Experience of website operation

1. locate the content of the site.

just like doing business, no goal is not good, life should have a position, to do what kind of person, what kind of life, what kind of car open.

first of all, my eight special community has a clear positioning, to do the best web site, to do the longest site, dedicated to the vast numbers of Internet users to provide services.

what’s the management of


: for example, you’re going to marry a rich man. You have to know where the rich people, why should they love you, why did you marry? Where rich people? How do they know, too, you know what you want most website! Provide products and others have what distinction, whether can fast the ~ ~ ~

3. are you ready? Long war,


to do a thing, you are three blood or must adhere to in the end? If you can’t give yourself a goal, don’t do it, not the result of things not to do, not to the end of things not to do, dare not to cause you to tell everyone, he has great courage, too do not, for the cause of manic energy do not cause, not a child’s play ~· ·

4. speak boldly, put your ideals and goals, and don’t be afraid of being laughed at.

my site has so people, because I tell my goal is how great, big, long, to do the best site, do not do to others, or even impossible, others think you are crazy, so he will be touched by don’t crazy persistent. I will take a sign to the street, it says my ideal, do the best web site, give Internet users bring the greatest benefits. A lot of people are looking at this, come to my eight special community, a lot of things is very simple, see you dare to do. Is your enthusiasm enough?..

The difference between

5.99 and 10 thousand is not 1, but 101,

is often the difference between success and failure is a little bit, this can be a little bit more, the results to differ, sometimes change a person’s fate, we have to do is not 99 but the last 1 and a bit "is the most difficult to do adhere to the"

6. tell all of them what you’re doing with all the available methods. Skill is never the problem of thinking clearly of purpose.

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