Suitable for small entrepreneurs recommend good projects

does not have much money on hand, but want to do poineering work again, how to do? Can consider doing a small business. So what business investment costs are relatively low? Small entrepreneurs in the selection of the project when there are no skills? Xiao Bian this is recommended for small entrepreneurs who are good projects.

a nostalgic embroidered bar

a loom is old; one is a small cloth toys, cross section as the 32 paper is so big, it looms about half an hour can make a "horse" area of 10 square centimeters of cloth; and a weaving machine, between the size between the two. Each type of weaving machine store can be placed 3 ~ 5, the smallest can be more appropriate to prepare some, if the customer likes, the loom can be sold.


people when shopping, often can see a variety of shoe stores, such as shoe stores, travel shoe stores, sports shoes stores, even shoes store, but have you noticed but rare slippers store. In fact, the demand for slippers Market is not small, especially after the majority of people in the room decoration, has been used to wear slippers burglary. On the other hand, different seasons have to change with different slippers, such as winter slippers should have a warm function. At present, the market of the slippers is mostly "spread the goods, customer service quality is uneven, no security, color and style are obviously out of line with the increasing consumer’s quality of life and the actual demand, so the slippers shops now or to develop a" wasteland".