Today’s headline value is not worth playing, how to settle

headlines today have been hot again recently.

because they are in beta "self advertising", media and self media can add advertising to their accounts.


This means that

people from the media to do one more profitable channels, and today’s headlines advertising function is more flexible, can be put on the headlines, the advertising system, can also put custom advertising (link to pictures and text links two), that is to say, if I were to headline advertising revenue is not satisfied, can sell their advertising to others, but need to review.

can sell? Absolutely, I will send some articles in today’s headlines just opened an account number, have to contact me to discuss whether to help him advertising, because I just don’t agree on their products, not agree.

I love money, but I don’t earn any money.

so, is today’s headlines worth settling in,


first take a look at the data, today’s headlines, the number of users do not say anything, Baidu is there, I just say my own data.

I am

from the opening to today, made a total of 24 articles (27 in the picture is not included by the 24 article), this brings me to the 370713 reading, 10194 collections, 323 comments, 1463 forwarding, 275 subscription.

has also brought a lot of fans to my WeChat personal number and public platform.

because there is no title party, so the amount of reading is not high enough, but collection, comment, forwarding, subscription and so on, the data is much better than others, probably content more personality bar.


these data? If there is data in today’s headlines, generally, far from Chicken Soup for the soul the account data but good-looking; if on other platforms and contrast, is definitely not a seckill beings, like.

, and we send the article or headlines, show their own, do not need to promote their own, and if the article is good, the topic is correct, a few hundred thousand reading, very easy to achieve.

what is free, as long as there is talent can go


what do you say,


, however, can be predicted, if today’s headlines formed this pattern: the active articles + advertising into, will lead to a large number of advertising costs to get from the media from the media, just before a lot of people to take advertising advertising Fei Erjian a lot of garbage station.

of course, headlines should have their own coping skills, such as increasing the threshold, limiting the amount, or deciding whether or not to open ad campaigns based on the quality of the media