Uncover fake charity mask Wuxi network MLM involving funds 10 million

standard of living has improved, a lot of caring people, have come up with their own money to help some of the difficulties, while the establishment of the relevant charitable organizations. But there are some people, but with charity under the guise of illegal, crazy network marketing. Today, the advocacy of charitable websites are more. But people need to keep their eyes open, and recently Wuxi Southern long police cracked together in the investigation by the charity mutual aid in the name of illegal pyramid schemes case, look at the following specific reports.

Wuxi MLM "big sister" Zhuang et al and line by word of mouth or WeChat propaganda etc. has the development off the assembly line of more than 2000 people, line up to six levels above, involving Jiangsu, Shanghai, participants in Anhui, Shanxi, Beijing, Tianjin and other provinces, involving nearly 10 million yuan of funds.

economic disputes after illegal pyramid schemes

since March this year, Wuxi Yang Yang Bridge police station has been received due to economic disputes caused by riot police, and several times the trouble place are in the same place. After the police investigation, these economic disputes hidden behind an illegal pyramid schemes.

alarm Zhang said that since February this year, he was introduced and the operation mode and profit mode to "Zhongcheng charity" network marketing platform, to obtain high interest and referral bonuses, he lured the development of offline dozens of people, the platform was closed in March 29th, and he lost a lot of money off the assembly line.

high yield to attract members to invest money

the police investigation learned that these people are throwing money at a site called "Zhongcheng charity", to earn high interest in the capital.

registered members in the network platform, and then apply to provide help, the amount of help from 1000 yuan to $50000 cap, and then members can get revenue, the beginning of the daily income is 3%." Police handling the case, the investment cycle was initially scheduled for ten days, that is, if the investment of $5000, after ten days, members can get the principal and interest of a total of $6500. Such a high income so that members continue to invest money in the site, but also continue to develop referrals to get referrals.

in fact, members of the association are not aware of the so-called charity, but to make money to invest. Charity is a mask, in order to avoid legal risks, evade the police investigation." Wuxi police quickly set up a task force to carry out the investigation of the case, and has been in Wuxi, Changzhou, Nanjing and other places will be involved in the main staff of the Zhuang and other 6 people arrested.

MLM big sister bear many cases