FPI outflow crosses Rs 3700 cr in July

first_imgNew Delhi: Reversing their five-month buying trend, overseas investors have pressed the exit button in July and pulled out a net Rs 3,758 crore from the Indian capital markets on account of multiple headwinds, including the super-rich tax announced in Budget 2019-20.As per the latest depositories data, foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) pulled out a net sum of Rs 14,382.59 from equities during July 1-26, but invested Rs 10,624.15 crore in the debt segment, taking the total net outflow to Rs 3,758.44 crore. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalPrior to this, FPIs infused a net Rs 10,384.54 crore in June, Rs 9,031.15 crore in May, Rs 16,093 crore in April, Rs 45,981 crore in March and Rs 11,182 crore in February into the Indian capital markets (both equity and debt).In the equity segment, “FPIs have been on a selling spree since the announcement of super-rich tax … in the Union Budget for 2019-20,” said Himanshu Srivastava, senior analyst manager research at Morningstar.Expressing similar views, V K Vijayakumar, chief investment strategist at Geojit Financial Services, said “The sentiments have been impacted by the higher tax on FPIs registered as trusts and association of persons. However, the main reason for the selling is the sharp slowdown in the economy particularly in segments like autos. Besides, the second quarter results from corporates have not been reassuring.” Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostIn addition, sub-par monsoon in key areas, lacklustre earnings season, slowing domestic growth and weak rupee added to the concerns of FPIs, he added.On the other hand, inflow in debt markets was witnessed amidst re-emergence of growth concerns globally, due to which central banks around the world softened their monetary policy stance.”Hence, the yields in some countries are ultra-low or even negative while India, with relatively higher yield, is one of the best options available to FPIs for fixed income investments,” Srivastava noted.Going ahead, the flows into Indian equities would be largely driven by the growth trajectory of the Indian economy along with policies and reform measures undertaken by the government, Srivastava said.last_img read more

Keep your distance from playful belugas off Cape Breton animal welfare experts

first_imgHALIFAX – Ottawa will impose new regulations Wednesday that will require boats to keep a healthy distance from marine mammals, just as two inquisitive beluga whales have been drawing onlookers into waters off a Cape Breton beach in encounters experts say could jeopardize the highly social animals.Corey Webster, a federal Fisheries conservation and protection official, said the new Marine Mammal rules require will require vessels to stay 100 metres from most whales, dolphins and porpoises, with variations in distance for certain species such as killer whales.The new provision gives regulatory weight to existing guidelines that previously recommended a 100-metre buffer zone.“The amendments aren’t intended to control whether or not whales approach vessels closely,” he said in an interview in Halifax. “It’s just that we don’t want vessels going out and harassing the whales in terms of chasing them down or separating a mother and calf.”He wouldn’t reveal possible penalties for infractions, saying only that they would be determined on a case-by-case basis.The announcement comes — coincidentally, Webster said — as people continued to flock to an area off Ingonish Beach to see two playful belugas that have been cruising the waters near the shoreline for about a week. The pair — which appear to be a juvenile and young adult —have been captivating locals and tourists for days, with some onlookers getting into the water to swim with them.Videos and photos on social media sites show boats and kayaks surrounding the splotchy white whales as they bob to the surface, coming within reach of the various vessels. One video shows a dog swimming near the animals as one breaks the surface, while someone in a wetsuit swims nearby.Bernie Lamey, 42, was out on the water again Wednesday as the two belugas swam about 50 yards from his kayak. He had previously captured video of the pair swimming near two kayaks, a ribbed vessel full of onlookers and a fishing boat with several people on board.His underwater footage shows the creatures peering at his boat, coming right up to his camera and rolling over as the dull roar of boats is heard in the background.“They’re quite curious and they stare right at you — it’s like they’re looking right into your soul,” he said as the wind whistled in the background. “They’re very interactive. I think they want to know more about us than we want to know about them.”Lamey says that while it’s been a great experience for the community, it may be time “to leave nature alone.”Marine mammal experts agree, saying the close encounters could be harmful to the gregarious whales — and to the people getting a closer look.Catherine Kinsman of the Whale Stewardship Project, which has studied belugas since 1998, said the whales could become too familiar with people and boats, increasing their risk of injury.Having watched the videos online, she said the animals appear to be familiar with people and boats, despite having been there for only a week or so.“I have a grave concern that if these two whales continue to be attracted to and habituated to people that the possibility exists they could become less bonded to each other and become increasingly more interested in all of the activity and objects that they’re interacting with,” said Kinsman, who specializes in beluga whale incidents.“These are wild animals and they need to stay wild for their own protection and survival.”Their comfort around boats could lead to them getting struck, which has happened with other belugas who have spent time interacting with people. Kinsman said belugas that end up getting separated from their mates are at higher risk of injury because they’re seeking social interaction with humans.“They can be severely injured or in some cases have been killed,” she said.In 2015, the federal Fisheries Department looked into reports of people in eastern Newfoundland trying to lasso and ride a beluga whale around Grates Cove. It had been spotted swimming with divers while people were reportedly trying to ride the animal.In 2002, a beluga that had become used to people near Calvert, N.L., was killed when it was hit by a boat propeller.People are at risk of getting hurt if whales start pushing boats around or jostle people in the water as part of their play.“Especially with belugas, never try to feed them or swim or interact with them,” Webster said.—On the web:last_img read more

