Rookie day P over thousands of website promotion method to share

I before the Black Hawk forums, think of rice are right, why can the sites retain people, not by cheat one or two IP, get a few pages of temptation, or spend money flow, this is not a long-term strategy. If you want to keep people, you have to give people the resources they want.


Black Hawk has just started, the hands do not have what good rice resources, but there is a 6 bit, 7 bit and 8 bit QQ, so he used this, let a person to help him to post, or send T QQ, not long, web site traffic explosion. So I studied with rice.

my site is a forum, think of their own hands is not what good resources, but they have a Google application for AdSense and Baidu alliance, and now a lot of friends would not have this, so I in some forums and blog posted information, said he can help free to apply for a GG account, and before long, the daily flow of forum rise, once Baidu Wangzhuan keywords are in the top 10, "Baidu Baidu alliance" can also reach the top 8, now IP is also about 1000, I find free apply more and more people, but their workload is big it takes a lot of time to help users for GG and Baidu account every day, but we are so recognized, will be very active to help me to promote and maintain the website.

actually, it’s important to be on the Internet, especially for the webmaster. Do not deceive people, promised to help people free applications, we must do, and can not find ways to earn money for others, lost integrity, this site is not far away.

finally, and share, to promote their own time in the forum, his best results in the form of pictures posted, and attach your own web site in the picture, this is not SEO, but it is the most effective propaganda tool, I this method for prawns to say, may also very dish, I also hope you can share advanced promotion methods, welcome to discuss website promotion and operation of the road and I, I QQ:760558872 the source, welcome to reprint.