The future is on the corner successful webmaster rewritten years of decline and decline

, like most people, I am a webmaster, such a personal webmaster, all day in the city for living in the network life. Inadvertently, QQ has recorded Chinese users bit by bit, 10 years of growth in the road and I, after 4 years of stationmaster road is still nothing, still smoke in the familiar computer thinking, thinking about my future.

4 years ago, I was a guy blowing six paima, at that time, the Internet is in a state of disorder, even the money is so rather baffling. Under the guidance of interest, I began to learn to do web site. As a result of the condition and the educational background relations, I do the station for the first time, is carries on the money earning mentality to do, because since childhood I have many dreams. Although eager for quick success and instant gain, but just caught up with a good period. Although the time is not very understand SEO, just as the network of various materials to engage in East West things, but doing doing, they find their small forum do first Baidu keyword "MP4 format" suddenly a month later. Then, in the rush to success, I put on the SP ad, actually one month down, there are 700–1000 income.

of course, the happiness is always short, we only sigh with inexhaustible pain. With the continuous adjustment of Baidu algorithm, coupled with the overall decline in the SP industry, and later this station has gradually become a decoration, has become my every night the most beautiful aftertaste. From then on, I began to do the same as most people, mass production of garbage stations, continuous collection, continuous generation, and lived in the 5 night, 9 black and white reversed life of the webmaster, it’s really a tired ah.

however, making money from the garbage collection is not so simple as collecting, or it won’t have so many individuals. Perhaps this knowledge is too deep, may be personal or lack of talent, I have never really hit the road, after a two-year dumpster career, when Baidu once again ruthless K station, I was still the same as before, and still stand on the crossroads I decide on what path to follow.

along with the age growth, along with the station master experience discipline, at this time I have certain emancipation in the mind, that is the stationmaster cannot die in the website. The website is dead, the pattern is alive, and the operation is the root. Just to see the growing strength of Taobao, I began to sell products. However, no channels, no funds, can only be commissioned model. In more than half of the time, the 2 agency website I also bought some books or novels, but with the increasingly fierce competition, the major shopping sites are beginning to price, as the sales terminal no channel resources, my profit dropped lower and lower, then basically earn a pack of cigarettes is a package smoke.

How many

the silence of the night, I lit a cigarette, a personal meditation in front of the computer, I think the future where? The Internet has now evolved into the capital market the decisive battle of the bloody arena, personal webmaster can not jump out in the stream, only into the lone. But eight >