n the two or three tier cities entrepreneurial flexibility in the use of low-cost entrepreneurial a

affected by historical factors, the Chinese people to go to the big city entrepreneurship has a unique feeling. In fact, in the current era of such an era of entrepreneurship, not only in the big cities have entrepreneurial opportunities. In the two or three tier cities, low-cost has become a business advantage.

Compared to

and Silicon Valley, Shenzhen, entrepreneurship and innovation scale of Jiangmen is obviously pale into insignificance by comparison. Data show that in 2014, Shenzhen PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) international patent applications reached 11 thousand and 600, for 11 consecutive years in the major city of the first; invention patents per million people has reached 66.7, ranking first in the major city of the country. But my city completed last year, 1935 were invention patents, invention patents 304, in possession of a valid patent 1282, according to media reports, Jiangmen this year will achieve per million patent ownership to 3 pieces.

Digital piled up a place, a little elephant and ant is desolate. However, in my opinion, the elephant has the advantage of an elephant, the ant also has the advantage of ant. Generally speaking, the mention of innovation and entrepreneurship, people will always produce research, international and other high key words linked together, as if there is no such configuration, entrepreneurial innovation is difficult to succeed. However, it is easy to overlook the point is that the perfect means that the high cost of investment. In order to rent a unit of the office, for example, Shenzhen rent is probably in the 3-10 times in Jiangmen, Jiangmen innovation cost advantage is evident.