Vancouver says court decision allows it to close illegal pot shops

first_imgThe Canadian Press Vancouver says a court decision has reaffirmed the city’s authority to shut down illegal marijuana dispensaries.In a news release, the city says the B.C. Supreme Court’s decision to order the closing of unlicensed retail shops also sets a precedent if illegal operators fight injunctions requiring them to close in the future. The city says it filed 53 injunctions against businesses that were operating outside its regulations, but only 28 stores participated in the legal test case after some closed down.Years before cannabis became legal, illegal marijuana-related businesses grew so the city introduced regulations and fees to control where medical pot dispensaries could operate.Injunctions were filed on May 31, 2016, against the businesses that didn’t have approval to operate but  remained open after missing a deadline to close.The city says it has collected almost $3 million from more than 3,700 tickets that were issued against businesses operating outside its regulations.“This (court) decision reaffirms the city’s authority over land use and our municipal business licensing for cannabis retail, and confirms the regulatory regime introduced in 2015 was well within the city’s jurisdiction to establish,” Kaye Krishna, the city’s general manager, development, buildings and licensing, said in the news release.“It also signals that any cannabis retail store operating outside city regulations can and will be enforced against using all the tools at the city’s disposal to the fullest extent moving forward.”No recreational pot shops have been approved in Vancouver since the drug became legal on Oct. 17.The city says since Sept. 19, it has received notification from the province of 14 applications to open recreational marijuana shops. Ten applicants have been told of the next steps they need to follow in the process and the city is reviewing the remaining four applications.last_img read more

Stars See Dalai Lama In Los Angeles

first_imgThe Lourdes Foundation, an international organization compassionately empowering and lifting up the lives of youth to build a stronger foundation for the future leaders of our global community, hosted His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in Los Angeles February 25-26, 2014.During this special visit, His Holiness addressed universal responsibility & alleviating inner turmoil through compassion in the 21st Century at two events. The first event was a public talk at the Forum, Presented by Chase on February 25th followed by a Q & A Session with Ann Curry on the 26th at the California Science Center where Eric Benet was joined by David Foster on piano for a special tribute to His Holiness. Guests included community leaders such as President of the Los Angeles Police Commission Steve Soboroff, Former Governor Grey Davis, American Engineer and former NASA Astronaut Garrett Reisman, Philanthropist Lynda Oschin, along with high profile attendees including Larry King, Sharon Stone, Naomi Watts, Jeremy Renner, Rosario Dawson, Eva Longoria, Amber Valletta, Lupita Nyong’o, Diane Kruger, Joshua Jackson, Ahna O’Reilly, Christina Hendricks, Geoffrey Arend, Camilla Belle, Malin Akerman, Sandra Oh, Minka Kelly, Mandy Moore, Jim Carrey, Kathy Bates, Constance Zimmer, Nikki Reed, Amber Heard, Alia Shawkat and more.“His Holiness brought enlightening messages about the value of social integrity and how compassion, non-violence and fruitful dialogue can achieve peace,” said Lama Tenzin Dhonden, the Personal Peace Emissary to His Holiness. “It is hoped His Holiness’ words will make a significant contribution to minimizing the stresses people face in today’s world, where financial, environmental and social conflicts are constant.”Sean Lourdes, Chairman of The Lourdes Foundation, and President of its benefactor, Auge Media, added, “It was an exceptional honor to host His Holiness in our great city. Our belief is that fundamental change in our global community begins with change within oneself and one’s own community and that change can come through a better understanding of the messages of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The more people who hear the message of peace and compassion, the more positive impact it will have on creating lasting change.”Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

Liberian leader addressing UN debate cites corruption as biggest challenge

Tackling corruption and mismanagement represents the greatest challenge that Liberia faces as it continues to rebuild its economy and society after the United Nations helped it end decades of either civil war or misrule, the country’s President told the General Assembly today.Addressing the second day of the annual debate, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said Liberia had introduced a code of conduct for public service staff, new procurement and financial management systems and strengthened “the pillars of integrity, all aimed at addressing long-standing corruption.”But more measures are needed to combat corruption in the impoverished West African nation, she said in a speech at UN Headquarters in New York.“Reform of the judicial system and efforts to change an inherited value system are additional measures that are under way.”Ms. Johnson Sirleaf also cited cross-border crimes in West Africa, particularly human trafficking and the illicit drug trade, as another key threat to Liberia’s redevelopment.“We also continue to face the tensions associated with the thousands of our youth who, lacking skills, are still unemployed,” she noted. “Moreover, we continue today to manage the raised expectations in the demand from villages and communities across the country for essential infrastructure such as roads, schools and clinics.”Last week the Security Council extended the mandate of the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) by another year and authorized the peacekeeping force to provide support to the Government for the staging of presidential and legislative elections next year.Ms. Johnson Sirleaf said the polls “will mark a groundbreaking turning point. It will complete Liberia’s transition to full constitutional rule and participatory democracy… it is absolutely essential that everything is done to ensure a peaceful, legitimate and transparent process.”She stressed that “the root cause of civil crisis in Liberia has been the consistent failure of democratic transitions which would usher in governments elected by the people.”But she also emphasized that the country has made substantial progress since the end of its civil war in 2003, such as reform to its security sector, the establishment of a vibrant environment for free expression and association, and the attraction of investment in mining, agriculture and forestry industries.“Liberia has no prisoners of conscience in detention, nor does anyone have cause to flee in fear for their life or safety on account of their political belief and association,” the President said. 24 September 2010Tackling corruption and mismanagement represents the greatest challenge that Liberia faces as it continues to rebuild its economy and society after the United Nations helped it end decades of either civil war or misrule, the country’s President told the General Assembly today. read more

