How about opening a teahouse Good prospects

how about opening a teahouse? Do you make money? Many franchisees are very interested in the characteristics of the teahouse, want to invest in a shop, but the development of the industry is not very familiar with, if you want more information, to see it, small finishing the relevant information, I hope to help you.

in the type of the current teahouse, the teahouse is 75% with tea based, supplemented by other. 5% of the tea house is a single tea, tea, meals and tea, wine, coffee simultaneously accounted for 6.25%. Investors are most concerned about the recovery of the cost of life, in the survey shows that 2 of them can recover the cost of the account for 27.2%, the cost can be recovered in the past 33.3% of the year, and no one year to recover the cost of the investigation. How to open a teahouse? Teahouse is a food and beverage series, the normal rate of profit should be consistent with the catering industry, the survey results also illustrate the problem. The profit margins of most teahouses are between 20% and 30%, with a profit margin of more than $25% in the teahouse by more than $30%. On the future prospects of the teahouse survey shows that 73.3% of the teahouse that the prospects for tea, tea is considered to be basically optimistic about the value of the house, only 6.7% of the general view of the teahouse in general, not too optimistic about the value of $0 in the future.

teahouse? Teahouse industry development trend:

1. teahouse scale. At present, the teahouse can be roughly divided into 3 categories. One is about 200 square meters; the other is about 300 to about 600 square meters; is more than 800 square meters of three. Among them, the existing teahouse and the new tea house is being built, three hundred or four hundred meters in the majority, accounting for about 50%. What does this phenomenon mean? I think there are a lot of reasons. For example, some investors from the "teahouse try" to "more investment, more money, a big step forward; while some investors are optimistic about the teahouse teahouse industry prospects, but liquidity is not sufficient, or lack of project and project reserves, and so is not big investment or not.

the next period, there are two kinds of tea scale development trend.