The impact of WordPress blog site replacement space on SEO


wordpress blog that the site to replace the space migration, what is the impact on SEO? How to reduce the negative impact of migration for space brings to the blog search engine? Below are from Google and Baidu to see this change.

speed: WordPress blog replacement space, a week later found that the site has greatly improved the speed of the site to speed up the SEO is a positive factor. The following is the average time change curve of web pages loaded:


Effect of

on Google Seo: using search, Google still contains most of the pages, basically did not reduce the number of WordPress included blog; Google search engine ranking has not changed much from it brings traffic sources without big changes can be seen, Google remained at around 300:


impact on Baidu SEO: from the following figure, in January 17th, wordpress blog began to migrate to new foreign space, Baidu included reduced to 0, Baidu brings traffic down to 0.

comparing wordpress blog migration, change space, has little effect on Google, but Baidu search engine change is very large, the following is a personal for Baidu SEO there is such a big change (replacing the space Baidu included disappear phenomenon analysis):


1. Baidu spiders on foreign IP complete crawl: Although Baidu for foreign websites to crawl and index must less than domestic Chinese website, but Baidu spider have no reason not to grab the foreign server IP website, many personal blog Chinese migrated to foreign virtual host, Baidu still included page this is the obvious fact.

2. Baidu only IP does not recognize the domain name: This is perhaps the wordpress blog or other site to replace the server space, a key influence factors on SEO. Many SEOER tests show that Baidu recognition of IP is too domain name is indisputable fact. Google pointed out that no shared virtual host under different site with special respect to the same IP, and their independent IP server on the website is equal. Server space (IP), Baidu spider in a certain period of time will still use the server to save the DNS cache to crawl the website; weight of Baidu for the new IP server site will recalculate the WordPress blog. For Baidu, there are several SEO points:

A. is best to use independent IP after changing the space. If you don’t have an independent IP, you’d better check in advance