What is a good way to make money in the restaurant

restaurant is coming from Hongkong City, along with the accelerating pace of life, the work pressure is also growing, eating has become a tired urban people sneak in regulation. If you open a tea restaurant with the characteristics of victory will attract many consumers.

tea restaurant business to make money 1, the operation of the restaurant can learn from the fast-food restaurant business, focus on food, Western food, fast food, hot and cold drinks in one, to produce fast, rich variety, cheap as a feature. To open a restaurant, for both varieties of congee, noodle, barbecue, braised meat, soup, delicious dishes, fried dumplings, cakes and Deep-Fried Dough Sticks Chinese food, also have sandwiches, tea, drinks, drinks and other assorted, Western food, the price set at 3 yuan to 8 yuan each is appropriate. Is it expensive to open a tea restaurant?. In addition, Longjing Tieguanyin tea and other products, should also provide tea, tea and other Qi Anshen health tea; fruit such as lemon tea, apple tea should also be prepared here.

The design of

restaurant business earning 2, tea restaurant to be simple to use, bright and clean rooms to attract customers, by the side of the road to install large landing glass, not only let the customer see the bustling streets, but also to allow pedestrians to see elegant shop. Environment, lighting to match the color of the desks and chairs, there should be a touch of warm colors, and then play a touch of music, people have a warm feeling. Prepare some newspapers and magazines in the shop, make the guest drink a cup of tea after casually read newspapers and magazines. Compared with fast food restaurants, Chinese people prefer the tea restaurant, after all, the continuation of some cultural traditions.

tea restaurant to make money 3, tea restaurant can use open kitchen, customers can see the operation of food. The use of disposable tableware, uniform staff dress, so as to appear clean and hygienic, so that customers feel at ease. Tea restaurant not only to become the people talk and negotiate business places, but also launched a special package, wage earners and students convenience. To open a restaurant, the service is also very important, the customer into the store is as a free cup of tea, let the people have Guests feel at home. feeling, in order to attract repeat customers.

The above is about

some tea restaurant to make money, want to have some help to a friend, want to open their own restaurant will be a lot of, a lot of analysis of the market, so as to get a good income, in order to better business revenue.