The Mid Autumn Festival to see how to seize the market in bulk moon cake earned one hundred thousand

every year to the Mid Autumn Festival, the more refined packaging of high-grade moon cake has become a hot topic of discussion, but not China, in contrast, bulk moon cake more marketable. Hardcover moon cake is always marked price, to attract the attention of customers, then how is the bulk moon cake among them, spell out the way to make money?

"not only is the brand enterprises, small workshops, small cake shops are beginning to do, the overall yield is more and more high, more and more intense competition." Dasanyuan responsible person Ms. Yu said, the moon cake is a typical seasonal products, sold only 1 to 2 months, each possible sales during this period.

and another pastry enterprises responsible person told reporters that the moon cake greatly promotion, in recent years has become a common problem in the industry. Companies want to expand the brand into the supermarket, and the supermarket will generally give us a task, such as the task of 100 thousand yuan, after the completion of the supermarket pumping into a $15 thousand. Can not finish, the supermarket still take so much money."


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