Youth nnovation and entrepreneurship platform in Beijing on the line

in the mainland and Taiwan business cooperation in recent years has never ceased, at the same time, the two sides on some young innovation ideas is actually in Beijing recently, agree without prior without previous consultation, set up cross-strait innovation platform.

China by Taiwan network to build cross-strait youth innovation and entrepreneurship platform 21 on the line in Beijing. Relying on various ministries and commissions at all levels of government preferential policies and incubation base, electronic business platform, creative parks, universities, industry, research institutions, etc., will help young people in the mainland to achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

President of the Association for relations across the Taiwan Strait


China according to Taiwan general manager Liu Xiaohui introduction, the establishment of the cross-strait youth innovation and entrepreneurship platform provides business information, experience sharing, employment practice seven plate combination practice of online services and offline.

online platform for cross-strait youth entrepreneurship and employment information, providing entrepreneurial story sharing, expert team counseling, entrepreneurship policy interpretation, collection of entrepreneurial projects released, incubator recommended, entrepreneurship training, project financing, marketing agent and other information services; the line platform will organize visits, on-site training, corporate entrepreneurship courses lectures, entrepreneurial team experience exchange activities.

after the start, the organizers also held the 2015 cross-strait Internet forum, cross-strait Internet industry around the "building of cross-strait" Internet plus "platform, open a new era of public business" seminar.

both for Taiwan and for the continent, to establish a kind of innovation that business platform, in fact, for many on both sides of the young entrepreneurs is a very good opportunity for entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship can help them.


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