. Selon le site Generation NT, l’Unreal Engine 4 serait trop puissant et trop gourmand pour fonctionner sur Wii U. La dernière version du moteur graphique du très populaire jeu vidéo a été rehaussée, ce le rendrait incompatible avec la console de jeux vidéo de Nintendo.Unreal Engine 4 sera présenté lors du prochain Salon de l’E3 2012 où la diffusion d’une démo technique est très attendue par de nombreux joueurs. Epic Games avait auparavant mis en garde que son nouveau moteur graphique ne serait pas non plus utilisable sur les consoles nouvelle génération telles que la Xbox 720 ou la PS4…Enfin, d’après le journaliste de GT TV, Geoff Keighley, la version Wii U d’Unreal serait tout simplement équipée à sa sortie de la troisième version du moteur. Des précisions portant sur les capacités techniques de la Wii U devraient également être apportées lors de l’E3. Le 30 mai 2012 à 14:30 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

This Beeriest Hotel in the Land Has Fridges in the Showers

first_img Fiber-Based Six-Pack Can Rings Offer Eco-Friendly Alternative to PlasticEven More Kellogg’s Cereal Gets Re-Born as Craft Beer BrewDog was founded in Scotland in 2007 by James Watt and Martin Dickie, and they’ve been pushing the boundaries of brewing (and marketing) ever since. Now they’re getting ready to bring a beer hotel to Columbus, Ohio.As they say in their Indiegogo pitch video, they’re not sure whether to call The Doghouse (BrewDog loves puns almost as much as they love beer) a hotel in a brewery or a brewery in a hotel, not that it really matters. What matters is that it will be the ultimate beer enjoyment experience.The first stage of the project is already up and running. BrewDog’s taproom (Dogtap) has been serving up food and pairing it with their beers at the site of their 100,000 square foot U.S. headquarters for a little while now.Once you’re done stuffing yourself, you’ll be able to head off for a relaxing (and thematically appropriate) spa treatment. The Doghouse spa will offer malt massages and hop-infused facials. You’ll even be able to go for a soak in a hot tub filled with their signature Punk IPA, which is sure to have some rejuvenating effect… or at least make you feel a little like Japan’s boozily-pampered Wagyu cattle.After relaxing in the spa you probably won’t feel like cabbing it home, but you can shuffle off to one of the Doghouse’s craftily-appointed rooms. As you can see in the header, some even feature an overhead door that opens onto a balcony overlooking the brewery floor.Two other unique features: a kegerator with Punk IPA on tap and a fully-stocked beer fridge. Actually, make that two fully stocked beer fridges. There’s one by the tap, and another — where else — right in the shower so you can enjoy a shower beer before you head downstairs for a craft beer breakfast!Because Watt and Dickie have never been big on taking a traditional approach to business, they’re going directly to beer fans to help fund the construction of the Doghouse. If you want to get in on the action you can head over to their Indiegogo page and pledge some of your hard-earned beer money to secure some pretty awesome perks… like $40 for an unlimited beer on tap in your room. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Switch Games That Arent Zelda Human Resource Machine

first_img If you have a Nintendo Switch, chances are you also have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The new Zelda is a massive, phenomenal game that you can and should play for dozens of hours. But eventually, you’re going to want to play something new on your Nintendo console/handheld hybrid. Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda is a new column highlighting cool, smaller Switch games to check out once you’ve saved Hyrule.I really could have picked any of Tomorrow Corporation’s games, previously available on other platforms and now on Nintendo Switch for $10 each, as a suitable Zelda supplement. They’re all great in their own special ways. World of Goo could have settled for being an incredibly clever physics-based indie Wii puzzle game. But then it paired that gameplay with cute, strange, lovely, ever-so-morbid cartoon visuals and a subtle, bizarre, dark, uplifting storyline to match. Little Inferno followed this same path with a cheeky satire of free-to-play games (you waste time burning stuff to earn more money to buy more stuff to burn) that’s a flat-out artistic statement.I’m choosing to highlight Human Resource Machine, though, for a few reasons. It’s the developer’s most recent game. I had never played it before now, and it’s perhaps the most valuable Tomorrow Corporation game on an educational level. Zelda makes you think, but Human Resource Machine is a semester in college.In Human Resource Machine you play as an office employee moving up the ranks of the company by repeating various menial tasks. Tomorrow Corporation’s house art style and muzak lend themselves perfectly to the corporate satire. Each level represents a year of your life and is punctuated by coffee breaks. But the real purpose of the corporation metaphor is to help players better understand what is, in reality, a fairly complex coding game.Solving puzzles in Human Resource Machine requires you to wrap your head around assembly language. As far as actual coding languages go, assembly language isn’t the most complicated. But for a video game, it’s definitely more challenging than matching blocks of the same color. Players must write a script to move numbers from the inbox to the outbox according to the level’s parameters. That can be as simple as adding numbers together or as elaborate as arranging numbers according to the Fibonacci Sequence. Players build these programs using a list of commands like “increase N by 1” or “jump to the beginning of the code.” They gain more options as they progress to write more powerful programs.Unless you’re a mathematical savant, Human Resource Machine gets very difficult very quickly while providing little help. In just the first half of the game you’re solving problems that make you feel smarter than Bill Gates and Katherine Johnson’s hidden love-child after you crack them. Even after looking up the solutions to some problems and watching them successfully play out, I had a tough time truly figuring out the logic that made it all go. But if you’re smarter than me you can tackle optional challenges or try to solve earlier puzzles even more efficiently. After that, you may want to look into actually learning how to code. You’ll already have a head start.Playing Human Resource Machine with the Switch’s touchscreen works fine, but this is also one of the first Switch games that replicates pointer functionality with the Joy-Cons motion sensors. Once calibrated, you can point the Joy-Con at the Switch’s screen or the TV screen to move a cursor around, and it feels pretty smooth and natural. Hopefully, future Switch games don’t forget that they can access this feature.If you haven’t yet played any Tomorrow Corporation games, I would still probably recommend you check out World of Goo first and then Little Inferno if you have a loose interpretation of what “fun” means. However, Human Resource Machine is a demanding mental workout that made me push myself in a way few games do. Together these represent an excellent trifecta of Switch Games That Aren’t Zelda.Check back next week for another Switch Game That Isn’t Zelda.Want to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about the Nintendo Switch.Buy it now!The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildNintendo SwitchEssential Nintendo Switch Accessories ‘Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball FormSNES Games Officially Come to Nintendo Switch Stay on targetlast_img read more

