Website optimization process, the webmaster should adhere to the three principles


read today in SEO before the relevant information, see a story about an interview with Baidu CTO Liu Jianguo talk, which involves three core values: Baidu correlation, hyperlink analysis, anti cheating; starting in the foothold and do the optimization point so this is our only way we do the webmaster; in order to change the status quo!

in the development of science and technology, technology is also change rapidly, but a high-tech company, especially to Baidu, Google this kind of search company, application of new technology is used to improve and enhance the competitiveness of its core value, in order to maintain the absolute position in the industry, so its core value is constantly affordable the development and progress, not the relevance of the website so inconstant in policy;, hyperlink, cheating is our webmaster should adhere to the principle of


before the July Baidu let many webmaster heart broken, A5, Chinaz, tui18 are out of the Baidu algorithm change exclaimed and countermeasures, for these rumors, senior webmaster is seen on the past, but did not take it seriously, continue to adhere to their original, because they know what is to adhere to their own, is more of the old owners with their own efforts every little bit of accumulated. So when others are screaming, they are smiling,


now stands Changhai to go, 100 words, not what is wrong! Our new webmaster should see what, what, what to do? Most of them are watching, confusing, finally put all sorts of things together, get disheartened, about four, in the end is their lack of experience, it is not enough, no peeling off go to the

phenomenon of nature!Since

is the search engine company, has its own foothold, is their core values, and Baidu and goole are basically the same, but their focus and different means! As long as we grasp their core values, we also established the principle of the station! We also have to change the status quo!

correlation: mainly refers to the user experience of the website; if your website in search of Baidu out of the title and content is inconsistent, even if you rank the top, also can not avoid falling. So in the content of this one, don’t cry up wine and sell vinegar; unless you are in the pursuit of short-term effect;


user experience this piece also emphasize a key content of the website is: that is what you really need to provide to the users; the user through the search engine to your site to find what they really need, not a IP, a waste of time, but do not get what users really need that, in the future will not come! After all, with CMS now mature and large-scale application, collecting more easily, plus individual stationmaster lazy, cause the same content filled the entire Internet; webmaster should do the users really need something to have a place to live in;

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