Six of the actual traffic volume the training and development of the Forum

has written 5 articles on ways and means of getting traffic in real combat in A5. Below Tianjin SEO introduces sixth actual combat obtains the method of flow, six, the training and development of forum


1. Collection and arrangement of forum materials.

Methods: according to

1, forum marketing direction Collecting Forum, generally we can from the search engine to many forums, but people still recommend to Google to collect, because Google collect forum general PR are high, PR high hand on behalf of the forum outside the chain of resource rich, on the other hand it represents the popularity of the forum, we all know that SEO ultimate aim is to let your marketing website to gather popularity, make your website content popular with readers.

finishing method 2, the Forum: the forum we can collect from the search engine, but we need to organize, organize the first time starting from PR, the collection of the forum in accordance with the PR level of consolidation, followed by registration, registration of the forum as the first hand to the forum. The forum registered good after we go to the forum to do browse, browsing the forum content inside can not write character signature, is not able to output links and the anchor text, is not the forum to do a special deal makers, such as "nofollow". If you can actually output links and anchor text forums, such forums are what we need forums.

two, forum improvement and matters needing attention.

1, improve the

Forum: we sorted out the data we need forum, these forums is our most valuable resource to increase the chain, so we have to improve on the forum data, the forum’s real name, contact information, picture, should one do. This also shows that we pay attention to the forum, but also shows our interest in the forum, then moderators or producers, or your first impression is good.

Signature of

2, the Forum: the forum data to improve the part of the most important point is that the character signature, this is one of the lifeblood of our needs, so we must deal with this signature, we need to all forum signature practices need to be studied. For example, DZ source forum, we will do DZ BBS signature writing ([url=] generator [/url]).

three, BBS soft notes.

1, the content of the reader’s practical: we do soft Wen, must be interested in the readers. Only in this way, we will likely remain in the forum, of course, you have the best written text is original, but it is best to have the content, so will moderator too disgusted, on your links and the anchor text not once disgusted, we ID gone. So we spend energy is equal to a.

2, soft Wen published frequently rate >