Government help to become young entrepreneurs climbing staff

not only need to climb the peak of their own efforts, but also the need to help climbers and other tools. Young people in climbing this mountain, it is inseparable from the help of the community. Entrepreneurial Nanjing plan is the young entrepreneurs climbing staff.

"new talent pay more attention to support the development of enterprises such as our company, let us very happy." The introduction of top entrepreneurial talent, is conducive to the extension of the Nanjing industrial chain to a higher end."…… These two days, has just introduced the entrepreneurial Nanjing talent plan in the Nanjing venture caused a small stir, entrepreneurs and the development of this new deal with their own concerns. They said that the new deal brought a major positive for entrepreneurs, like solid backing, make their business more confidence, more and more firm belief, spirit.

"venture in Nanjing" talent plan, Li Zhanjiang watched many times. Compared with the previous policy, more than the development of enterprises to support and nurture." Li Zhanjiang said that this is a lot of business partners and he is particularly looking forward to. The new deal mentions "to cultivate a group of both science and technology entrepreneurs understand the market, from 2016 onwards, with 5 years of time, focusing on cultivating 200 innovative entrepreneurs, founded in the new enterprise cultivation object, listing 30, annual sales revenue exceeding 100 million yuan 30, annual tax exceeds ten million yuan 10." These let Li Zhanjiang look forward to, because they are also preparing for the company’s listing plan, the introduction of the new deal, so that they have a heart at the end of the.

is conducive to entrepreneurship and innovation system to build the ecological characteristics of Nanjing

in October this year, in the first China "Internet plus" College Students’ innovative entrepreneurship competition, won the gold medal of logistics O2O platform for young entrepreneurs Wang Youzhao "transport policy network", this is one of the two gold medal in this competition in the Jiangsu. Transport policy network officially registered this year, Wang Youzhao incumbent CEO.

Wang Youzhao out of school for only 3 years, as a new way of entrepreneurs, he is particularly concerned about the 26 talents of the new deal. The new deal will be selected each year not less than 200 outstanding college students entrepreneurial projects were given $200 thousand – $500 thousand funding." In Wang Youzhao’s opinion, this pair of big recommendation