Millions in Lake Chad suffering at no fault of their own need

“The opportunity we have at this gathering in Oslo [is for a partnership] between those who have been calling for enormous amounts of support [in the region and] to make sure that we can meet the needs of people as they go through terrible suffering, through no fault of their own,” UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O’Brien told UN News.The UN aid chief’s comments come ahead of the Oslo Humanitarian Conference on Nigeria and the Lake Chad Region, which will be held tomorrow and which will be hosted by Norway, together with Nigeria, Germany and the UN. Aiming to draw attention to the crisis, which has been largely overlooked, the event seeks to mobilize greater international involvement and increased funding for humanitarian efforts to prevent the situation from deteriorating further. According to the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) – the UN’s relief wing – nearly 11 million people in the region, comprising Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria, need humanitarian assistance suffer from severe acute malnutrition, among them, about half a million are very young children – babies. The appeal, amounting $1.5 billion will fund relief operations in the region, including, inter alia, providing life-saving food and nutrition support to 1.6 million people, livelihood support to 1.4 million, primary health care for 4.4 million, measles vaccinations for over one million children, education support for almost 300,000 girls and boys and safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene for 2.3 million displaced families and their host communities. The activities of Boko Haram continue to undermine the peace and stability. Insecurity, especially in parts of Nigeria’s Borno and Yobe states, continues to hamper humanitarian operations. In areas that have recently opened up, civilians desperately need health, protection, shelter, water and sanitation. Protection needs in the countries north-east, particularly in newly accessible areas in Borno, remain severe. Photo: OCHA The UN’s humanitarian response has increased over the past year. Food assistance grew from reaching 600,000 people in August 2016 to 2.1 million people by December. Despite this progress, immediate funding is urgently required to support the scale-up of humanitarian operations. Photo: OCHA VIDEO: UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brien, has made a strong case for the need to urgently assist over 10 million people in Africa’s Lake Chad Basin, noting that the humanitarian support “is an investment for all of us.” Of the total population in need (10.7 million), about 8.5 million are in north-eastern Nigeria which has seen years of violence as a result of Boko Haram militancy. In particular noting the challenges in north-eastern Nigeria, Mr. O’Brien hailed the work of the humanitarian actors on the ground “they are staying, they are delivering – there have been some terrible and tragic losses of very brave and brilliant aid workers – and they continue working in some of the most atrocious and difficult conditions.” Pointing out that the 2016 appeal was only about 50 per cent funded, he underlined that it meant that “we can only do about half of what we know needs to be done,” said Mr. O’Brien, also the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and the head of OCHA. Also, noting that the international community had to be a partner and show that it has enough capacity and enable relief programmes for those who need it the most, he said that the support would help ensure that “the people [in need] can get water and food; we can [avert] the terrible severe acute malnutrition, we can seek to avert famine, which is exacerbated by some of the climatic events, and indeed, climate change.” For the eighth consecutive year, civilians are suffering from Boko Haram violence in Africa’s Lake Chad Basin. These women live in a compound in Banki town, in Nigeria’s Borno state, close to the Cameroonian border. They believe their husbands were killed and have no source of income. Photo: OCHA/O. Fagan Although about one million displaced people have returned to their areas of origin since August 2015, and while the number continues to increase, many returnees remain stranded in other sites for displaced people because of ongoing insecurity, destroyed infrastructure and the absence of basic services. In Borno, for example, more than 470 health facilities are partially or completely destroyed. Photo: OCHA ‹ › While facing human rights violations and abuses including attacks, disappearances, forced displacement, about half a million children in Borno are expected to suffer from severe acute malnutrition this year. Famine-like conditions loom for over 120,000 people in the most affected parts of Borno and Yobe, while an estimated 11 million people in the region, comprising Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria, need humanitarian assistance. Photo: OCHA read more

