A brief analysis of the classification skills of local community columns in two or three tier cities

for the individual owners, the two or three lines of local community website or have the opportunity to develop, although related to the target groups relative to first-tier cities is less, but also tend to have one hundred thousand users to be exploited, if successful, the annual profit is considerable. But I found that now operate community website to be successful and not many, many owners operating in the local community, began operations suffered a bottleneck, but also can not break through the method, the author in the study of these difficulties in the local community, have found the same problem, the the local community is the classification of the column is too small to


under normal circumstances, the website column page divided more finely, tend to look more professional, but if you follow this way to operate two or three line local community website, that is come to an obvious mistake, especially newly established local communities, often because it will be part of the design the popularity of the website does not always lead to the final, no way to stick to it.

I think, in the local community of two or three column classification line of the city is a gradual process, should from the rough classification and then to fine classification to gradually change, so the classification, the author summarizes the following three reasons for operation of the two or three line dedicated to local community webmaster friends can refer to a.

one: rough classification helps to gather popularity in a short time,

operation of local community website, the most important factor is the popularity, and the popularity of the butterfly effect is very obvious, can attract more people to join, if you open the local community site for the first time, find your website a lot of very fine, but there are few people below each column post reply, which will undoubtedly have this website very quiet to newcomer impression, so don’t want to come back, and the rough classification can effectively change the user’s first impression.

such as the relevant information related to the house subdivision column directly to design a housing information section, is actually composed of second-hand housing intermediary, real estate, housing rental, decoration materials and many other fine classification collection, that is each column subdivision released two posts, then the housing information column, will display 8 above post, the rough classification can give newcomers bring very high popularity of the impression, so it is imperceptibly involved, to publish their views.

two: rough classification also helps to update the content of the webmaster

Another advantage of

rough classification, is to update the content to have more choices, otherwise it is easy because can not find the relevant subject, gradually lose interest and update the website content, website content rich is the key to improve website weight and user experience, or take the front of the housing information for example, if a day dedicated to the housing intermediary information or rental housing information collection or.