Baidu reverse link and Google reverse connection difference

today we look at Baidu and Google reverse link reverse link the difference? I thought this theme or because I’m doing this keyword when the problem, and then carefully analyzed, Shanghai moving, moving company sea at the same time I also corresponds to the chain under the condition of rain Japanese network. Specific as shown in the following picture:


this is the word of Shanghai to move the Baidu chain and Google two, we see here will question why Baidu digital chain chain digital Google so little, so much? At the same time there will be a question, reverse link and Baidu and Google points? What kind of chain is Baidu the chain? What kind of chain is the chain of Google? Japanese network thousands of rain situation reverse link with these questions we continue to look at the following. As shown in the following picture:


corresponding screenshot of these two different sites, we found the problem? Obviously, I circle the two position figures, Shanghai Moving Company this Baidu chain shows 12, Google chain shows 229. Now you can in Baidu search "Shanghai move, or Shanghai Moving Company" these two keywords ranking, the Baidu show the first ten pages are 0. Google ranked first in Shanghai to move, Shanghai Moving Company ranked second.

below we then look at the thousand rain Japanese net, Baidu chain number 679, Google chain number 259, now Baidu search "Japanese training, or Beijing Japanese training" these two keywords ranking. At present, Baidu shows: Japanese training out of promotion is ranked first, Beijing Japanese training is removed, promotion is ranked second, Google rankings show is 0.

you can find it here, this ranking is directly related to their number of chains, and if the number of Baidu chain shows high, the natural ranking will rely on the front. Google high number of chains, the same Google ranking on the front, that is to say, the cable engine is in accordance with the number of these chains to the keywords ranking algorithm, the specific these algorithms also you own more experiments, more observation.

Here we see that

why Baidu backlinks, and Google backlinks? Here I want to emphasize that Baidu has not provided the relevant check Baidu backlinks tool, so this is just a tool on the display data, provide a reference as standard, according to a general identity is to look at the YAHOO backlinks is relatively accurate some of the. Well, here is not around the topic, we collected according to Baidu and Google, Google is generally included and is faster than Baidu! Then Baidu and Google link should be relatively backlinks Google more than Baidu! Why there is Baidu, Shanghai move the chain included less, and thousands of Japanese rain net is Baidu included


according to analysis, Baidu backlinks and >