These Collectible Cups Are All Anyone Cares About At The Olympics

“There are only 41, I am sure, one for every discipline,” said Marcela Rissato, Skol’s operations manager for the Olympics. There was speculation that a 42nd cup might exist for the unofficial gymnastics gala –– the friendly non-medal event in which Olympic gymnasts strip-tease or dance in wigs — or that maybe there were two cups for wrestling, one for Greco-Roman and one for freestyle. The confusion comes in part because no official marketing materials were released by Ambev, the South American distributor of Skol, stating the number of cups or how best to collect them. But the mystery has only fueled fascination, making the frenzy around the cups more happy accident than calculated guerrilla marketing. “I think we are bigger with the cups than the pins, compared to the other Olympic games,” said Rissato, referring to the more traditional on-site collectible.She did say, however, that Skol is attempting to crack down on any vendors selling the cups — which at their core are ad space — without any of the beer they’re advertising. “That is against the rules; every cup must come with beer,” Rissato said.Their success at that has been questionable. The yellow cerveja stands at every venue have been unusually packed, but not because people are clamoring for the Bud Light of South America. There are two lines at the stands — the first to pay and the second to collect your beer after selecting your cup — and each person takes about five minutes to sort through the stack of randomly sorted cups in search of certain sports. Most vendors look exasperated — JUST PICK A CUP ALREADY — while others have been angered as crazed cuppers rummage through the supply boxes behind their stands. We’re on the ground in Rio covering the 2016 Summer Olympics. Check out all our coverage here.RIO DE JANEIRO — “We’ve got them all! We’re leaving today, and we finally have all 42 of them,” boasted one half of a couple in line for beers at the Olympic BMX Centre, claiming that they’d completed the elusive set of plastic souvenir cups from this year’s Olympics in Rio.I was standing nearby with David Marquardt, a 30-year-old from Utah who said he’d been averaging about seven cups of beer a day and was seeking out the last two cups to complete his family’s set. “They don’t know what they’re talking about,” he joked under his breath. Marquardt’s theory is that there are only 41 variations of the cups — the number of sports listed on the official Rio site (counting each individual equestrian event) — and not the 42 that has been reported widely.For the past two weeks, people at the Olympics have been losing their minds trying to collect yellow and blue plastic souvenir cups that feature the silhouetted athletes of each sport. The cups are sold only with the official Olympics beer — Skol — though many collectors are just dumping out the beer or paying full price (13 reais, or about $4) for an empty cup, several vendors confirmed. But although the cups, which are an advertising product for the beer, have been hugely popular, there is little in the way of official information from the company about the collectibles, which has led to the curious situation of visitors trying to complete a set of some indeterminate number. Tracking down a complete set shouldn’t be impossible. Each sport’s cup was manufactured in equal number, Rissato said, but Skol doesn’t know how many cups exist in total, let alone where to find each kind.“We don’t know which sports we will get,” said Mônica De Azevedo, a vendor coordinator. Each stand gets a couple of boxes filled with cups each morning, she said, but the stands don’t know what each day will bring. Some vendors have decided that the best way to quell the crowd is to memorize their stack. “If you show them the photo and Portuguese word, that’s your best chance,” said Marquardt, who managed to pick up one of the equestrian cups he needed when we were together — the rider that “looks like he’s taking a pee.” So what becomes of the collectibles once they’re back home? A Canadian couple from Alberta holding a stack of about 20 cups told me that they planned to use them for beer pong, which seems a lot more reasonable than displaying 41 yellow cups across your mantel. As for Marquardt and his family, they weren’t totally sure what they’d do with their collection. “We thought maybe this would be an ‘Antiques Roadshow’-type situation, where if you have a full set, the value multiplies tenfold,” he said. “But we’ll probably just use them as party cups.” For now, they’re displaying their complete set at Flamengo beach. read more

Fiveminute steam treatment that shrinks enlarged prostate offers hope for millions of

A new five-minute steam treatment for an enlarged prostate has been hailed as a breakthrough by NHS surgeons following tests on British patients.The simple procedure was found to shrink glands on average by 36 per cent – but while the result is similar to other treatments, it has far less severe side effects.The process, conducted by surgeons at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London and Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on 150 men, involves injecting an enlarged prostate with jets of steam without the need for surgery.Current procedures, while effective, can lead to loss of sexual function, bleeding and incontinence with patients kept in hospitals for days at a time. It was reported that health watchdogs are ready to give it the green light for NHS use. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “It frees up huge NHS resources because you need much less theatre time,” he told the Daily Mail. “You are also opening up tens of thousands of days of bed occupation around the country.” Two million men in Britain have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. However, half of all men over the age of 50, and 60 per cent of those over 60, are thought to have it, studies have suggestedThe steam treatment, called Rezum, involves having steam is injected at 1cm intervals, killing enough prostate tissue to shrink the enlarged gland.Professor Hashim Ahmed, a consultant urological surgeon at Imperial, said other hospitals are poised to roll out the treatment as soon as they get the okay from health watchdog Nice. read more

BBC presenter Jane Hill healthy living helped me recover from breast cancer

Hill had the operation in December and declined reconstructive surgery. On Wednesday she said going to the gym regularly and eating a diet rich in broccoli had been a significant factor in her swift recuperation. “I have, as it happens, done all the right things for about 25 years,” she said. “But,… Jane Hill, the BBC news presenter, has disclosed that she underwent a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and believes a lifetime of healthy eating has helped with her recovery, “When I told some of my friends I had been diagnosed with breast cancer, I used a lot of black humour – what was the point of eating all that broccoli for 25 years? How ridiculous – I don’t even like broccoli! Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Epiroc posts solid Q3 as it looks to batteryelectric equipment launch in