Mane Experience can help Liverpool win title

first_imgLiverpool striker Sadio Mane believes the squad’s experience will prove to be a valuable asset in the Premier League title battle.The Senegal international scored the match-winner in last weekend’s thrilling 4-3 win against Crystal Palace to help Liverpool maintain their four-point lead over Manchester City.It marked a second successive victory for the Reds, who now appear to be back on course after suffering back-to-back defeats at the beginning of 2019.Jurgen Klopp’s men are seemingly set for a two-horse race against defending champions City in the Premier League this season with Tottenham having lost ground recently in third-place.“We have experience now,” Mane told the club website.“Of course we are confident if we’re winning – but not too much, we know what can happen. We are still professional footballers and we’re still going to try to take it game by game.“The season is long and we have many games. Making pressure for ourselves doesn’t help. Why not just try to win games until the end of the season?”Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.Early cup exits at the hands of Chelsea and Wolves appear to have done the Liverpool team a favour as they can enjoy a little extra time to recover, while their rivals will all compete in the FA Cup across this weekend.This also provides an opportunity for injured stars like Dejan Lovren and Trent Alexander-Arnold to properly recover.Meanwhile, the Reds could receive another welcome boost soon in Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s expected return before the end of the campaign.“It’s good for us to have a few days off and get a few injured players back because now there’s quite a lot,” added Mane.“We still have a strong team. (And) the other players are going to give their best for the team.”Klopp’s side will next take on Leicester City at Anfield on January 30 in the Premier League.last_img read more

Couch on I5 causes crash near Gee Creek Rest Area

first_imgA couch was blamed for a two-car collision on southbound Interstate 5 near the Gee Creek Rest Area just after noon Monday.The couch had apparently fallen off a vehicle and was left on the roadway, Washington State Patrol Trooper Steve Schatzel said. One vehicle swerved out of the way, striking another vehicle, about 12:15 p.m.No injuries were reported and the crash resulted in only minor damage.Someone had just called 911 to report the couch in the roadway, and police were en route when the crash occurred.last_img read more

Vancouver company gives old bricks new life

first_imgWhat: The company cleans and sells refurbished bricks that have been sliced into veneers.Where: 1909 D East 5th St., Vancouver.More information: or call 360-694-6832.When the new Freshii restaurant opens in Salmon Creek at the start of next year, the space will include one wall of “exposed” brick. Not one brick has been set in mortar there, yet. But once installed, the wall will look as if it’s been standing for decades. That’s because the bricks themselves were salvaged from old buildings around Vancouver by DeCorado Stone & Brick. Some came from a 1924 home near Mill Plain Blvd. Others came from the downtown Sparks Home Furnishings building, which was built in 1951 and is currently being redeveloped.For this and other brick re-use projects, DeCorado cleans and slices bricks into thin veneers that find new life in buildings and homes. Owner Oskar Corado said his company is one of the few in the nation that repurposes old bricks for new uses. So far this year, Corado has sold about $60,000 in brick veneers, and he expects to move another $25,000 by the year’s end.A century ago, bricks were made entirely by hand. Clay, sand and rock was mixed to form the desired color and texture. Next, the mixture was cut into bricks, and often stamped with the name of the brick manufacturer, or the date. Finally, the bricks were fired in a kiln. Each step left room for human-caused variation, from the color to the pebbly texture to the occasional char of over-baking.last_img read more

