Teach you how to do salesman

a lot of people are aware of this kind of job is very profitable, but also a very tough person, many big companies are starting from the salesman to do. But to do a salesman is not a simple thing, how to do a good salesman? Let’s take a look.

salesman facing the general staff are facing a relatively high position, its excellent business performance will be impressed by the other party, may also become "friends and some of the big boss". Over time, the network will be established.

The ability of

1, easy to make mistakes

2, if looking for customers, to determine the potential customer groups where

range of customers who have the intention of Internet companies are our potential customers, often playing advertising, brand image, industry leading enterprises, the fierce competition in the industry.

3, website sales, for example, the salesman’s basic marketing skills

site sales as an example, the clerk of the foundation of marketing skills, understand their business, understand the company’s products, understand the customer, in addition, we must also understand the expectations of customers buy.

4, salesman self-cultivation and self marketing

clerk of self-cultivation and self marketing, doing business is actually a man, not a man, do good business, self learning, self management, ten characteristics of successful marketing knowledge.

5, eight aspects of how to carry out business

> eight