Jewelry shop decoration techniques

there are many businesses choose to operate jewelry stores, but their own business knowledge is not very familiar with, especially in the decoration is nothing. If you want to learn the decoration of knowledge can be linked with a small look at, I hope you can play a reference role.

1: in line with marketing as a starting point, combined with the characteristics of jewelry, probably divided into two levels and design. To product as the theme of marketing, economic fast shopping; product + image + corporate culture driven marketing, in order to give people enjoy shopping. Therefore, small adorn article shop store decoration, must be strictly in accordance with the area of the shop design and decoration, to ensure that the actual situation and business line synchronization.

2: a small jewelry store basic combination of decoration elements: a cashier, a hairpin cabinet, one to three, two to four cosmetics cabinet doll cabinet, a number of intermediate display cabinet is composed of a plurality of linked product cabinet, the specific number of the store area of the structure of the


3: no mandatory small jewelry store floor, ceiling, in order to make an overall image of the store effect, at least 1.5 square meters ceiling layout of a 30W lamp above; the middle of each layer on both sides of the display cabinet, a light pipe; cosmetics cabinet, each cabinet is installed to the two energy-saving white light T4 light pipe; each grid hook cabinet, cabinet, the installation of a hairpin to two trumpets such white T4 light pipe 1.2 meters; the image of the wall, the installation of energy-saving white light pipe two T4, can be installed 25W two spotlights;

4, a small jewelry shop in the main decoration materials: white fire board, fireproof board, pink three board, T4 light tube, 25 lamp, AA column, 5 per cent white glass, hook, aluminum, advertising design, crystal characters, plastic characters, etc.;

5: scale space mainly provides the shelf accessories: iron (wood) porous lockers, side bracket, upper and lower connecting rods, elbow, cabinet cabinet cosmetics cosmetics under the baffle, Nakajima, Nakajima cabinet box, cashier, boutique counters aluminum column, column glass bracket, aluminum tripod display rack, door round box monitor, props, aluminum hook, cash register, POS printer, ERP cashier system.

if use the cheapest and most economical way to put out the best effect, this should be all friends want.

6: a rich do plastic boxes, with no money on printing cloth (2 headlamps but also more than and 300), store colors, some with yellow tones, the girls feel something warm to do the rich do jewelry cabinets, look professional, no money with slot on the wall directly ordered, economical and beautiful, as are used in the groove, there is something which can be linked to the hanging hook is supporting and groove plate, the general wholesale market near to sell some small jewelry store is the key problem of light.

were careful not difficult to find, the better business shop lights, bad business shop often dark again, so much money is spent, difficult to love dearly electricity? Good flowers need greenery, recommended