All Japan Poker Championship announces inaugural Saipan event

first_img RelatedPosts Imperial Pacific pays remaining US$10.5 million balance on annual license fee The All Japan Poker Championship (AJPC) has announced the newest stop on its Asian tour circuit with Saipan’s Imperial Pacific Resort to host its first ever poker tournament from 13 to 17 February 2019.The addition of a Saipan event comes after AJPC launched events in Korea and Taiwan last year, with the organization set to add more tournament series in other Southeast Asian locations in the coming months. Imperial Pacific adds to Board of Directors as regulator looks to impose US$375,000 fine for late license fee payment Load More Calls for 10% gaming tax renewed as report reveals Imperial Pacific tax payments of just US$21,000 in 2019 “The AJPC Asian Circuit is the organizer of Japan’s first international poker event,” said AJPC Chairman Sasaki Yasuhiro. “The circuit has been a success as well as the first in Japan to hold an international event in Taiwan.“Now, in 2019, we aim to hold the AJPC Asian Circuit in Saipan for the first Japan-based tournament to be held on the island. We will continue to build our brand through launching tournaments in new and exciting destinations.”The new Saipan series will include a US$2,000 buy-in main event as well as various side events and cash games.last_img read more

Miami woman accused of being fake cosmetic doctor

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – City of Miami Police arrested a woman accused of being a fake doctor.Fifty-three-year-old Claudia Hernandez Mesa was taken into custody on Tuesday. She is accused of performing cosmetic procedures without a license.Officials said she operated out of a Miami high-rise near South Miami Avenue and Southwest Third Street.According to detectives, one of her patients required professional medical attention after Mesa botched a procedure on her face, which left the victim permanently scarred.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Miguel Talks Essence Fest His Latin Roots And SelfCare On The Road

first_imgNews Let’s talk about your latest album, War & Leisure. There are sexy lyrics, dark lyrics, politically themed lyrics. What was your head space when writing the songs on that album? You know I would describe my head space kind of in a bit of turmoil to be honest with you. I think that has a lot to do with just the general energy [of the world]. We’re trying to figure out, how we stay positive, but not ignore what’s going on [in the world]. That’s why War & Leisure was the title, because we’re all fighting to stay positive. It’s a struggle every single day. Trying to find the balance.For the first time in your career, there’s a predominantly Spanish-language song on your album, “Caramelo Duro” featuring Kali Uchis. What was it that moved you to do that song?I’ve had a chance to go visit my family in Mexico, and really kind of get in tune a little more with where my family’s from. And the journey from Zamora, which is where my family’s from in Mexico, and just really kind of like digest all of the sacrifice. Not only on my father’s side, because my father’s Mexican, but just overall. I think about the opportunities that I have now, and it really is a culmination of a lot of sacrifice. From my grandparents, their parents, and parents, and parents, and parents, and parents, and [now] here I am, at Essence Festival on the main stage. I have these moments to reflect on that. I think as I progress as just a human being, I want to be more in tune with where I come from. I think that gives me more to offer. The more I understand and really connect with that, and root myself in that, the more I can flourish and branch out. “Caramelo Duro” is like an example of fighting to really understand where I come from, and where my roots are. It’s got a celebration in the music, in the sound of it.How is it like working with Kali Uchis?You know, we never got to get in the studio together. We met prior for a song that I, regretfully didn’t have a chance to really add anything to, for her album. [But] she was really gracious in being like, “Yeah, I’m down to still do something for your album.” So, yeah, that’s kind of how it happened. We didn’t really get to get in the studio. We met, but we didn’t get to create together.So you’ve had a busy touring schedule this season, how do you stay energized while you’re on the road?Sleep. You got to sleep. Self-care. All of that is so important. Especially as you start to realize the redundancy of touring. It gets real redundant, and that can wear you down over time. I think it’s just about being aware of your body. It’s hard being on the road and eating right, [so] I try and eat plant-based. I also, feed my inspiration. I try [and] explore the places that I am, to be inspired by those places when it’s time to create.Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read more Email NETWORK ERRORCannot Contact ServerRELOAD YOUR SCREEN OR TRY SELECTING A DIFFERENT VIDEO Jul 7, 2018 – 2:46 pm Miguel On ‘War & Leisure’ & Essence Fest Twitter Fresh off the Essence Festival mainstage, caught up with the GRAMMY-winning R&B singer/songwriter for an exclusive backstage interviewGRAMMYs Jul 7, 2018 – 2:52 pm Miguel is having a very busy summer, crisscrossing the country on his multi-city Ascension Tour. We caught up with GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter fresh off the stage at the Essence Festival, to chat about his latest album War & Leisure, connecting his music with his Latin roots, and his “self-care” routine on the road.You just got off stage, how was the experience for you?It was good. I [first] played this festival [in a super lounge] like five years ago. I’ll never forget the energy and how excited I was to play, because I know how important it is. I think there’s just a real love for black music here. Everybody shows up to really enjoy their favorite artist.  Tonight, it felt kind of like homecoming. You know? [And I was on the] main stage this time. So, I got to think about the journey on the stage. It was fun. Miguel Talks Essence Fest & Self Care-On The Road miguel-talks-essence-fest-his-latin-roots-and-self-care-road Facebook Miguel Talks Essence Fest, His Latin Roots, And Self-Care On The Road last_img read more

