Tell me how do network promotion

network promotion is a hard work, especially in the early stage, everything is zero, the situation is very difficult.

before I did not do network promotion, for SEO also just stay in the concept, so many things are learning and practice. But as after it was found, in fact, network promotion is not good.

my company is a catering company: Shanghai Xin Green Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. to before the interview, I probably looked at and search keywords related to "canteen contractor" in the search engine, because the company is to do this. But the result is very unsatisfactory. Then I tried to search the company’s name, which is not ideal, the situation is very bad, the search to the top few, are some recruitment sites. I was shocked by the result and felt a lot of pressure.

company name

, I’ve analyzed it. The company’s name on the Internet is "Shanghai Xin Xin (Xin) Catering Management Co., Ltd.", and the search engine for brackets generally do not care about, and lead to inconvenience included. So my first suggestion was changed to "Shanghai Xin Xin Restaurant Management Co., Ltd."".

home page

I looked at the company’s homepage again. It was actually a flash. At that time, I felt the two words: "depressed."". Flash is beautiful, visual impact is relatively strong, but for the inclusion of very inconvenient, so the second proposal is to remove the home page of the flash.

website framework

entered the site, I carefully looked at the content of the website is not much, the pure static form, no background management. Navigation on the bar also use the picture, which is not a lot of keywords. This how to promote, heart suddenly cool. So I ended up looking for the manager and asked to change the entire site directly.

summed up the following questions according to the company’s current website:

1. company in the network on the name to change (formerly called Shanghai Green Xin, and later changed to green Hin, so I simply suggest, not the previous "Xin" word)

2. home page flash do not.

3. station, try to use text, such as what navigation, contact information, what, do not use pictures.

4. the choice of keywords, the original keyword has several, but according to my analysis of Baidu and Google, choose a few more intense competition the keyword "canteen contractor, canteen management, catering management". Why did you choose this? Because the three collection and search heat than the sum. Other keywords also, although the competition is fierce, but there is no relevant industry portal, can compete, unlike Sohu, 163, was not with them for some difference.

Why is

so much?