Operating wedding company to share the successful experience

now choose to open the wedding company, is also a lot of businesses to consider things, after the shop, how to carry out the steady development, so that their own brands gradually scale? This problem is worth every business thinking. Let’s take a look at a successful experience.

when it comes to scale, I also saw some of the company’s operation in scale. So I think this is the scale of this thing varies from person to person. Let’s give an example. If today I use a piece of wood to make a very beautiful sculpture, sculpture. Well, I have such a sculpture out, I give you. Different from selling, what is it, art. If you take me this sculpture, the scale of the operation, to make a mold, do more than 20 thousand, it is a kind of art? It is most often referred to as crafts, followed by commodities. So I would like to ask you a question, do you want to give the guests the goods or works of art?

scale of this kind of thing, I think it is a matter of course to a certain extent. And this time, you have to have a moderate principle. Scale is not your goal, in other words, not necessarily money is your goal, then the scale is not necessarily your goal. Your goal is only one, is not the most? No, it’s not for you. If appropriate, I am a workshop, why not. If it is not for you, why do you have to scale. Just as some people say jokes, some people are more suitable for money, because he can not afford to live.

No matter how the