Juneau Assembly Honors JPDs Rock Star

first_imgMayor Merrill Sanford reads a speech recognizing JPD Officer Blaine Hatch for his recent award as Alaska Municipal League Employee of the Year. (Photo by Casey Kelly/KTOO)The Juneau Assembly last night honored a city police officer who recently received a statewide award as the top local government employee in Alaska.Then for good measure, the Assembly recognized the entire Juneau Police Department.Download AudioOfficer Blaine Hatch is JPD’s school resource officer. He runs the D.A.R.E. program, which stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. He’s also often the first officer to respond to incidents in Juneau schools.“Officer Hatch is somewhere between a rock star and a substitute parent for so many of Juneau’s kids,” said Mayor Merrill Sanford.Hatch received this year’s Alaska Municipal League Municipal Employee of the Year award. AML is a nonprofit interest group for local governments in Alaska. Its board of directors bestowed the honor on Hatch last month after city officials nominated him.Sanford listed some of the reasons Hatch deserves the recognition.“He single-handedly teaches D.A.R.E. in six schools, runs the Junior Police Academy, responds to police calls in the schools and assists patrol in his spare time,” Sanford said.When a student brought a handgun to Thunder Mountain High School earlier this year, Hatch detained him and assisted school officials with a lockdown. He’s also credited with helping save the life of a man who collapsed at a downtown bar this past summer.But Sanford said it’s the little things that earned Hatch his award.“Officer Hatch assisted with security at the prom celebrations during the spring of 2013. A school employee wrote JPD a thank you letter after seeing him vacuuming the entryway of the venue in his uniform just before the doors opened,” Sanford said.After Hatch was recognized, Assemblyman Jerry Nankervis – himself a former Juneau cop – said a few words of thanks to the men and women of JPD.“I know there’s been stuff in the press lately that has not been favorable toward police officers,” Nankervis said. “I am a homer. Hands down, even in spite of that, this is the best police department in the state of Alaska.”After Nankervis’ remarks the dozen or so police officers and JPD family members at the meeting stood in a line as Assembly members and city staff offered personal thanks with a handshake or a hug.last_img read more

Alaska has the highest level of state spending but thats not the

first_imgOne of the issues dividing Alaska’s legislators is the level of state spending. Some lawmakers want to continue to cut spending before considering introducing or raising taxes, or making long-term cuts to Permanent Fund dividends. Others are concerned about the loss of services and the effect on the state’s economy from deeper cuts. So, how high is Alaska’s spending? It’s a complicated issue.Listen nowThis chart shows state spending and revenue over the past 11 years. It was prepared by the Alaska Division of Legislative Finance.Here are some of the voices of House members on the day they left Juneau after an abbreviated special session that failed to address Gov. Bill Walker’s fiscal plan.“This governor wants to pay for big government,” Craig Johnson said. “He wants the PFD to sustain a bloated government.”“The biggest threat to the Permanent Fund and to the dividend is big government,” Lora Reinbold said.“It’s a spending problem,” Wes Keller said. “We have – Alaska has a spending problem. We have a huge spending problem.”“Until we address the inefficiencies – the waste – then we don’t have a right to take the people’s money,” Liz Vazquez said.There’s some evidence to back up assertions that Alaska has a high level of spending. As recently as 2013, Alaska spent more than a third (38 percent) more per resident than any other state on combined state and local spending.If you focus just on state spending, Alaska spent more than twice as much per resident in 2014 than all but 11 other states.In three broad categories, education, higher education and corrections, Alaska spent the most per resident. It also was second in public assistance (after Massachusetts) and transportation (after North Dakota). And it was seventh in Medicaid spending.But just focusing on state spending doesn’t tell the whole story. That’s because many states require local government to provide services that Alaska’s state government provides.Demographics and policy choices also play a role, according to Brian Sigritz, director of state fiscal studies for the National Association of State Budge Officers in Washington.“Overall, there’s definitely a lot of variations in what states spend money on, and how much state support goes to various different areas of the state budget,” Sigritz said.And things have changed dramatically in the past four years. The portion of the state budget controlled by the Legislature has dropped by 45 percent, while the amount spent on state agencies has fallen by 10 percent. These drops were even more dramatic if you account for population growth and inflation.But even with these changes, the amount of proposed state spending directly controlled by the Legislature was projected to be nearly 25 percent more per person than any other state in the current fiscal year.There are also factors that are unique to Alaska. That’s what Governor Walker pointed to when asked why state spending was the highest per capita.“You know, it’s not very complicated as far as on a per-capita basis, we’re the largest state in the union – one fifth of the entire United States and we have the smallest, one of the smallest populations,” Walker said. “If you do the simple math, it’s always going to come out – we’re spread all over the state and so, you know, on a per-capita basis, versus Rhode Island versus Alaska, you’re going to see a significant difference. But you got to apply logic to that equation a little bit as well.”Economist Gunnar Knapp recently stepped down as director of the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Institute for Social and Economic Research. He says the state’s large amount of natural resources, unusually high healthcare costs, and  the challenge of providing services to isolated, low-income communities contribute to higher spending.“It’s not a simple question to say, oh because we spend more than other states, we must be wasteful,” Knapp said.But Knapp also said that the oil and gas revenue that used to flow into the state’s coffers – and that bounced back after previous recessions – is staying low. This puts Alaska’s government into a new position – being forced to decide whether residents will accept lower spending in areas like education or lower PFDs or higher taxes.“Really, for the first time since oil started flowing, we’re going to face that question in a big way, where we’re going to realize that we’re going to have to make hard choices,” Knapp said.The primary election in three weeks, and the general election in November may provide a signal from voters about what they want the Legislature to do.last_img read more