first_imgThe three months from July to September saw Epiroc increase its orders received, revenue and profits as it registered good customer demand in the markets it serves.Revenue increased 27% year-on-year to SEK9.65 billion ($1.06 billion), while operating profit jumped 25% to SEK1.90 billion, from SEK1.52 billion.Epiroc CEO Per Lindberg said it was a solid quarter with strong revenue and profit growth.“We saw a continued good sentiment and customer demand in the market. Mining production remained high in all major markets and activities in infrastructure continued to be good. The order intake was higher than the previous year, and I am pleased with the strong order development for our service business and also for our surface equipment,” he said.Lindberg noted that the order intake was lower than in the past two record quarters, though, partly due to fewer large orders received.“Such large orders are not evenly distributed over time, and will consequently impact quarterly order intake. Orders received are also typically lower in quarter three compared to quarters one and two,” he explained.For mining equipment a majority of the orders continued to be for expansions in existing mines, he said.On the company’s innovation initiatives, Lindberg said the company was generating strong interest from its customers with a high share of its equipment ready for automation.“Our newly inaugurated Control Tower in Örebro, Sweden, is designed to be an innovation arena for exploring and developing automation solutions,” he said, adding that the company would introduce its second generation of battery-operated equipment during the current quarter.“All-in-all, our customers will benefit from increased productivity, safety and energy efficiency,” he concluded.Earlier this week, the company announced the acquisition of fellow exploration rock tools manufacturer Fordia.last_img read more

Dragana Cvijic is back after seven months

← Previous Story Boris Denic decides the 16 for Spain, no Kavticnik, Prost, Mackovsek… Next Story → Hapoel Rishon Le Zion sign new goalkeeper Dragana CvijicOne of the most talented World’s line players, Dragana Cvijic (21) is back to handball after seven months break due knee injury. Serbian NT player has won EHF CL 2012 with Buducnost Podgorica and just a few days after went to the surgery, since she was out for the first part of the season and miss Women’s EHF EURO 2012 on the domestic court, where Serbian girls won fourth place.She scored once in the victory over Biseri Pljevlja 33:13. Dragana CvijićZRK Buducnost Podgorica read more

Book of condolences for the victims and families of Typhoon Haiyan opens

first_imgRead: ‘Absolute bedlam’ as 4 million people affected by Philippines typhoon I would like to express my sympathy with the people of the Philippines following the loss of life and damage to their country after Typhoon Haiyan hit.In particular I would like to give my support to the Philippino Irish community who are living and working in Dublin and Ireland.My thoughts are with them while they are grieving for or worried about loved ones back home. Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore announced emergency funding of €1 million towards the relief effort for Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, as well as essential shelter items for distribution to these affected.Read:Gilmore announces €1m emergency fund for Philippines relief effortcenter_img A BOOK  OF condolences for the people of the Philippines is to open to the public today.Charities are warning that the death toll – currently estimated to be around 10,000 – is likely to rise. It is believed that hundreds of thousands have been left homeless by Typhoon Haiyan which struck on Friday.Opening hoursThe book will be open to the public to sign in the Mansion House in Dublin from 12pm – 4pm today and from Wednesday to Friday from 10am – 4pm.Speaking on the disaster, Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn said:last_img read more

Google Music exits beta Music Store coming to Android Market

first_imgToday Google pulled back the curtains on their “These go to Eleven” event in Los Angeles. While the company’s presenters could have used a shot of caffeine, they did succeed in launching the Google Music Store. The service, which was previously a closed beta, is now open for universal signups.There were few (if any) surprises at the event, as most of the details of the launch had previously leaked. The new service lets you upload and store up to 20,000 of your own songs without paying a dime. As before, you can still stream your songs to any computer or mobile device, and — unlike iTunes Match — no downloading is required.Additionally, the Music Store will be integrated into the Android Market. Anyone using an Android phone or tablet can purchase songs or albums in the Market, and have them added to his Google Music account. You can think of it as Android’s equivalent of the iTunes store and the App Store rolled into one. The new Google Music-ified Market will be rolling out “in the next few days.”Sharing is another big addition to the Google Music Store. After purchasing a song, you can share songs or albums on Google+, and those in your circles will be able to listen to the song (once) for free. This can be done on both desktop and mobile, and those friends who aren’t yet on Google+ can get an email asking them to sign up and listen.As far as content, Google Music is a work in progress. Representatives from EMI, Universal, and Merlin got on stage to help plug the launch. However, the significant libraries of Sony and Warner have apparently yet to be signed, and a Google rep thanked us in advance for our patience with building content.As a launch promotion, Google will also be providing exclusive tracks of live performances from a variety of artists, including the Rolling Stones, Shakira, and Coldplay. These songs will be free for all Google Music users to download.Some had anticipated that we could see a big announcement from T-Mobile, as their logo was in the teaser image for the event. As it turns out, we saw nothing of the sort. The carrier did jump in to announce that their subscribers can purchase Google Music content and have it billed directly to their phone bills.Google Music and the Google Music Store are available now for anyone, and you can keep an eye out for the Market addition soon.More at Google Musiclast_img read more

