Thunder shooter, all film and television have closed the domestic film resource station, what happen

Continued close

everyone in the film and the striker network two large subtitles platform, once again to the Chinese people have become accustomed to enjoy the pie in the skybeautiful will be gone for ever, from Baidu to broadcast events, as well as the contents of the subtitle website is now clean up and shut down, all this sends a very clear signal, the situation is more and more attention to intellectual property rights.

Once the

supervision and management can be said to be open one eye closed, the usual crackdown is certainly being the trend of interest or influence the interests of disputes and strengthen, but this time it’s once those accustomed to people distressed depressed, don’t know where to find a new step in time series, free food the spirit I am afraid to disappear. Everyone in the film and the striker net move, making the whole industry into a "jittery", forcing many domestic similar resources platform to come to an end, the main analysis of everyone in the film, subscene insinuate some closed domestic television stations operating difficulties of resources.

‘s first, once available tentacles, now need to pay out of their own pocket. After the storm hit, disorderly market trend, wantonly piracy does have been effectively curbed. Copyright issues have greatly affected the interests of legitimate issuers, and in the way of safeguarding rights, they have also taken the lead step by step. Along with the economic fast flying dart, people pursuit of spiritual enjoyment is more and more big, spiritual well-being is also more and more high, but more than ten years of free resources also makes consumers quite benefit, so now shut down to clean, so many people can not have the habit of tentacles available now needs to be out of pocket, this should be a perfect mechanism, this phenomenon is the joy and sorrow. Everyone films and shooter networks, they do, net friends summed up purely "volunteer" behavior, is indeed to benefit the public, it is also inappropriate, illegal. Therefore, in the future development of the market mechanism, copyright awareness is more and more intense, formal and ongoing market is being built.

second, the market environment has changed, the old routine has not worked. For the development of domestic film and television resources platform, there is no market, policy is not allowed. The market environment has changed, and the competition pressure has filled all aspects of the industry, and a set of times has been unable to meet the market changes. If the domestic film and television resources platform than a taxi into the car, the reason is straightforward, no matter how the performance of your car safety, first you are not protected by law, is taking the policy gap. If the fee or higher than the market price, will be subjected to regular rental and consumers "to" blow; if the fee is lower than the market price or free of charge, will affect the normal operation of the taxi, also was "crowding out" blow. Perhaps the example is not appropriate, but such a blow in disguise, leading to the domestic film and television resource platform into the "wick dried up" point, and want to survive, we must find a breakthrough in development.

third, the future is not ugly, out of the general direction. The prosperity of things, though the cycle of defeat, is bound to be taken by another