How to do a good job Taobao bonsai shop business

is now operating on Taobao products are really diverse, I am afraid that only the public can not think of, and there is no consumer who can not do, and Taobao bonsai shop has become a lot of people choose entrepreneurship. Search input box input "pot" two words in the Taobao search results from the baby, there is about one million, is the search for shops, there are nearly six million, as can be imagined, although many people think that online selling pot how not easy, but many people are mixed this line.

Taobao, some is the potted ferns growers store owners, they often lack online marketing experience, and some good business is deceptive money pit guy, so, today, we say a few business skills for those who lack of experience in the shop owner Taobao really do pot.

1, quality must be guaranteed

if you want to do it for a long time, then the quality of your pot must be excellent. Sell potted plants to the hands of customers, if the quality is not good, you send more gifts, return now, these can not make up for. Some customers are quite "honest", if they want to take five dollars to return to the store to write your five-star praise, people are not rare that a few dollars, then you lose.

2, obvious competitive advantage

Taobao potted shop tens of thousands, to let customers look at you, you must have a pot of competitive advantage, package or low price? Good or good after-sales service?

3, pay attention to customer evaluation

for customers, product evaluation in the shop is very important reference document, rather than your product description, buyers feel is more objective, more reference value, so that buyers must pay attention to the evaluation. In the delivery of potted plants in the courier can be accompanied by a return to the small list is good, but now is not a lot of back, but many buyers really affected by this set. If the buyer has been given a bad review, then you can communicate with the buyer to allow the buyer to modify comments, and if you are not a problem, even if the buyers give negative feedback, you can also reply to the buyer evaluation way for your explanation.

4, with concessions to win over buyers

love account for a little cheaper is many people’s nature, so, if Taobao can prepare a pot shop seller concessions for the customer, it is able to win a lot of buyers, the discount can be shipping, buy one get one, gifts etc..

5, customer service to

when it comes to customer service to be thoughtful, it will be said that not every Taobao shop is an enterprise, please do a special customer service does not