First Baidu Cloud phone spotted costs 160

first_imgLast year, Chinese search giant Baidu unveiled Yi, an Android remix that would eventually power the Dell Streak 101DL. Fast forward to now, and Baidu is ready for a second kick at the can. This time, the OS has been tweaked and re-branded as Baidu Cloud, and partnerships with several device manufacturers have been rumored. That’s the first Baidu Cloud smartphone to be spotted, and it’s clearly a design that owes a lot to the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900.No real hardware specs for this phone have been leaked yet, other than that it has a 3.5-inch display and a row of capacitive buttons beneath. It’s expected to retail for a 1,000Yuan (about $160) when China Unicom puts them on sale next week, and customers will be able to choose from several different colors.Users will also get access to 100GB of cloud storage — with the possibility of adding additional storage at no charge (possibly through a tie-in with other services like Weibo or Ting). Baidu Cloud will also feature integrated voice controls, similar to what Apple offers with Siri on the iPhone 4S or Samsung’s implementation on the Galaxy S3.The leaked images appeared briefly on the Weibo account of Baidu’s mobile chief, Yue Guofeng, but they were quickly taken down after being spotted. Baidu Cloud is expected to be officially unveiled next week, so we can expect to see this phone — and possibly a few others — on display when the company does the big reveal.More at MIC Gadget and Sina Techlast_img read more

20 fires started at Standing Rock as protest camp dismantled

first_img https://jrnl.ie/3254187 By Associated Press Thursday 23 Feb 2017, 10:06 AM Feb 23rd 2017, 10:06 AM Share17 Tweet Email 13,587 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Source: AP Photo/James MacPhersonMOST OF THE Dakota Access pipeline opponents abandoned their protest camp Wednesday ahead of a government deadline to get off the federal land, and authorities moved to arrest some who defied the order in a final show of dissent.The camp has been home to demonstrators for nearly a year as they tried to thwart construction of the pipeline. Many of the protesters left peacefully, but police made some arrests two hours after the deadline.Earlier in the day, some of the last remnants of the camp went up in flames when occupants set fire to makeshift wooden housing as part of a leaving ceremony. Source: James MacPherson/APAuthorities later said about 20 fires were set and two people – a 7-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl – were taken to a Bismarck hospital to be treated for burns. Their conditions weren’t given.After the deadline passed, as many as 75 people outside the camp started taunting officers, who brought five large vans to the scene. Police took about 10 people into custody for failing to heed commands to leave, authorities said.With darkness falling, Lieutenant Tom Iverson said police would not enter the camp Wednesday evening, and he offered no timetable for doing so.Levi Bachmeier, an adviser to Governor Doug Burgum, said about 50 people remained in the camp at dusk. Source: Blake Nicholson/APHours before, about 150 people marched arm-in-arm out of the soggy camp, singing and playing drums as they walked down a highway. It was not clear where they were headed. One man carried an American flag hung upside-down.Authorities sent buses to take protesters to Bismarck, where they were offered fresh clothing, bus fares home and food and hotel vouchers.The US Army Corps of Engineers set the deadline, citing the threat of spring flooding.At the height of the protests, the site known as Oceti Sakowin hosted thousands of people, though its population dwindled to just a couple of hundred as the pipeline battle moved into the courts. Source: James MacPherson/APThe camp is on federal land in North Dakota between the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and the pipeline route that is being finished by Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners. When complete, the project will carry oil through the Dakotas and Iowa to a shipping point in Illinois.Some of the protesters were focused on moving off federal land and away from the flood plain into other camps, said Phyllis Young, one of the camp leaders.“The camps will continue,” she said. “Freedom is in our DNA, and we have no choice but to continue the struggle.” Source: James MacPherson/APNew camps are popping up on private land, including one the Cheyenne River Sioux set up about a mile from the main camp.“A lot of our people want to be here and pray for our future,” tribal Chairman Harold Frazier said.Others, including Dom Cross, an Oglala Sioux from Pine Ridge, South Dakota, said he planned to return home after living at the camp since September.“There’s a lot of sadness right now. We have to leave our second home,” he said. Source: Blake Nicholson/APLaw enforcement officers and first-responders were on hand from several states.Charles Whalen, 50, an alcohol and drug counsellor from Mille Lacs, Minnesota, said he and a group of about 20 people were not going to leave on their own and were willing to get arrested to prove their point.“Passive resistance,” Whalen said. “We are not going to do anything negative. It’s about prayer.”Some campers said they were leaving with mixed feelings, both energized by the long protest and saddened to leave new friends. Some people set off fireworks.Matthew Bishop, of Ketchikan, Alaska, has been in North Dakota since October. He planned to move to another camp.“People have been surviving here for hundreds and hundreds of years … so if I back down, what would I look like?” Bishop said as he tied his possessions to the top of his car. Source: James MacPherson/APCraig Stevens, spokesman for the MAIN Coalition of agriculture, business and labor interests, said the group understands “the passions that individuals on all sides of the pipeline discussion feel” and hopes that protesters’ voices “will continue to be heard through other peaceful channels and in court.”A massive effort to clean up the camp has been underway for weeks, first by protesters themselves and now with help from the Army Corps in removing debris.Some vehicles and pedestrians were having trouble getting through the muck created by recent rain and snow, and cleanup efforts were suspended in part because camp officials did not want heavy equipment making conditions worse.Read: Water, riots, and the Seven Council Fires – what is the Standing Rock protest?Read: The man who forgot the US Energy Department existed will be the head of it 56 Comments 20 fires started at Standing Rock as protest camp dismantled “The camps will continue,” one protester said. “Freedom is in our DNA, and we have no choice but to continue the struggle.” Short URLlast_img read more

