Nanjing in May is not on the way to grab the room is robbing the room

Nanjing as the capital city of Jiangsu, its economic strength in the country, is quite possible! Recently, its price is especially eye-catching awesome. May Nanjing new home turnover of about 16 thousand sets, is this true? The following and small series of specific understanding.

is not in the room, that is, to rob the room on the road – in May, Nanjing people with the money to hit amazing data. Modern Express reporter yesterday, according to online real estate statistics found that in May the volume of new homes in Nanjing about 16 thousand sets, a record high! The previous record was 15426 in December last year.

corresponds with the crazy real estate, the property market in Nanjing is repeatedly reduced inventory. Until yesterday evening, only more than 24 thousand and 200 sets of new home inventory, which has nearly 10000 sets in Lishui and Gaochun District, there are 4500 sets in the Liuhe area, the main city can really form an effective supply of houses rarely.

What exactly is the real estate sold in

? Online real estate, Nanjing May sales crown of NanJing South Railway Station Vanke is Hui, the home market has sold nearly 900 sets of small apartment. Jiangning real estate sales in May the top ten occupy 5 seats. The Enlightenment of kylin funzone to sell 600 suites, Silver Blue Creek County, Longhu Spring City, Youth Street, Landsea sold more than and 400 sets of Ping city. In addition, Liuhe, Nanyuan and Nanyuan respectively, Rongcheng sold 500 sets and 455 sets, the Luneng Hexi mansion and Xianlin Lake tech wing exit has sold nearly 500 sets. Sunshine is the real estate developers in May keywords. Huaxin City, MCC prosperity Binjiang, hi tech estate, such as the glory of the environment, there have been thousands of people Yaohao event. Yaohao number of people buying houses is more than 3 times the number of listings. In such a relationship between supply and demand, hot real estate opened at every turn daylight".

, however, from the beginning of the end of May, Day CD difficult now. From the beginning of May 23rd a week time, Vanke still have time, Hui Hong Yang, Zheng Rong, deputy Runjin merchants mountain language opened, although all sell well, but no longer appear "daylight". Zhengrong Runjin previously hot real estate hot plate, before the opening times are "daylight", the developers with blank hardcover change means the decoration prices soared to nearly 30 thousand yuan / square meters, this also let many people buy "fear" to leave.

analysis of the industry, Nanjing is the introduction of the limit order at the end of April, a month after gradually showing power. Huarun international community average core area of Jiangbei is limited to 21 thousand yuan, 26 thousand yuan before the exercise varies greatly, has indicated that the real estate prices in the space is reduced greatly; measures of Nanjing is ready to take the limit premium plus the possibility of increasing the market overall cooling.

, the current individual hot property is still not worry about selling, but more expensive real estate, the following are recommended