Medical web editor writing requirements

our ultimate goal is the patient’s arrival, and if the patient is to be diagnosed on condition that the patient is consulted and registered online, we can only do what we need to leave the article for readers to click on the online consultation. How do you stay? What you read is the readability of the content and the needs of the patients. And for patients to come in and read this article, the point is the title and description (paragraph 1), is it attractive?.

1, Title:

is divided into two categories. One is the keyword that conforms to people’s search habits, and the other is novel and interesting keywords.

1) reasonable take title, inside station, should have the keyword that accords with people search habit, also can write some to attract keyword.

function: there is an unusual title, not visual fatigue on the column page, and a title that fits people’s search habits, so that patients can quickly find the information they want to see. Recommended reading can recommend personalized Title articles, but also to attract the attention of patients.

2) long tail words or long tail keywords as the title, the words do not exceed the maximum length of the column page. Male division is 16, Department of gynaecology is 15, home page news is 25, infecund 15. No more than 25 words at the longest.

3) key words in the title: do not appear more than two times, forward matching, don’t stack keywords.

4) title language popularization, more in line with the Internet search habits, don’t use professional terminology. (for example, ED and impotence are better than impotence)

5) if you need to use punctuation, no special symbols appear in the title. You should use spaces as far as possible (extrapolation may be underlined). A personalized title can appear with a question mark, exclamation mark, colon, and no other title symbol.

6) Title sentence, simple and clear, to avoid confusion, no ambiguity, highlighting the core.

7) in general, the interior station does not use double headers. (double title such as: what is prostatitis? What are the symptoms of prostatitis?)

8) include keywords in the title.

2, fill in keywords:


two, 2-8 Chinese characters between words, with a space or comma separated English input state, not the other characters and prohibit stack keywords, keyword selection is independent of the ban.

3, Description:

50 to 100 words, not too long or too short, as far as possible not more than 120 words. The editor himself can write a paragraph of general text independently, and also can copy from the article, must be original content. (for ease of article optimization and website optimization)

4, paragraph 1:

keyword should appear in the first paragraph of 1>