How to manage customers in tea industry chain enterprises

Chinese is very love tea, tea culture is also very long, the demand for tea have been many, many people want to do business, there is a lot of skill to do tea business, the relationship between the most important of course is to maintain themselves and their clients, and this relationship is very important, need regular maintenance and management of enterprises in order to maintain, so the tea industry chain enterprises how to manage customers?

a, tea industry chain enterprises how to manage customers? Customer: to clear the chain tea prices customers.

tea enterprise customer base has many franchisees, supermarket stores, large customers (enterprise group purchase), tea and so on. Most of the chain tea enterprises tend to be more likely to be a big customer, because these large customers often determine the size of a tea shop.

two, tea industry chain enterprises how to manage customers? Relationship: the maintenance of the relationship is closely linked to the future of tea enterprises.

, a Harvard Business review published a report pointed out: a company’s profits 25%~85% come to the customer again. It can be seen that the importance of a company to maintain the relationship between the old customers, chain tea prices are so. If you want customers to be able to spend again, it is equal to the tea brand into the consumer groups, to allow consumers to buy tea in a moment think of a tea brand. This shows that the maintenance of customer relationship is not only to meet the needs of customers, but in the dissemination of the brand. The spread of the brand here, not only refers to the tea industry in the promotion of the brand, but also to meet the needs of tea enterprises in the consumer groups, to understand the needs of customers, to achieve the brand in the hearts of consumers deeply rooted. Then the need for good service, high-quality tea quality, to achieve the "customer centric" the true meaning of.

three, tea industry chain enterprises how to manage customers? Management: managing customer relationships.

: we first understand the concept of customer relationship management is a continuously strengthen the communication with customers, to understand customer needs, and constantly for products and services to meet customer needs and improve the continuous process. Its connotation is the use of information technology (IT) and Internet technology to achieve the integration of marketing to the customer, the customer is the core of the enterprise marketing technology and management.

let’s take a look at how a system, that is, a customer relationship management system, to maintain our customer information.

first, the basic information of the customer filing, as long as the customer information once documented, you can share the maximum extent of the company, without the need for multiple entry.

secondly, the transaction information, no matter what the customer in the store consumer transactions, the store can use the recommended