Stationery store where to make money

Although the

shop is to make money, many investors also use this as a goal, however, if the business address selection is not correct, even if the latter is so hard, I’m afraid the effect is not significant, profit nature is difficult to achieve. So, if you want to open a profitable stationery shop, site work needs to be done. So, stationery shop in what place can make money? Let Xiaobian to you.

Wang, in 2006, Beibei District, Chongqing, Southwestern University, opened a stationery shop near the school, over the years to open 5, annual sales of over ten million.

how did he do it?

"no fancy gimmicks, no single man, is thinking about how to facilitate customers." In the view of Wang Xianyun, his success stems from empathy care. Although there is no rush of the Internet thinking, but just from the convenience of customers, but let him have the art of the shop.

open beside the school

small stationery shop also has a sense of

took the lead in the use of sweeping sweep code checkout

Wang, who is in Jiangxi, Fengcheng, in 1999 with his parents came to Chongqing, home in Chaotianmen to start a wholesale stationery business. In 2006 he enrolled in the Beibei District of Southwestern University, second years, he also plans to open a stationery store, of course, at this stage, the alma mater has become the best choice of geography. So, Wang Xianyun in the vicinity of the school to find a 100 square meters of facade, opened a stationery store.

this small stationery shop, mostly hand in hand delivery of the couple store, but I pay more attention to the store image and quality of service, so the first to use the scan code checkout and punch card management system." Wang Xianyun said that although he was surrounded by peer cynicism, but this little improvement has been welcomed by students.

"I am also a student, I know what they are thinking, if the product and the price is not different, certainly willing to choose a more standardized shop." In addition, Wang Xianyun with the identity of Southwestern University students, the initiative to promote the organization and departments of the school, signed a number of fixed orders, opening the first year net profit reached about one hundred thousand yuan.

opened at the station next to

traffic is good, but the key is to facilitate the distribution of

to home delivery to bind a number of business customers

2008 years, seeing the first store business gradually stabilized, and Wang Xianyun in the school near the station opened a considerable size of the new store.