Les scientifiques du climat préparent le prochain rapport du GIEC

first_imgLes scientifiques du climat préparent le prochain rapport du GIECCette semaine, près de 200 scientifiques spécialistes du climat se retrouvent à Brest pour une réunion de travail préparatoire à la rédaction du rapport du Groupe d’experts intergouvernemental sur l’évolution du climat (Giec), attendu pour 2014.Tous les six ou sept ans depuis 1988, un rapport rédigé par le Giec permet de faire le point sur les connaissances et les impacts avérés et envisageables du réchauffement climatique mondial. Le quatrième et dernier rapport date de 2007 et le prochain est attendu pour 2014.Cette cinquième édition sera particulièrement attendue car il s’agira de la première à être rédigée depuis la polémique soulevée en 2010 par les climato-sceptiques. Ces derniers s’appuyaient sur une erreur qui s’était glissée dans le rapport et qui affirmait que les glaciers de l’Himalaya “pourraient disparaître d’ici à 2035, voire avant”. Le Giec avait alors dû admettre avoir commis une “regrettable erreur” et a modifié certaines de ses procédures pour éviter qu’un tel épisode ne se reproduise. “Un protocole a été développé” pour mieux réagir quand une telle erreur est découverte, a rappelé lundi à Paris Rajendra Pachauri, le président du Giec, à l’occasion d’une table ronde sur le climat organisée par le ministère de l’Ecologie.Un rapport rédigé avec une attention extrêmeÀ lire aussiQui est Greta Thunberg, proposée pour un prix Nobel à seulement 16 ans ?”On a bien vu que le dernier rapport a été regardé dans le moindre détail, on souhaite faire extrêmement attention. Il y a eu une ou deux erreurs dans le précédent rapport qu’on aimerait éviter”, a confirmé à l’AFP le climatologue français Jean Jouzel, également membre du bureau du Giec. “L’objectif est que ce rapport soit sans erreur, de qualité”, a-t-il ajouté, soulignant que certaines modifications de procédures étaient déjà opérationnelles.On note en particulier le “renforcement” du rôle des éditeurs qui se verront chargés de “vérifier que tous les commentaires reçus de l’extérieur sont bien pris en compte”. Ils seront à pied d’œuvre en 2013 pour la publication du rapport du premier groupe de travail du Giec, réuni jusqu’à vendredi à Brest. Il s’agira d’un rapport précédant la synthèse finale de 2014 et qui prendra en compte les principes physiques du changement climatique, les impacts et ses aspects socio-économiques.Le 19 juillet 2011 à 18:19 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Wilmington Man Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison For Dealing Fentanyl

first_imgBOSTON, MA — A Wilmington man was sentenced Friday, September 2018 in federal court in Boston for dealing fentanyl.Bryan Moran, 35, was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Indira Talwani to 10 years in prison and eight years of supervised release. In May 2018, Moran pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute 40 grams or more of fentanyl.In June 2016, Moran was arrested and charged after investigators seized approximately 80 grams of fentanyl from a storage unit in North Reading. Due to a 2003 conviction in federal court for heroin conspiracy, Moran faced a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence.United States Attorney Andrew E. Lelling; Brian D. Boyle, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration, New England Division; Wilmington Police Chief Michael Begonis; and North Reading Police Chief Michael Murphy made the announcement. Valuable assistance was provided by the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office. Assistant U.S. Attorney Katherine Ferguson of Lelling’s Narcotics and Money Laundering Unit prosecuted the case.(NOTE: The above press release is from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington Man Pleads Guilty To Dealing Fentanyl, May Spend Rest Of Life In PrisonIn “Police Log”Wilmington Police Officers Recognized By US Attorney’s OfficeIn “Police Log”Wilmington Police Make Drug Trafficking Arrest In Target Parking LotIn “Police Log”last_img read more

WIN 500 Wilmington Kiwanis Club To Hold 4th Annual Grand Raffle

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Kiwanis Club is holding a ‘Grand Raffle’ to support Kiwanis Charities that directly impact the Wilmington community through service projects, scholarships, and children’s programs.Tickets cost $20 each.  Only 250 will be sold.  The five winners will be drawn on September 9 or once sold out.  Prizes are as follows:1st Place: $5002nd Place: $4003rd Place: $3004th Place: $2005th Place: $100Raffle tickets are on sale now.  To purchase a raffle ticket, contact a Kiwanis Club member or send it a message on its Facebook page.(NOTE: The above information is from the Kiwanis Club of Wilmington’s Facebook page.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWIN $500! Wilmington Kiwanis Club To Hold 3rd Annual ‘Grand Raffle’In “Community”WIN $500! Wilmington Kiwanis Club To Hold 2nd Annual ‘Grand Raffle’In “Community”Wilmington Kiwanis Club Holding ‘Grand Raffle’ FundraiserIn “Community”last_img read more

