Taiwan sister will die boyfriend stabbed back

lovers of course is the best, but it did not make people feel helpless. Recently, a sister in Taiwan, in order to commemorate the death of her boyfriend, the death of her boyfriend stabbed back, so bold practice how do you see it?


20 year old woman stabbed her dead boyfriend behind! Bath can also see   new boyfriend must accept tattoos.

Taiwan Taoyuan 20 years old people nicknamed "Mimi" woman and her boyfriend Qiuxing fell in love for 2 and a half years, but at the end of her boyfriend because of germ cell cancer died, meters to commemorate her boyfriend birthday in March 23rd, his portrait tattoo on the back. She said, no matter what the future, her boyfriend is the indelible memory of life.

Treatment of

"he seems to have been at my side." Mimi said, take a bath every day, you can see behind the portrait of her boyfriend, as if never leave me. For the future, Mimi said, if there is a new object, it will not get rid of tattoos: if he wants to accept me, but also to accept my boyfriend and I remember."



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