Personal webmaster at this stage, site may need to consider a few problems

chatted with a few friends a few days ago, talking about what personal websites are good at now, friends recommend, Taobao customers, small industry stations, or go directly to Taobao to open a shop. To tell the truth, these are basically is the individual owners often choose the scheme, the main reason is the individual stationmaster people alone, a lot of time, not for commercial operation, had to take a minor way to do, another important reason is that many of the stations were part-time, also do not have much time to take care of, in addition to the face of increasingly powerful search engine, personal webmaster to maintain a station is more and more difficult.

began in the second half of 2009 the Internet regulation storm, is no doubt to the Internet brings chill atmosphere, leading to a direct consequence, is China IDC all rectification, in a sense, IDC is cleared, but also improve the cost to the webmaster, a case I come into contact with, about a year ago – managed to get 3500, and now at least 5000. In the long run, eventually the webmaster to buy a single.

, and for this environment, personal Adsense choose Internet to do something, should be careful. If you choose a good industry, it is directly to the personal webmaster’s pocket is influential, what subject web site, in the next throw shallow point of view. Maybe you can give us some reference:

one, choose to do industry station.

to the current Chinese Internet environment, current affairs information type web site, is not personal webmaster can undertake. Mainly China can not have too much to say, this is of course, "you know," when choosing the theme of the website, if you are a grassroots webmaster, I suggest you stay away, because that’s not your food.

in this case, you might as well choose an industry station to do. The industry can choose according to what you are interested in to do, like you do in the factory management, your factory is the production of furniture, you can consider doing a furniture website, as far as the performance form, you can choose the forum, or the portal can.

industry is intensive and meticulous farming is accumulated. Not what happened. Now, individuals do stand long ago out of the possibility of riches.

two, the use of their own resources to do Taobao, or Taobao customers.


is the most direct sellers, I heard a word, as long as you have something on Taobao to sell, then people would buy it. If your company produces what kind of handicraft and so on, clothes and so on, then you have the resources of one hand. You may as well go to Taobao to open a small shop. This is a very good idea, too. Know a friend selling mobile phones in Shenzhen, do a B2C mobile mall, a month can also earn tens of thousands of blocks through the network. In fact, this is also a method.

three, what do you know?