Writing an article through examination is not an end

often on the Internet to see others write, how to write the article, through the audit, oneself start also feel that writing articles to pass, is the real purpose. But, the article I sent the other day has changed my mind! Although the article passed, but the number of browsing less than 50, this article really makes me very tangled. And then let me think of, we can not just think about how to pass the review on the line?

article has been approved, is a good article,


recently, often in Webmaster online writing articles, also touched a lot of writing people. I have also talked a lot about writing articles with them. I asked them: "the article is written every day, or have a train of thought, written?"." Most of them think there is a train of thought, it is better to write, and almost agree with what I think. But look at those articles, or some people say that they can pass an article every day, very casual, how?. So I would like to explore, can we write the article in order to pass the audit? The article passed the audit, we have achieved the purpose of it?

, take the last article I wrote about my personal summary of the techniques for writing articles. This article, now let me see is not much interest, especially the topic is too ordinary, what did not appeal, coupled with the content of the article is not so content, writing seems to be a bit too casual. Such a few people read the article, even through the examination, and how? Look at the people, reproduced naturally will be less, for our outside chain will not change much. So we wrote the article, just through the audit, and did not produce too much effect, such an article is not a good article, we are just in order to cope with their daily work.

, what exactly are we writing for,


since we started writing articles in SEO, we often think about this question. What is the purpose of our writing? At first, I found it difficult to write articles, as long as they passed the examination. However, as the article written more and more, found, in fact, through the writing, this way to do the chain is not very ideal, and there are articles through the review may not be good articles.

some people say, we write the article is not in order to pass the audit, more people see, and then increase the chain? If you think so, it means that you haven’t written the article properly, even if you have written it, you haven’t taken it seriously. After you wrote, did you ever want to see how his popularity was? Does your article really exist? Are there more people reading it? What will be left after someone else reads it?

above problems, in fact, still need us to think about, our webmaster net is the purpose of what is it? Is it to come to many people, the weight is also high, and then can be very good development, in fact, these are relatively low things. In my opinion >