China suffering due to trade war with US Trump

first_imgWashington : US President Donald Trump on Saturday said China wants to settle trade issues with America as it is experiencing the “worst year” in decades, but reiterated that he was not ready for a deal. The US has imposed 25 per cent additional import tariffs on more than USD 250 billion worth of Chinese products. An additional 10 per cent import duties on remaining nearly USD 300 billion worth of Chinese products is all set to come into effect on September 1. Also Read – Watch: Donald Trump says Florida faces absolute monster hurricane Advertise With Us “China wants to settle this deal. They’ve had the worst year that they’ve had in many, many decades. It’s getting only worse. Thousands of companies are leaving China. They would like to make a deal. I’m not ready to make a deal,” Trump told reporters at the White House. Trade talks between the US and China started last November. But after more than a dozen rounds of talks in both Beijing and Washington DC, the talks have not yielded any desired result. As per the initial decision taken by Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping last November, the two countries were scheduled to arrive at a deal in 100 days. Also Read – Pakistan test-fires 290-km range missile Advertise With Us Earlier this week, the US declared China as a “currency manipulator”. Over the last few days, Trump has said he is ready to take more action against China if the latter does not take steps to address his concerns. He often accuses China of backtracking on its promises and commitments. “We are doing very well with China. We are talking to China. We’re not ready to make a deal, but we’ll see what happens,” Trump said. Reiterating that the US has been hurt by China for 25-30 years, he alleged that none of his predecessors have done anything about it. Advertise With Us “What happened and what’s happening with China now — we have an open dialogue. We’ll see whether or not we keep our meeting in September. If we do, that’s fine. If we don’t, that’s fine. But it’s time that somebody does what we’re doing,” he said. The American taxpayer is not paying for it, Trump asserted. “What China is doing is by depressing their currency and by pouring tremendous amounts of money into their system, they’re paying for it. The prices have not gone up. In fact, in some cases, they’ve gone down because the devaluation, plus the money supply — the amount of money that they pour in, which is a form of manipulation — has more than compensated for an increase in price,” he said. Trump claimed as a result of his policies, the US has been taking in billions and billions of dollars. “Now, China has had their worst year in 35 years now.last_img read more