Foundation Hears Funding Aims of Bering Strait Communities

first_imgResidents and visitors celebrated the opening of a new Search and Rescue facility in Golovin. (Photo: Zachariah Hughes, KNOM)The Rasmuson Foundation awarded more than $30 million in grants in 2013. But in the last few years only about one percent of that money has gone for projects in the Bering Straits Region. Foundation members traveled to small communities in the region last week to see what kinds of programs residents would like to see funded.Download AudioSix folks from the Rasmuson Foundation landed in Nome aboard a private jet Wednesday morning. Fog kept them from making it to White Mountain, the first of three trips planned for the day. But at noon, board members, staffers, and the foundation’s president took off in a chartered plane from a regional carrier to Golovin, for the dedication of a new Search and Rescue building.“We have experienced, and assisted in, a lot of Search and Rescues, including searching for lost people around surrounding villages,” Irene Navaro told a crowded room of residents and Rasmuson visitors. Navaro is head of the Chinik Eskimo Community in Golovin, and explained the reasons why people there have pushed hard for the completion of a garage-sized building to help with searches. “We’ve had plane crashes close to Golovin that we were able to assist in rescuing.”People care strongly about search and rescue in Golovin because it happens a lot: snowmachiners traveling the coast break down, the Iditarod, Iron Dog, and local races all pass through. And stuff just doesn’t always go as planned.Jack Fagerstrom says residents don’t usually want to wait for the state troopers to fly up, or sit still until weather breaks when it’s their neighbor or relative that’s missing. The city got money to buy communications equipment and snowmachines in 2009, and funds from NSEDC matched by Rasmuson for a total cost of around $600,000 to build the new facility. The point, Fagerstrom explained, is to make sure searchers and their equipment are as safe and prepared as possible.After lunch inside the new building and a quick tour of Golovin from the back of a pickup truck, the Rasmuson crew got back on the plane and flew across the Norton Sound to Saint Michael.Kawerak president Melanie Bahnke helped coordinate the visit, and said sites were picked to show the Rasmuson delegation the range of needs across the region.“They also wanted to go to villages where they haven’t had as much of a financial presence, so we took them out to St. Michael today,” Bahnke said, ducking to avoid the wind in the bed of a truck heading into town from the airfield.Though St. Michael got a few thousand dollars for chairs and tables some years ago, part of Rasmuson’s reason for rural trips is giving out advice for how to succeed in securing more funds in the future.“Where the trustees of our foundation choose to invest is in projects that serve a wide section of the community. So we do a lot of things for kids, for elders,” said the foundation’s president, Diane Kaplan, as she answered questions from a small audience at the head start building in St. Michael. A lot of their money, especially smaller grants under $25,000, goes towards things like replacing gym floors, paint supplies, or a new roof—projects that aren’t exactly flashy, but make a difference for residents on the ground.And that’s exactly what St. Michael mayor Bobby Andrews is eager for help with.“We are very excited—we’ve been thinking of where we can get some funding to do our flooring, our carpet, our gym. Knowing the carpet is so old and that we have 3 and 4-year-olds coming in for school daily, and hopefully we can get some help with doing our floors,” Andrews said.While new carpeting may seem small, those are the tangible improvements in people’s lives that foundation vice chair Cathy Rasmuson says aren’t apparent until you actually go to rural communities.“I think coming into the villages is a very important part of the Rasmuson Foundation, because reading about a project and a proposal on paper is not the same thing as meeting the people that are involved in it and that are passionate about it,” Rasmuson said, sitting in the back of a plane heading back to Nome at the end of the day.Foundation members, joined by representatives from the Alaska Humanities Council, NSEDC, and Kawerak, are scheduled to travel today to Koyuk and Elim to hear more about funding needs in the Bering Strait Region.And Wednesday evening, Cathy Rasmuson officially announced the foundation will be awarding $1.3 million to the city of Nome as part of an agreement to construct the Beringia Center inside the planned Richard Foster Building.last_img read more

Alaska Senate Debates State Operating Budget

first_imgThe Alaska Senate is moving an operating budget that reduces state spending by $220 million over the previous year.Debate was ongoing at press time, but APRN’s Alexandra Gutierrez joins us for this update.Download AudioZach: What have been the most significant points of disagreement in the debate?Alexandra: For the past five hours, Democrats have offered amendment after amendment, but the most meaningful to them have been measures to restore education funding. On Thursday afternoon, less than 24 hours before the budget debate started, the Senate Finance committee cut the base student allocation — the money that schools get for every student in a classroom. This comes after a long fight last year to increase education funding, and basically claws that back.The change was really last minute, and there’s been no chance for public testimony, but lawmakers are saying they’re already hearing a good deal of opposition. There’s also good reason to think the school money is a bargaining chip. Members of the Senate finance committee have said as much, and the House Speaker has already said his caucus doesn’t like it, and will struggle with it when the budget comes back to the House.Zach: What other amendments have been offered?Alexandra: So far, we’ve seen nearly 20, and none have been successful. That’s pretty standard during budget proceedings — it’s really a chance for the minority to voice opposition to what’s in the budget.Beyond education, we’ve seen attempts to restore funding to the ferry system and public broadcasting. An amendment to get rid of pay freezes for public employees was offered. There was also an attempt to pass Medicaid expansion through the budget. While some measures picked up the odd Republican defector, the votes were basically on caucus lines.Zach: As the Senate was considering the budget, the Department of Revenue released their annual spring report on taxes. What does their forecast look like?Alexandra: Basically all the work that the Legislature and the governor have done to cut the budget has been erased. The forecast they offered showed that the state is expecting to get $400 million less in revenue for the current year than previously anticipated. Which kind of goes to show that even though some in the Legislature are approaching this as a spending problem, the baseline issue is that Alaska’s income stream is based almost entirely on one highly volatile, non-renewable resource. We have no control over oil prices, and when they drop, it hits us hard.last_img read more