Chaoyang assessment mechanism to stimulate the enthusiasm of cadres and entrepreneurship entrepreneu

Chaoyang people’s innovation work is very prominent, inspire cadres evaluation mechanism for cadres officer entrepreneurial enthusiasm, entrepreneurship can play a leading role in the implementation of the "very good, public entrepreneurship, innovation policy better.

"at the end of last year, Chaoyang high tech Industrial Development Zone ranked in the assessment of the City Development Zone competitions in second, mainly in the financing of lost points. Since the beginning of the year, high-tech zones to further broaden the financing channels, deepen PPP cooperation model, focusing on Financing efforts to complete the short board funds." March 16th, deputy director of the Chaoyang high tech Industrial Development Zone, hi tech Zone Zhang Shuqing, cadres at all levels now has a very high spirit, enthusiasm is sufficient, strive to achieve good results in this year’s rankings.

each county (city) district construction services an economic and Technological Development Zone, industry cluster, tourism, agricultural products processing park, new town. Chaoyang City launched the five one project is to cultivate new economic growth point of the key initiatives, Chaoyang open, an important platform for reform and innovation. Over the past two years, Chaoyang City has set up a project oriented hero, the performance of the hero of the work oriented, the establishment of the project leader, quantitative assessment, focusing on performance evaluation system.

"the evaluation objective and fair, let a person sincerely convinced. The park (King) with the Taiwan area ratio, or stand, though to see, this is the direct embodiment of the municipal government, dare to challenge." Zhang Shuqing said.

in the investment activities in Singapore, in Bo group plans to invest 1 billion 200 million yuan in the city of Beipiao to build garbage treatment project; Shandong Xianglong group Shikefeng fertilizer project in Beipiao city this year to determine the operation of the construction target…… For the first time after the start of business, for the park this year in Beipiao city (King) laid the foundation for the project construction area.