US N Korea need to talk but how

first_imgNorth Korean Leader Kim Jong Un looks on during the test-fire of inter-continental ballistic missile Hwasong-14 in this undated photo released by North Korea`s KCNA in Pyongyang. ReutersAfter North Korea’s shock demonstration that it can strike the American mainland with an intercontinental missile, US officials say their focus remains on finding a diplomatic solution to avert a catastrophic conflict.But with Washington reluctant to be seen to be rewarding Pyongyang, whose leader Kim Jong-Un has been taunting the “American bastards”, can the two sides manage to sit down and thrash out their differences face to face?Analysts and diplomats who are veterans of previous flare-ups in tensions between the two countries acknowledge there are huge obstacles in the way of talks — not least because they have no diplomatic relations.But they also say talks are not only possible but really the only viable solution, whether talking directly or via third parties — including senior US politicians outside the Trump administration.”The only way out here is diplomacy,” said James Clapper, who spent years as a US intelligence chief in South Korea and was later Director of National Intelligence under Barack Obama.Donald Trump said in May that he would be “honoured” to meet with Kim under what he called the right circumstances, in essence demanding North Korea first halts its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.While the US president promised a “pretty severe” retort to North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) test, his defense secretary Jim Mattis’ response was to echo Britain’s wartime leader Winston Churchill famous mantra that it is “better to jaw-jaw than war-war.”And Kim also appeared to leave the door open for talks after Tuesday’s test, saying his nuclear and ballistic missile programs could be “on the table” if the US dropped what he called its “hostile policy”.While Pyongyang has been seeking to engage Washington in bilateral talks for decades, Washington has insisted on indirect and informal contacts.Through the 2000s, a six-party format — including China, Russia, Japan, and South Korea — appeared to draw North Korea, then under Kim’s father Kim Jong-il, toward some level of outside nuclear monitoring and a possible slowdown in their program.But that process collapsed in 2009, and since gaining power two years later, Kim Jong-un has dismissed talks for his determination to achieve nuclear status, as much for his domestic political stature as demonstrating the country’s military prowess.Building trustSince then, contacts have been through forums, seminars involving former officials, academics, humanitarian representatives and at times officials acting only in a semi-official capacity.Such meetings can be turgid, with North Koreans reading off a playlist of positions believed dictated directly by Kim. It takes a lot of work to bridge language and cultural gaps, according to people who have participated.Nevertheless, “there’s an ability to build some trust,” said Joseph DeTrani, a former State Department envoy to the six-party talks.And in the past, when the US sought to get North Korea to free Americans detained as spies or illegal prosyletizers, Kim Jong-Il was willing to meet and deal with US emissaries like former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, and former UN ambassador Bill Richardson.Such meetings have been rare under Kim Jong-Un but he did meet with former basketball star Dennis Rodman who has been a regular visitor to North Korea over the years.”We had periods when there were agreements, that was with Kim Jong-il,” said DeTrani who regards Kim Jong-UN as a more “reckless” leader.Rather than using third parties, some voices are pushing for the US to establish semi-formal relations by setting up a North Korea Interests Section in Pyongyang, staffed by US diplomats, and allowing a North Korean counterpart in Washington.But after a channel is opened, then what?Iran talks a model?Scott Snyder, a Korea expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, says the fundamental problem is that the US cannot accept North Korea’s demand to back off its regional military stance protecting South Korea and Japan.”The problem is where the North Koreans want to go with this is exactly the place where we don’t want to go,” he said.Frank Aum, a former Defense Department official now with the US Korea-Institute at Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins University, said the Trump administration had to adapt by accepting — at least internally — that it is effectively dealing with a nuclear power that needs to be contained.Aum supports intensifying the existing approach of applying economic pressure on North Korea via sanctions and trying to get China to bring its influence to bear on Pyongyang — arguing that such tactics helped persuade Iran to curb its nuclear program during Obama’s presidency.”It took three years for sanctions on Iran to begin working,” he said.The Trump administration though is no fan of the Iran nuclear deal, calling it one of the worst in history.And Scott Snyder, a Korea expert at the Council on Foreign Relations, said the Iran model won’t work because Pyongyang already has a proven nuclear capability and its leadership was much more immune to outside pressure.”The regime benefits from political isolation,” he said.last_img

Westworld shows us what its like to be a guest

first_img In last week’s fantastic first episode of HBO’s new sci-fi series, Westworld, we were introduced to the futuristic theme park through the eyes of the hosts, the artificial humans created solely for the entertainment of park’s guests. This week, we see the park through the eyes of one of the guests. Namely William (Jimmi Simpson), who’s been dragged there by his coworker Logan (Ben Barnes). William is content to go along with whatever old west adventure the hosts have in store, while Logan is there for the sex and violence.Following William, we see exactly how guests get into the park. An artificial guide lets them choose their outfit, gun and most importantly, their cowboy hat. Everything is made specifically for each guest. They walk through a door, and they’re suddenly on the train into town. Logan, who’s been to Westworld before, abuses the hosts, which William is clearly uncomfortable with. While Logan visits the brothel, William waits outside, explaining to one of the workers that he has someone real waiting for him at home.Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) rejects Lee Sizemore’s (Simon Quarterman) story. (Photo via HBO)Behind the scenes of the park, Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman) is preparing a new story for the park. A massive, violent battle between cowboys and American Indians. He has some disagreements with the way Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) has been running things and appears to be angling for his job. Ford apparently hasn’t added any new stories to the park in years.That all changes when Ford goes on a walk through a park and meets a bored young boy who’s been dragged to the park by his parents. They walk through the desert together for a while when Ford gets inspired by an area with a church steeple sticking out of the ground. Later, when Lee reveals his new story, Ford dismisses it as a meaningless spectacle before presenting his new idea as “something quite original.”Meanwhile, the older hosts continue to act out and remember their past lives. Maeve (Thandie Newton) at the brothel has begun to act strangely. At first, it seems like the “seizure” we saw last episode, but she soon begins to have memories of a past life. An older story where she was a single mother attacked by stereotypical American Indians. Clearly, the office that created the park wasn’t a very diverse one. At the conclusion of her “dream,” we see the Man in Black (Ed Harris) burst in the door, having killed the attackers.Maeve’s erratic behavior, combined with an increased number of guests turning her down, makes the folks behind the scenes decide to decommission her. In a truly horrific sequence, when some engineers are operating on her, she wakes up, despite having been put in sleep mode. No longer in her familiar old west surroundings, she panics and runs through the facility. She’s eventually tackled and shut down again, but not before seeing a supply line of host bodies being fed through a machine. If there isn’t a robot revolution at the end of this, I’ll be shocked.Ed Harris as The Man in Black in Westworld (Photo via HBO)Finally, we got a little bit more insight into the motives of The Man in Black. He spends the majority of his time this episode psychologically torturing a host and his family for information about The Maze, supposedly the deepest level of Westworld. After being told the maze isn’t for him, he refuses to accept it and drags the host behind his horse some more. He really is all of the gamers’ worst impulses wrapped into one man.The second episode of Westworld gives us a clearer picture of what kind of place it is by showing us the park from all sides. For hosts, it’s a series of traumas that they forget every night (until they don’t). For guests, it’s an escape, a decadent indulgence and a game to be solved all at once. For the people behind the scenes, it ranges from a simple workplace to a passion project. Everyone is either currently unaware or completely desensitized to the horrors all around them. It’s a tension that will definitely not hold, and I can’t wait to see how it all comes crashing down. As long as the real star of the show, the player piano, isn’t hurt. Stay on target Top Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019Eerie ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Trailer Introduces Newcomer Aaron… last_img read more

