Forum develops new direction, community swims a net to change

the proportion of forums in individual websites is getting smaller these days. Many times, forums are only affiliate products. Because the operation forum is much more difficult than running a website, and the revenue is not optimistic. The development of a forum costs a lot of energy, unlike music, novels, games and other sites. The forum needs to be maintained, and activities should be planned to improve the volume of replies and postings. Need to delete a lot of junk advertising, but also need a special record. At the same time, the forum has limited advertising because of the characteristics of the framework.

but the lack of forums is a site that is always worth doing. He provides a platform for interaction and communication. Many times, a good forum will be called "home" by netizens, it can let us meet a lot of friends, discuss the topic of love together. Such a good product should have more in-depth development, mobile Internet bubble play web joint operation platform (popwan) gives us new ideas – Community Online games. The traditional community and web games combine to increase community interaction and create common topics, thus stimulating the desire of visitors to register and the rate of posting replies from diving users. At the same time, the profit generated by the game is divided into proportion and webmaster. This for the majority of the community webmaster successfully stationed in the web game industry, greatly reducing the threshold, but also the forum plug-in products a major innovation. In fact, it can cause us a lot of thinking, since the community can be online, then there are other ways to increase community functions, increase community profitability. It still needs us to think about it and discuss it.

, of course, is not the community, but also can join the web game in the profitability of the army, in other ways, CNAME analysis can be a bit similar to the content of the alliance. Since web game platform is an emerging product, I will pay attention to the trend in this field. Hope to have new harvest.

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