What is learned from the Thai embarrassed personal webmaster

movie "one way" embarrassed embarrassed Thailand (hereinafter referred to as "embarrassed" Thailand) we should have seen it, according to the chairman of the investor light media Wang Changtian said, since December 12, 2012 since the release of "embarrassed", the Thai national nearly 1 billion 240 million at the box office, the film’s final line date for 27 days this month, "finally I can reach over 1 billion 300 million". In addition, according to reports, so far, "embarrassed" the Thai audiences nationwide is about 38 million, and may eventually break through 40 million. Isn’t it worthwhile for everyone to think about such a successful movie? What can we learn from being a personal webmaster?


, 1," Xu Zheng said. "When I was doing this, I wanted to make a very specific, simple movie."

a lot of directors at the time of filming, both want to make the movie action movie, and want to make love, from time to time, humour and horror, finally get the movie does not know what type of action is not action, love is not love. Finally, the audience do not buy it, the box office is low. And Xu Zheng just wants to do "a type of simple film", that is comedy. And abandoned a lot of other elements.

most of the personal webmaster do a topic clear website, but finally add a lot of columns, related and irrelevant, this is the most popular in the BBS class. Finally, the theme of the website is not clear, each column and plate are not managed, and gradually lost interest, and gradually abandoned the site.

for our individual webmaster, might as well only around the main one or two themes or columns, in-depth excavation, in order to create a user like content.

2, this film is the most extensive marketing we have ever initiated. Alipay in 360, and the people’s livelihood news on TV all over the country, we are doing, these people do not.

can be described as "embarrassed" Thailand marketing mode is numerous, in addition to the unique light line offering advantages, but also the use of the Internet marketing powerful, not only in 360, Alipay, micro-blog and so on, including Gome City, subway, bus, airport, pharmacies, hospitals, universities, train, plane…… They’re doing our publicity. The material is particularly rich, adding up to more than 30 posters, several trailers, and so many viral videos.

personal Adsense current main promotion mostly rely on search engine – Baidu. And the experience of 2012 tells us: promotion website, absolutely cannot rely on search engine only, otherwise die surely. We can also promote your website through micro-blog, mailing list and so on. Only if you don’t rely on search engines to get traffic, can you survive for a long time.

3, he is an idea director, to throw away a lot of jokes he has spent a lot of effort, it is determined.

, when you first cut the film, for example, 3.5 hours to >