How to join the farmers chicken

chicken to join the project which brand is better, small series for you recommend the farmers market, below for the simple introduction of the farmers to join the chicken market process, mainly in the following nine steps:

1, understanding consulting

investors on the Internet to understand the details of the farmers to join the chicken, or directly call the headquarters to join the telephone consultation.

2, the two sides intention to communicate

understand the requirements of the farmers to join the chicken to join the agency to determine, assess the audit, to determine whether you are suitable for joining or agent farmers chicken related projects, which is an alternative process.

3, join the application

fill in the application form, the company provides information on the audit of investors to confirm the qualifications of investors.

4, contract signed

has joined the qualification, can be formally signed with the farmers to join the regional market and pay the associated costs.

5, assist site

headquarters to help franchisees location, to ensure that the store can get a large flow of people.

6, decoration construction

stores in accordance with the headquarters of the unified design of the store to provide decoration, a week ahead of time to inform the headquarters of the shipment.

7, professional training

headquarters for the franchisee to provide a strict system of professional training, to ensure that the franchise business more smoothly.

8, opening preparation

implementation of the publicity program, the implementation of the promotion of the implementation of the opening.

9, store opened

The market has opened

chicken farmer mode mature and perfect, will assist you in the store opened at the beginning of some well-known and related gathering popularity, help you go this morning on regular operation, and lay a good foundation for the sustainable management of the future.

believe that through the introduction of the above how to join the farmers also have a general understanding of the market, I hope to join your help!