How to contact Ali mom online cloud customer service

guest friends will encounter a series of problems, whether many irregularities or other methods, there is an artificial cloud online customer service, can save a lot of time, at the same time, also can better help the guest to understand the problem, solve problems.

Relative to other

alliance, Taobao alliance can have the advantage of online customer service, as well as other CPS alliance does not have, however, recently, Taobao passenger exchange group many of my friends have found Taobao alliance online customer service people seem to be missing.

when we continue to click on the upper right corner of the "artificial cloud customer service", there will be a prompt page:


well, is it possible for us to contact the online cloud service,


, of course, is not. Although we don’t understand why the alliance is set up, we do have some ways to break it, as shown in the following picture:


got it,


as shown above, you enter in the robot "binding Taobao account how to operate", the following will show the response, the final content of the reply is "artificial cloud customer service" these words.


hits, you can see the familiar page,


Taobao customer exchange group 325120258, business group 151255264. Original address