Western food is the perfect combination of taste and ingredients

Western-style food and Chinese food are very different, Western-style food ingredients for elegant very carefully, and will be a little bit of food problems directly affect the taste of dishes, Western-style food will classic taste with perfect molecular structure of different ingredients, cooking ingredients according to our personality, avoid short, bring the seemingly simple but unexpected taste is absolutely the chef the craft and ingredients to multiple level test.

a cold clean kitchen for the East Western-style food is like a regular shape material indifferent password box, from the appearance can not glimpse a mysterious, strange aroma of Perilla rosemary Basil oregano exudes with a layer of mystery; yourself is the interpretation of its maturity, listen to the kitchen clock never stop arrangement or drift of aroma in the face for the first time in any case, it is a difficult problem.

is the classic taste with perfect molecular structure of different ingredients, according to the ingredients of the personality to be cooking, should bring simple but unexpected taste is absolutely for chef craft and ingredients to multiple level test.

too complex dishes can slowly study, the first to learn how to use the sweet and delicate foie gras thousands of layers of cake, and then where to say that they will make food will not lose face. The idea of roasted cowboy meat with bitter hazelnut sauce and root dressing is not for everyone. Do a fried Scallop in Shell, topped with Vanilla Honey Juice, to friends is a good delicious tour, or just cook a pot of soup onion and olive oil to relax yourself, is a holiday to enjoy the senior civilian.

flat baked pork belly with sharks and Chinese cabbage

fresh flat sandfish first after 8 hours and then pickled marbled pork belly slice wrapped grilled pork fish oil, make up the lack of lubrication. Garnish with green, not sticking to formalities Sauteed Green Beans tender rape and soybean Chinese and Western, the taste of a seamless heavenly robe collocation. Compared with the simple sauce ingredients, rich flavor a bit extravagant, sunflower oil sauce, spicy garlic sauce, fresh cabbage flower sauce, milk Spanish sausage, add a series of rich level to the new tender texture fragrance ingredients.

tomato, spinach and dried fruit salad

looks like a salad to eat simple surprises, crisp sweet tomato basil with unique aroma, lets the human mind are clear, figs, apricots, raisins, nuts, dried fruit sweet pomegranate greedy to enjoy the collection, layers of sweet sweet dance on the tongue, the olive oil, hazelnut oil, walnut oil make sweet more full, some pieces of bacon just let the rich, sweet and sour taste in a more meaningful aftertaste.

24 hours Roasted Crispy Suckling Pig