nner Mongolia to develop green organic industry

Green organic industry

now the market which has formed a scale, at the same time, in the rural areas of the country are vigorously promote into the establishment of green organic industry, in some areas of Inner Mongolia on the formation of green organic industry demonstration base.

summer, Dengkou County Ulanbuh Desert little green particularly eye-catching, consisting of rows of tall willow trees and shrubs fixing of forest, tenacious blocking the flow of sand dunes, a paved road wear sand like black dragon shuttle. In 65 kilometers from the Dengkou County of the Ulanbuh Desert, acres of vineyards into sand, rows of cement shelves covered with green vines, a bunch of grapes hanging from the trees.

"more than and 200 acres here is picking garden, 1400 acres of grape planting area there is wine." The head of the company in charge of the project, said the military field, "there is no pollution in the sandy area, the light is long, the climate is dry, the output of grape sugar content is high, the color is good, very suitable for the cultivation of wine grapes. Our goal is to build a unique desert organic wine. Last year, we built a wine cellar and a workshop."

in wulanbuhedesert a total area of 4 million 250 thousand acres, in accordance with the development of the concept of industrial control, Dengkou Party committee and government set up a multi joint development of grape industry to promote a special leading group, formulated the "sand industry development plan", supporting the integration of forestry and agriculture related projects and infrastructure projects landing and sandy area, the introduction of preferential policies on wine grape the planting area of more than 200 acres of grapes, the survival rate reached more than 90%, and the completion of the grape grape planting base bar set, after the acceptance of the subsidies given to 500 yuan per mu. At the same time, the city council also invited 3 experts to form a team of experts, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University Professor, to provide technical guidance for the cultivation of grapes and business training.