What 4G Is All About and Why You Should Care

first_img Listen Now Costs (per month) This story appears in the August 2011 issue of . Subscribe » Operator With technology, the trick is to buy in at the right time and at the right price. So with the next generation of mobile–dubbed 4G, or fourth generation–rolling out now, should you take the plunge?The short answer is yes. In most cases you’ll get faster connections and the most cutting-edge phones, at a price that isn’t too much higher than what you’re paying for 3G (this generation) service today. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some decisions to make, made more difficult by a lot of jargon. Here’s a rapid-fire 4G primer to equip you for some next-generation wireless shopping.What is 4G, exactly?Faster mobile internet service. How much faster? It depends. And you probably won’t get a straight answer from your service provider. One problem is that the term 4G has morphed from something with a strict industry definition (100 Mbps-plus mobile service, or networks about 10 to 20 times faster than current ones, according to the International Telecommunication Union), to a marketing phrase mobile providers use to describe their upgraded networks, regardless of measured speed. So, caveat emptor.What are LTE, HSPA+ and WiMax?These are the names of the technologies used to deliver 4G service. Why should you care? It’s smart to have some sense of what the providers are betting on, because it will impact the speeds you get and the phones you have access to.Here’s enough info to make you dangerous: WiMax data networks were the first, with Clear and Sprint offering WiMax mobile data services last year. But WiMax hasn’t taken off as expected, and those providers are considering other technologies. HSPA+ underlies networks from T-Mobile and AT&T and can reach theoretical speeds of about 21 Mbps (but more likely around 5 Mbps). The gold standard is LTE (Long Term Evolution), which Verizon launched recently. Sprint has talked about using LTE, and AT&T is rolling out its combined HSPA+ LTE network. It’s the technology most likely to deliver 1 Gbps of bandwidth (about 1,000 times current levels).Why does any of this matter? Right out of the gate, it may not. You can go to almost any provider today and order up 4G service and get something faster than you had last year. Most providers can deliver service roughly in the 5 Mbps to 10 Mbps range in the real world. Place your bets on LTE-based operators–the technology has the biggest upside and the most backers right now, which means it will also likely get the best phones. Faster downloads and the most cutting-edge mobile devices? Sounds like a winning formula.  $100 for unlimited Verizon 5 to 12 Mbps WiMax AT&T $25 for 2 GB LTE Hear from business owners and CEOs who went through a crippling business problem and came out the other side bigger and stronger. HSPA+ and LTE T-Mobile 3 to 6 Mbps average; 10 Mbps peak Technology 3 min read 21 Mbps peak; 5 to 10 Mbps average $25 for 200 MB; $40 for 5 GB HSPA+ Problem Solvers with Jason Feifer July 26, 2011 Speeds Up to 6 Mbps Sprint $50 for 5 GB; $80 for 10 GBlast_img read more

