131 multinational technology transfer project is expected to settle in Jiangsu

enterprise development can not be separated from the superb technology, so the introduction of technology can not be ignored, 131 of the multinational technology transfer project is expected to settle in Jiangsu. Last week, the first China – Central and Eastern European countries innovation cooperation conference and the Fifth International Research Cooperation Forum and the International Conference on technology transfer in Ning ended. 14, the provincial government held a special press conference to introduce the relevant circumstances and results. Reporters learned that during the general assembly, one on one to negotiate docking more than and 300 multinational technology transfer projects, of which 131 are expected to achieve cooperation intentions.

provincial science and technology department responsible for the general symbolic achievements Chinese and 16 central and Eastern European countries jointly issued the "China – Central and Eastern European countries innovation cooperation Nanjing declaration", including the parties will be "China – East European Innovation Cooperation Conference" as a platform to accelerate the popularization and application of appropriate technology, promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and mature technology; joint cooperation in science and technology carrier, contributed to the key areas of science and technology research and development, achievements and depth of application.

Jiangsu, the Fifth International Conference on international cooperation in technology transfer and international technology transfer conference, including Nanjing, Jiangsu, including the successful docking of a number of multinational technology transfer projects. During the conference around a number of technical projects, the scene to carry out one on one to negotiate docking 329 pairs, according to preliminary statistics, a total of 131 pairs of cooperation is expected to reach a consensus, while the other 174 will continue to maintain communication.

Provincial Productivity Promotion Center Director Zhao Zhiqiang said that the meeting reached a lot of research institutions, innovation and project cooperation, will be in accordance with national and industrial areas were reviewed, especially for the key areas of the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, will arrange docking, promote cooperation in the implementation of the outcome.

In the process of rapid development of

economy, only the development of science and technology, relying on advanced technology to achieve better development. Since 2008, Jiangsu has successfully hosted the five session of the "Chinese · Jiangsu International Cooperation Forum and the international technology transfer conference, has brought together more than 1400 kinds of innovation organization based on behalf of overseas guests, attracted more than 3200 enterprises in Jiangsu and China on behalf of the participants, promote cooperation projects reached more than 500.

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