Cigarette business district display effect will be better

how to run the cigarette business, each operator will have their own set of operating rules. Judging from the current market situation, if the partition is displayed, no doubt the effect will be better. Therefore, in the daily cigarette sales, cigarette display room to promote cigarette sales is a key. Although we have made a complete range of cigarettes, but this is only the first step, the next step is the display of cigarettes.

if the retail businesses that shop do cigarette varieties on the Everything will be fine., completely mistaken. Cigarette is divided into high, medium and low-grade cigarettes, cigarette customers to buy because of their own economic conditions are different, choose different prices of different grades of cigarettes. If dozens or even hundreds of specifications of cigarettes casually placed in the cigarette display cabinet, the purchase of cigarettes of different grades in the search for their customers to buy cigarettes will be very difficult, it is difficult to find.

therefore, we retail businesses to seek solutions on the cigarette display, as far as possible to facilitate customers to buy cigarettes. In the cigarette on the display, according to the grade of my cigarette (selling price), "zoning display", high-grade cigarette display in one area, mid-range cigarette display in one area, the low-grade cigarettes displayed in a region, the customer came to the store stood in the cigarette cabinet, at a glance, eliminating the customer search the trouble.

customers as long as the hearts of the purchase price of cigarettes, cigarette display cabinets in the corresponding price area can easily find their own to buy cigarettes, a great convenience to customers to buy cigarettes. In addition to the cigarette sales price for partition display, I still have to draw a new display recommended area "in this area focus on the" new "cigarettes, when customers come to buy cigarettes, I will focus to the customer and recommend new cigarette, make new cigarette as soon as possible to the" public ". Familiar with" the masses ".

in the daily cigarette business, I also found some "car owners" love, sitting in the car in front of the store loudspeaker type to buy cigarettes, so I "anxious customer anxious, the customer would like to think", erected a "brand cigarette shelves in the shop door, all kinds of brand and the specifications for the cigarette to empty cigarette in the form displayed in front of the shop of the wooden shelf, the love in front of the store loudspeaker customers can buy cigarettes, in front of the store" brand cigarette display rack "shop operated by the cigarette brand awareness and specifications.

then decided to buy a brand of cigarettes, and then in the "empty propaganda", specifically to buy the cigarette brand and specifications. Since the shop opened a cigarette display rack, which greatly facilitates those who are eager to do something or lazy customers, but also enhance the number of cigarettes sold in our store and profit.

in short, if you want to do a good job in the cigarette business, in addition to the need to master the day-to-day management skills, but also need to do a good job in the management of zoning, >