How Can Ecommerce Owners Use the Latest Trends to Their Benefit 5

first_imgOctober 18, 2017 6 min read This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. Customer expectations are changing fast. More than ever, they’re looking for shopping experiences targeted directly at them.As Erik Bullen, CEO at MageMail explained to me, “The megatrend is about hyper-personalization and the ability to buy ‘anywhere, anytime’ by applying modern technologies” — he mentioned machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence and augmented reality as examples.Related: Top 5 Evolving eCommerce Trends In Coming YearsHe also talked about the trend toward applying to customer outreach “new developments in arts and sciences, including design, behavioral economics and data sciences.”Much has been said about personalization in ecommerce, which more than ever before is shifting toward tailoring the experience to individual customers. This point has been emphasized by thought leaders from across the industry. Here are the latest ecommerce trends and best practices you should be aware of.Engage customers early.Driving customers to your website is not the hard part. The challenge, rather, is engaging those visitors early, before they leave your site never to come back.As Anthony Coombs, co-founder of Splendies told me: “You have an extremely short window of time to engage the customer into a purchase.” He added that sending an email immediately after customers leave the site gives the best chance for conversion.This makes a lot of sense. If a visitor comes to your site, spends some time browsing your products and then leaves without purchasing, he or she may still be interested in your offerings, but may be thinking, “maybe later” or “not right now.” However, if a friendly email is waiting in this person’s inbox — and maybe even a discount code — he or she will have another touchpoint reminder of the product, making putting off the purchase less likely.What mechanics do you have in place to engage visitors early? Think strategically about how you can capture their attention before they’re gone for good.Accept multiple payment methods.Increasingly, customers are coming to expect the ability to pay for their ecommerce purchases using their preferred methods. Additionally, they like to be able to customize shipping options and be alerted when they should be stocking up on expiring products.As Lewis Sellers, founder and managing director of Pinpoint Designs, pointed out: “Customer expectations are becoming much higher.” As a result, “We’re seeing payment methods such as Apple Pay become more popular on ecommerce sites, along with much more tailored automated workflows,” he said. These let customers know when they should be stocking up on products, with expiration dates and options to ship to their nearest store, or ship from one store to another, Sellers explained.So, whether the payment method is Google Wallet, PayPal, Square or Bitcoin, it’s never been more important for ecommerce sites to accept the methods customers prefer. In addition, personalized shipping options allow them to receive their packages when and where they want them.Are you accepting multiple payment types? Are you giving your customers the chance to purchase how they want to purchase from you? Can they personalize how they receive shipments?Offer a tailored shopping experience.Segmenting your prospects and customers allows you to reach out to them in a more personalized fashion. This can also help you create a unique shopping experience for every person that visits your website.Brent Peterson, chief evangelist of Wagento Creative, shared the importance of segmented and personalized content in reaching clients directly. This gives them a highly personalized experience, he said, adding: “With the advancements of AI, your website can learn patterns and habits that will make the shopping experience truly tailored.”It stands to reason then that not all your prospects and customers are coming to your site for the same reason. Even if your product is a niche offering, you’ve probably already discovered that you’re serving several different types of customers. Segmenting these customers into groups is just the beginning; this could even be considered the status quo. Today, there is an increasing need to tailor your approach to individuals,not just more broadly defined groups.Implement smart search.Smart search makes it easier for your visitors to find what they’re looking for on your site. Many content-management systems have built-in solutions for search, but most of them are simply insufficient when it comes to helping ustomers navigate your website and find exactly what they’re looking for.Miles Tinsley, business development at Klevu, explained: “A smarter search solution is becoming increasingly popular for ecommerce merchants.” He emphasized the importance of natural language processing, which makes it possible for onsite search to recognize synonyms, slang terms and regional language variants.Related: Future Of E-Commerce: Five Trends To Watch Out For In 2017Are you using smart search to help your customers home in on what they’re looking for? Doing so could help you boost conversions and drive more sales.Embrace AI, AR and VR.Is some part of you cynical about the emergence of AI, AR and VR? Are you skeptical about their application in ecommerce? As it turns out, ecommerce business owners stand to benefit a great deal from these technologies, and should be prepared to embrace them moving forward.As Sunyyan Junaid, marketing strategist at Magenticians, told me, “AI, AR and VR are going to disrupt every industry in the coming years, but ecommerce is going to benefit the most from these fast-evolving technologies. As an entrepreneur, your focus should be on adapting these technologies into viable business processes that enhance the user experience of ecommerce stores.”AI, AR and VR will help you personalize and enhance your shopping experience in unprecedented ways, giving you the opportunity to boost engagement with your visitors through hyper-personalization.Final thoughtsWe all like to be treated as individuals with unique thoughts, opinions and interests. As an ecommerce entrepreneur, catering to these impulses could help you drive more revenue and increase conversions. With the help of the latest technologies, it’s becoming easier and easier to create personalized experiences your customers won’t soon forget.Related: The 5 Most Innovative Trends in Ecommerce to Watch for in 2016These are exciting times, and there are more opportunities becoming available every single day. It has often been said that we should keep up with the latest developments in tech, but this statement has never been truer. Take the time to learn about the latest trends and best practices in ecommerce, and begin incorporating them into your business where applicable. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Enroll Now for Free Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Nowlast_img read more

Safety awareness during hostage situations and hijackings

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Do not become panic-stricken or hysterical; stay calm.Do not offer any form of resistance.Do not threaten or provoke the captor(s).Do not try to be a hero. One should be prepared for any eventuality in life. The following safety hints are aimed at providing a potential hostage or hijacking victim with practical advice.As a victim:People who are taken hostage or hijacked tend to experience feelings of anxiety, shock, disbelief and confusion.This first reaction usually leads to resistance or retaliation, which could have fatal consequences.What you should do:Do everything the perpetrators tell you to do.Try at all times to maintain your pride, dignity and self-respect.To maintain your physical strength, you should eat whatever food is provided by your captor(s).What you should not do:center_img Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img read more