Self review of website content construction

open "as in the past", see the webmaster statistics which keyword search in the network was found to have diabetes diabetes, what are the clinical type keywords in the GG we are ranked first, "clinical diabetes type" we also ranked in the seventh, the first feeling is very happy, but then a glance access list, found by the keywords in the user, and did not stay long gone, that is not the content and he doesn’t want to do right now?

, open that article and see, oh, my, God, and this is the head of the horse, not the horse mouth, I can not understand myself, let alone others. (although our website has its own physicians and teams, only part of it is original and some others have to pick up

somewhere else)

found a problem we have to check the reason is not? Then one word seriously to read it, found that the format is wrong, the size of the points are numbered in parentheses 1234, let people do not know, what is the point, which is a small key points inside the content inside and seems to be missing two < table> and most of all, these two forms of content, essence is as part of the article. The reason why this happens, mainly because we observed the time in the acquisition of the target site, found in many table inside the content is advertising, so as to give out table labels to things.

reason to find, and now began to recover, open the target site, find the target article. Sure enough, but did not see the table in the table should be the location, there is some text, very messy (also estimated from elsewhere, fortunately I collected) was a medical student born right? Despite the chaos, but somehow I can understand. He built a WORD, drew a table, the content of finishing to the table, because of fears that the WORD generated the table on the page will be messy, cut into pictures, insert the inside, then put these points points to reorganize the small, large number, small whole numbers clearly, as clear as noonday. Release an article. Well, that’s fine. It’s clear and clear. Finally, the preview release feels pretty good. I have the confidence to say that if anyone finds this article, he won’t be able to take a look.

summary, this problem is mainly caused by our entry personnel are not required to be lazy, the article read, casually agreed to replace a few words, exchanged a few points in order to go out. If you had been more careful, the mistake could have been totally avoided.

for a web site, this is a fatal mistake, because if your content is wrong, then you cannot retain any user, in this case, you SEO do good, bring more traffic, it is only.