Marketing case, a software does not stand, do not shop for two weeks, sold more than 200 sets


my initial motivation was just to test the advertising effect of Ali’s mother, so I decided to sell one item on Taobao for an experiment.

I started selling software in September 1st and sold more than 200 units in just two weeks, and my daily sales are steady over 10 units (except for weekends, because I also need to rest).

don’t believe, you see: which does not include the ten pen through Alipay, TenPay, quick money online banking and direct transaction records.

, and this is in neither built site publicity, nor open shop in the decoration completed. Below, I will show you this incredible marketing case.


1. Select commodity

choose what commodity is very important, my request is, virtual, convenient delivery, and must be unique, target customer group is small, it does not matter.

at the beginning of August, I spent ten days time to find a piece of software, this product is now sold, very accord with my request. The software is very small and can be shipped at any time; the software is also unique, a very easy to use SEO software, although the user group is small, but it does not matter, this problem can be solved in the marketing phase.

two, develop marketing plan

first, the excavation of the software’s selling point, mining out, you can focus all the power to focus on publicity, simply speaking, that is, point to kill, save time and effort,


soon, I decided to be the biggest selling point as "check Baidu related search", this need not say more, many webmaster understand.

followed by advertising the software to expand its user base.

, this software is hard to sell because the user base is too small. In order to expand the user base, I made a very special website promotion course as a gift, and accompanied by well-designed propaganda language, so many do not understand SEO webmaster can become a potential customer.

I once published an article about digital gifts in Taobao. It was collected by Taobao University. Friends who are interested in it can take a look at:—-14042917-.htm

again, the software is reasonably priced.

although the software itself is a high-end software, but in order to improve the efficiency of marketing, >