Take part in .Com 2008, Wuhan reunion

October 17th noon rush newspaper, I know who in October 18th early to arrive at the hotel after the Cosmo on the 16 floor, ready to start meeting. Start to the 5 students, from beginning to end is 5 students, the other is the general manager of CEO, a simple understanding of the electronic commerce organization meeting with Yang Zonghe Li Hailiang to the Zhongnan University of Finance Economics and 2 Wuhan university students, and then go out to eat a meal, talk to each other under the network, and then busy rushed to the scene of the general assembly. By the time we got there, the people were basically full…. Don’t talk too much. I would like to talk about the following thoughts:

communication – courage – further communication,

before the start of the general assembly, we have been talking up, hair name card hair name card, it is mutual understanding of the Internet industry friends, then 15 minutes before the conference, there are 3 places to let everyone to self promotion, introduced their own business, in order to obtain the corresponding customer resource group. First came to an elder sister of 114 flowers, she briefly introduced her business, and then began to send a business card, so found her first customer.

second stage is a student, learning is the insurance industry, but the Internet is very interested in, of course, the students came to tell is not started, but he managed to sell yourself, he would rather be a volunteer for everyone, because he has a team in the school, when there are a lot of people to the phone, so I need to say the other…

sincere talk – exchange of ideas – get inspiration

has 2 big brother about his entrepreneurial experience, the first big brother in Wuhan City catering industry unified network, so that customers really find cheaper dining places online, then the second big brother also talked about his entrepreneurial process, according to their own unique experience for the first big brother proposed certification viewpoint to do this, want to be classic and unique, the essential process of certification. Presumably the first big brother did not think, if his mode is fast copy others, their way may be very small, so the certification is to deepen the degree of trust in their own website, to reassure customers, but also allow customers to form a psychological, that is certified I am assured that I will not go to the station to find the other…

but I only listen to one hour, my girlfriend on the phone, so I have to go, but I see that you are very active, I only have 2 points, have an idea of how to handle the relationship between girlfriend and website, see you next time. Finally, AD own station QQ personality network www.gexingfou.com