Proper export links are good for the web

currently found that many webmasters in the collection of articles submitted by others, do not retain the original source, address, link, in fact, this approach is very wrong. Do you think people in the submission process will certainly be most owners retain links, but your site of the article without the original link, did not say it, so that the article is published by your own original, but the fact that the article has been most links to the true original source so, even if the search engine to identify the original efforts no matter how bad, not stupid to not understand the majority? So far, here I suggest that you can collect, but must respect the original link, this is good for both sides of the site. To share some of my humble opinion under the benefit of outbound links appropriate to the website is the following:

1. Understand the real nature of the Internet

is the true nature of Internet links and sharing, also said the Internet information between each other is spread, is not alone, if so, then you can’t really call the Internet, the Internet is through the link between sites were woven into the. So the Internet will be welcomed by many people, so don’t worry too much about the export chain of the site. Because the appropriate export chain to help users, you can also enhance their site user experience. A user experience in the site, and therefore will get the search engine like.

two, export links on their own web PR value is very low

we all know that the PR value of a web page is determined by a variety of factors, such as website layout, architecture and content quality. So, in theory, the PR value of a page is the reverse of the page itself, the number of connections, and the reverse location of the PR value of the page resolution, and export links are not directly related. In practice, there can be such a situation, if the export of this page too many connections, then pass to other pages of the PR value will drop, together, in addition, the page to the PR value of this page will also decline. However, the internal connection of the site is a network structure of repeated cycles, the loss of this PR value is very small, and therefore will not be affected. Of course, this article says the export connection refers to a logical, fit the needs of users are connected, and many related outbound links, not even sell the meaning connection is not what this article reviews the status of.

three, you can better judge your website theme

from the export linkThe

search engine to judge a site theme mostly from the title of the site and the three major labels to determine the site preliminary theme, if appropriate words derive link station page information, then the search engine can be derived from the site linking theme to further determine whether your site or related auxiliary. If so, then you can be more sure about the topic of your site and be more sure of your export chain