Pancake God fun micro marketing

He Chang, third entrepreneurs, only accounted for less than 20 square meters, 13 people’s seat pancake shop sold to the annual revenue of 5 million of the water, and the valuation has reached 40 million. The design before May 2012 after Baidu, where to go, Google, into today’s "most cattle pancake" founder.

small pancake shop from the opening so far only more than a year, did not spend a penny manufacturing gimmick, no excessive price advertising, but there are a large number of fans fans; a vow to create a superior to the traditional snack delicacy KFC and McDonald’s, which is determined to listed small pancake shop, how what can be done in this arena sinister blaze their own way?

He Chang said all of Huang Taiji’s marketing is on micro-blog do, he put the little micro-blog as a huge advertising circle, use your imagination here, "Huang Taiji", micro-blog opened the world, Huang taiji.

first, curiosity creates fans

seize the essence of marketing, seize the marketing. Huang Taiji has been doing marketing without advertising, because marketing is no need to spend money, the essence of marketing is to drive the customers’ curiosity, curiosity of consumers is the best advertising, only to impress consumers, to move the market, thus cause the consumer’s attention and curiosity is the key of micro-blog marketing.

before the traditional industry, only concerned about the customer came to the store before and after the sale experience, and now the network developed, a series of experience can be done on the Internet can be resolved. Therefore, the key to micro-blog marketing is who do, what to do, how to do, do not do the sun type micro-blog, black hole micro-blog to do.

two, how to do marketing

1, not control (control) consumers, but to leading (Leadership) consumer


of this era is the most smart consumers, let consumers love you, like religion, to provide the environment of sharing and reason for consumers, if not please manufacturing.

2, Not, to, or, for, be, with (not opposites)

into the consumer to become one of them every day, through their own efforts, accumulated to build consumer trust in yourself, when established, consumers for your rules have a high degree of acceptance.

3, Not, a, store, it, s, a, filed,

(not a shop, but a field)

do not store their own as a shop, but through their own innovation, a shop into an attractive field, to attract consumers to their own identity.

4, Not, promotion, it, s,

, belief (not promotion, but faith)< >