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Chinese delicacy City, such as Chongqing, Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, Hunan and other places, should recommend today is a Hunan native delicacy – rot incense tofu groom bucket.

is Hunan’s most famous snack brands, Dou fragrant tofu in 2010 to rot was awarded "the special snack", through several years of development, now fighting rot incense tofu has been popular on both sides of the Changjiang River groom, is the hottest restaurant to join the project. The bucket is a groom rot incense tofu tofu characteristics after huogongdian Stinky tofu snack, let Changsha have a "smelly incense" two new name card. If you want to start a business, don’t miss it.

bucket rot incense tofu groom brand founded by Mr. Liu Xiangyang, Mr. Liu Xiangyang is also fighting all rot groom incense tofu "brand, bucket rot eating sweet tofu groom, groom is fighting rot incense tofu market to create a brand, the first brand of authentic quality and industry allows you to easily make money. Tofu high nutritional value, low cost, earn more. The bucket was rot incense tofu has its own brand, which is equivalent to the indirect to you has been ahead of a good advertisement.

bucket rot incense tofu groom is hot, a piece of tofu is so sweet, the groom by the customer’s bucket rot love, one is on the tofu itself value, plus the bucket rot groom incense tofu tastes fragrant. Two is the bucket rot incense tofu deep cultural groom, three is a unique means of marketing, selling to the sound, Hunan drum to publicize the fragrant tofu, let more people know Sweet tofu. The bucket was rot brand planning long-term advertising support for your sustained profitability.

bucket rot incense tofu groom go public consumption route, the price is very affordable, many products can meet the needs of different consumers. Dou incense to the ordinary groom rot tofu tofu becomes out of the ordinary ordinary tofu, let more fragrant, tofu will have a larger development space, will be able to share based long-term product resources and technical support.

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